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Hope no one minds me starting a thread. I haven't been around for a few days so hope everyone is well. Work treated us to a spa day yesterday which was amazing. Really lucked out on the weather. 

Work have asked me whether I would travel during my pregnancy. I do travel a fair bit so it is expected and they originally wanted me to go to Hong Kong at the end of Oct when ill be 6 months pregnant but I said that might be a bit far. Now it's turned into Dubai. I like travelling normally and I don't know why but it makes me nervous. Is anyone else planning a long haul trip? Would you be comfortable going? My H is not on board with this!

Nat 15+3


  • Morning

    I'm not sure I'd be too keen to go so far. Probably being over cautious and if it was a holiday with my H I would go for sure but wouldn't be keen going myself. Does that even make sense?!

    I started another thread moaning about my headache, it's driving me mad. Constant dull headache and gets so sore when I bend over. It was the first thing I thought about when the alarm went off this morning.

    Hope everyone is well

    LR 16+0

    (How did that happen?)

  • No idea LD. Id say see how you feel nearer the time x

    LR - it's going quite quick now :-) Are you hydrated enough?

    Afm - quiet day today, just nursery run to do and the Phoebe & I will chill for a bit. Cons on friday, I'm consultant led atm as they have written down Aaron had IUGR which i dont really know if thats the case or not. My 2nd baby was bang on average anyway.

    Hello to all who follow

    ck 17+5 x

  • What's IUGR?

    I'm drinking 3-4 litres water so think I am hydrated.

    It really is flying by!

  • I know what you mean LR and I think that's why I am not so sure because H won't be there and if anything goes wrong, I don't know the first thing about UAE healthcare! Thanks CK, i feel fine atm so I'll see how whether I'm up to it closer to the time.

    I've had a few headaches when I've been dehydrated. Maybe it's that?

    Have a nice chilled day CK.

  • I think it stands for inter uterine growth restriction (or here they said growth retarded but thats a horrid word!)

  • Ah I see. Hopefully you will get swapped back to mw led further one.

  • Hello ladies, just sticking my head in as I'm 14 weeks today. Looking forward to getting to know you all x

  • Hello :-) welcome to the 2nd tri x

  • Morning ladies!

    Hi OB! Lovely to see you here!

    Not much from me ladies, baby is currently kicking away here. Half way through the week now, be glad when it's Friday!

    I think it was Penny (or Mrs Bass) that asked yesterday about what everyones movements feel like, mine are like bubbles or balloons bursting. So it feels a bit like sort of pressure and then I get a bit of a push, so either a punch or a kick. I then get a little spell of repeated pushing, so literally I feel like if I lifted my t-shirt I could see my skin pushing out! I think thats an awful description but it's the best I can do!x

  • Hello all,

    Little Dude, can't help at 6 months, but flew to Thailand at 12 weeks, returned at 14 and I found it hard going. But that was 12 hours, maybe a shorter flight would be doable. My work half asked if I would go to the US at 20 weeks, I told them if I can turn left on the plane I would! They just laughed.

    Lavender Rose, have you had any paracetamol? I know t might not do much, but could just take the edge off.

    CK, enjoy your day chilling! Hope you get to be MW led.

    OB, hello! Lovely to see you on 2nd tri x

    MissDeeDee, happy wriggly baby! I think we are in synch with just counting down to Fridays!

    Afm, I'm on count down too, 74.5 days left til mat leave starts. Working from home today and lacking motivation!

  • Welcome to 2nd Tri Ob :)

    Mrs P, that's one of my conditions haha. I would get business class if I went to Hong Kong but as Dubai is just under the company threshold I said they'd have to make an exception. So at least we'll see if they are serious.

    When did everyone start feeling the baby move?

  • Hey all

    after seeing OB post i thought i would tag along, i am officially in my second trimester on friday, having a high risk pregnancy and i am due on the 21st Feb, first trimester has been hiddeous so hoping the second is a lot better!

  • Hi everyone!

    I got roped into helping with an event this afternoon so this is the first time ive been able to sit down and log on!

    It was Penny asking about the movements but i agree witht the 'bubble' feelings, i think this is why i thought it was wind to start with! I don't get them constantly!

    Hi OB! Really pleased to see you over here!

    Well i complete my fist week of working part time today! woop woop! i am loving a 3 day week but i have been busy! prefer to be busy than twiddling my thumbs though!

    Tomorrow im off to Kiddicare with a friend as a)ive not been yet and b) i want to see if they have the care seat to go with the pram we want as its dissapeared off their website!

    Then Freiday we are off for a festival. Hopefully the weather will stay dry!

  • Hi everyone

    LD think travel is really going to depend on how you are feeling. I felt movement quite early but baby must have just been in a good position as I had movement for acouple of days then nothing for a good week and started to panic.

    LR sorry you're suffering with headaches. I've been getting them really badly too but from tension in my shoulders.  I know you exercise a lot, I find swimming helps mine so long as I take it gently... might be worth a try?

    Ck in case I don't get back on, good luck for Friday

    Hi OB and NLH, welcome to 2nd tri Wave

    mdd hope your first week back hasnt beed too hard, I'm dreading going back next week!

    MP hope you found your motivation!

    MB I know what you mean about bein busy but make sure you get time to rest too! Have a great day tomorrow and hope the weather's nice for the weekend

    AFM I am loving being off work! I went swimming this morning then shopping and got a couple more sleepsuits. Cleaned out the degu and ran the hoover round this afternoon and signed up for a taster pregnancy yoga class on Friday morning.  I cannot believe how much better I'm feeling even though I'm still not sleeping well and stressing about a million things. Think today has officially decided for me, I'm going to move my ML forward to November with 2 weeks AL on the front so I should be going back on Tuesday with 73 days to work but it will actually be 53 Smile

  • Hi everyone, am in a right grump - mainly to do with the way the toddler group we've been at this afternoon was organised - or specifically the lack of organisation - and my LO didn't get a drink at all despite me pointing out the staff -twice- the cups & bowls (for snack) had run out. I left early in the end, she was boiling, red in the face from charging about in the sun and brought her home for a drink. Contemplating sending a moany email now - I'm sure i'm not being unreasonable!

    LO was shattered after yesterday, especially as the train we were aiming for was cancelled and there wasn't another for an hour so we didnt get home till half 6. I had to buy her a cheese sandwich in Boots for her dinner!

    LD - i'm not sure how i'd feel about long haul flight when 6months gone - you dont know how you will feel by then / how pregnancy is progressing. It will require a doctors letter i imagine for the aircraft, so make sure work are aware they will have to pay for that!

    LV - Headache might be caused any number of things but in my book, pain is reason to rest. So bath & early night for you :-)

    Hello CK and OB

    MDD - i hear lots of people describing bubbles - but i've not felt that either time. I feel like its someone tapping me with a finger but from the inside iyswim and the taps gets stronger as the weeks go by. At the moment (22weeks) they are located just around public hair line and towards foof. So guessing (like my 1st baby) this one favours the breech position!  (Baby#1 turned head down the night before my 36week midwife appointment!)

    MrsP - loving the countdown

    NLH - hope you start to feel better soon

    MrsB - Hope kiddicare have the seat you want

  • Ooo hello Jem, didnt realise there was a 2nd page - hope work arent too awkward re your maternity leave!

  • HF they've been a total nightmare about everything else so Im fully expecting problems. I do know though that they've already sorted my cover and its someone already in the business so they can start anytime. sorry the toddler group was so awful, i would probably be sending an email to them

  • Hi.  Have been off here lately (stuff going on in family) good job we can pock our friends :0(  I am 22w +3 and only had teeny flutters - cant wait for proper ones! Am ok tho! MW appt in Sept x

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