*** Wednesday 2nd Tri ***

Morning ladies,

Hope you are all well. I haven't been on in a few days as was in the lakes over the bank holiday. Got to go back to work today :( 

Nothing much to report really. Having lots of cramps but I guess that is normal growing pains. Still no bump! I really want one now. I just look like I've eaten all the pies, which is partly true.

Nat 16+4



  • Morning,

    Did you have a nice break?

    Nothing happening here. Hopibg our new car comes today but will wait and see. Wed is the only day we have nothing on apart from nursery so will see which way the weather turns before we decide what to do this afternoon.

    ck 18+5

  • Morning ladies!

    I moved to second Tri yesterday LD :D I'm sure your bump will appear very soon. I can't decide whether I look fat or pregnant, hopefully pregnant!

    Is A in school now ck?

    Nothing exciting happening here either, not feeling very pregnant tbh and just want to feel baby to make it more real. We have a gender scan a week on Saturday which I'm hoping will help with bonding for all of us. Think we might go to the park today and I have a food order arriving as the cupboards are bare!

    Hannah 14+1

  • Morning ladies, hope your all well. CK it is slow on here, we need something to liven up 2nd Tri! Any thoughts?

    Not much from me, I had some SERIOUS hip pain last night, I can't even describe it, it was only on my right side and I felt like my hip was going to explode! I was feeling movements at a different place so I can only guess the baby had moved and had a foot/arm/head near my hip. It was a tears to your eyes feeling. All fine today though, I'm going to download a counter to my mat leave, I so can't be bothered at work at the mo!x

  • Isis - Nope, he doesn't start until next year. They start later up here.

    MDD - will see if we can get it flowing a bit more?

    Whats on everyones shopping list?

    So far i have on mine (baby 3) : New breast pump adaptor (last went on fire), new sling, bottles, new cotbed mattress and something else equally as unexciting!

  • Oh yes a changing mat lol

  • Hope the hip pain was a one off!

    Ooh Hannah! They dont do gender scans here until 16 weeks. Im counting down the days until my scan, if they say girl i wont bieve it until a 3d scan though lol x

  • Morning,

    Littledude, hope you had a great time in the lakes. There's plenty of time for your bump to pop so enjoy it while it lasts.

    Ck, how exciting! What car have you got?

    Isis, hello! I had a period of feeling 'normal' around 14 weeks, it was quite worrying but all normal apparently.

    MissDeeDee, glad your hip feels better today. If you find an app let me know, my spreadsheet might be inaccurate!

    If it isn't I have 70 days til mat leave! Had a busy but lovely weekend, and have a massage booked for Friday!

    Hi to all that follow xxx

  • Just popping in to say hello and I'll be joining you properly tomorrow, eek!

  • MP - we had a zafira which we were going to trade in but it broke before we got to look at other cars (repairs around 500 quid) do we've just traded it in for a 2012 diesel one. Same colour so not very exciting lol x

  • It's still a new toy, I'd class that as exciting.

    Meant to say, I went to the Asda baby event on Monday, spent a small fortune, but it was brilliant and have bought so much stuff! It's starting to feel real now!

  • Ck, I thought it might be later, mad that he's older than Jude but starting after him! I think we're needing the routine now though, we're both getting a bit fractious lol gender scan will be when I'm 16+4 so hoping we can tell. I have a real preference and instinct, hope I'm right! (Obvs want a healthy baby more than anything).

    Mdd, hip pain sounds awful :( glad it's gone.

    Mrs penguin, thanks. I'm sure I was like this with my son but I've spent most of first Tri off colour so it's a bit odd. Oh massage sounds delightful.

    MrsV hiya!! Glad you're joining us :)

    My list is surprisingly long for a second baby though I'm hoping to borrow quite a few bits. Pram, car seat, sling, bedside crib, cot mattress, clothes, baby bath, maternity bras and all the birth stuff like maternity pads, breast pads etc, changing mat, nappies and wipes.

  • I had a lovely break thanks, it's was boiling there all weekend which I didn't expect. We went to a spa so I feel nice and relaxed now. I had a pregnancy massage which was amazing so will defo be booking some of those in for the later stages.

    That's exciting about the car CK.

    Yey Isis, welcome to 2nd Tri. Bet you were pleased to come over. I don't really feel that pregnant but in the next month I have another midwife appt and the 20 week scan so things to look forward to. Did you manage to see the consultant? Hope you don't have to go down that route.

    Ouch MDD, that's sounds painful.

    MrsP, 70 days doesn't seem long at all! What type of stuff did they have at the baby event?

    I still haven't bought anything. It's my first baby and my mind has been blown at how many options you have. What are the absolute essentials? We are very limited on space so I don't want too much stuff. Also what sort of gifts do you usually get given? I don't want to go overboard with clothes if we get given lots.

  • Forgot to say hi to Mrs V. See you tomorrow :)

  • Morning! Wow we have had a busy morning!!

    Little Dude- don't worry, you bump will suddenly pop out of no where!

    CK- hope the weather decides to be nice for you!

    Isis- I felt the same about feeling the baby move and making it feel more real, and it really did!! the first time i definatly felt it more (and i wasnt thinking i might just be wind!) it was a real "oh, there is something growing inside me, i really am pregnant" moment!

    missdeedee- that sounds painful!!! Ive had some lower back pain but it hasnt quite brought ters to my eyes yet! Hope the baby is in a more comfortable position today!

    Mrs P- a massage sounds lush!! you lucky thing!

    Hi Mrs V!

    Next on my list is a sling and thanks to CK, ive started looking a bottles but that is a mine field! Crib is getting deliveered tomorrow. They sent a text to say it would be delivered today but as im home tomorrow got it changes, only orered it Monday, very impressed with Kiddicare! Hopefully the pram wont be far behind! Collected the car seat last ngiht! no idea where we are going to put it all!

    I got my letter last night from HR telling me when i can start my leave. It also said that as im on a contract that will finish while im on matrnity leave, I will get paid the rest of my SMP in one lump sum! Won't that be nice!

    H has started mentioning how the babies brain is doing a lot of developing at the moment and as I don't eat fish (yuck) he sugested I started taking cod liver oil tablets! Not sure if they will make much difference but it makes him happy!

  • LD, yes I had to wait an hour for the appointment but the consultant was great. She could see that his weight was calculated wrong and then the real weight was plotted wrong on the graph. Told me she didn't have any concerns at all and was supportive of me having another home birth. Such a weight off. Oh that's what I need to add to my list, birth pool!

    You'll get given loads of clothes plus are grandparents wanting to help? My mil is buying my pram which is a massive help, can't wait to get it!   You literally need somewhere for it to sleep, cat seat, pram and sling, bouncy chair is nice and useful and nappies etc. most of things the shops say you need you don't.

    Mrs Bass, I do love quick service! And how exciting it'll be with you so soon. I can't buy anything yet, our spare room is a tip! Are you taking pregnancy vitamins? Check you're not doubling up on anything.

  • Grr my reply vanished!

  • Morning All

    I have to say in advance, i am not rude i am just really rubbish with writing personals! so please don't ever think its because I don't care and just want to talk about myself!

    i always read all of your posts i am just rubbish at personals! anyways its really nice to be in here with you all and seeing your updates! i don't know if it was me just being hopeful but i am sure i felt something yesterday! it was really low down in the middle of my belly and was like a odd sentastion that lasted only a second but was like if you were to get your fingers as if you were playing a piano kinda thing! i know that makes no sence!

    really debating on going for another private scan just so  i can see if all is ok, but i know its just more money being paid out and im sure all is ok, have another consultant appointment on 5th Sept, and doppler at 19 weeks then my 20 week scan, so i know its not far away but not sure if i can hold out that long!

    started maknig lists of things we defo need last night! scary stuff!

    anyway big fat squish to you all

    Manda 14+5  


  • CK I was going to ask if you were planning on finding out the sex!

    I need to actually make a list if anyone wants to help me!?

    Mrs P, I'll look for an app today! Is 70 days just working days? That seems like nothing!!!!!

    Mrs Bass, those MAM bottles look excellent. I actually got the starter set in tesco (online) for £14, it's normally £30. They have it on offer alot, or Amazon had it for £16 a little while ago.

    I need to figure out what I need to buy, is there a list somewhere or can anyone point me in the direction of a list?

  • Mrs Bass I take Pregnacare and heard its available on prescription from 1st Septemver so maybe ask your mw or gp.

    Ck happy new car! Doesn't seem that long since you got the first Zafira.

    Little Dude I got loads of clothes as gifts for both my children - as in barely had to buy anything else for the first year. If people ask what you want have a list ready. I had family and friends buy my bouncer, swing, monitors, car seat, change box and mat, money towards a Jumperoo, loads of stuff.

    This is number 3 for me so I don't think I need to buy much - crib and cot mattresses. Both the crib and cot are out on loan just now, as are my bouncer and swing but ill have them back in plenty of time. I want a nice change bag, new Out and About Nipper in purple. I've bought a buggy snuggle for the car seat, was kindly given a new newborn insert for L's car seat which he will be out of just  in time. Also still have A's pink Britax if its a girl.

    Still have my steriliser. I'll need a new breast pump as my last one got very discoloured because of using it in work. H has bought loads of nappies and wipes already. I've also bought a few newborn bundles of neutral baby grows and vests so have a good start on them.

    I'm going to order a Starsuit soon, thinking red and white. And I want a new Connecta, hoping my folks will buy that though lol

  • Im not taking abny other vitimans, the ones my MW gave me ran out a couple of weeks ago and I didnt bother bying any. I got a put of cod liver oil with vit A&D for less than £2 so that sound keep H happy! :-) I have a midwife appt tomorrow so will mention them to her.

    neverloose hope- if it will put your mind at rest and stop any worrying it might be worth the investment!

    Thanks for the tip missdeedee, think i will just get a couple to start with incase i have to try a few out!

    I picked up a baby magazine/cataloge in Boots that has a pretty good list in. Ive riped it out and stuck it to the fridge and im working off that! ALso picked up one in Mamas and papas too!

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