*** Wednesday 2nd tri ****

Morning! :). Happy hump day!

I'm off to the mw this morning so I got an extra half hour in bed. Today isn't as busy work wise either which is good so hopefully I'll get back on later. Hope you all have nice days. 


  • Yay for hump day :-)

    Hope you got a better sleep Imp, hope the MW appointment goes well too.

    We had a lovely if tiring day at my parent's yesterday; not so much the being there, more the journey there and back! Mum is doing well, v bruised from the pressure they had to apply to her bleed but more active than I thought she'd be. Also picked up our ebay bargain while over there. A BNWT britax baby car seat for a grand total of....99p!!! Lady won it in a competition but already had one. Today will be a chillout day I think. Only 1 sleep until scan, but a damn 3.30 appointment means will be pooing my pants all day tomorrow!

  • Glad your mum is doing so well coco, it must be such a relief after all the worry. Travelling is tiring, I'm finding it really draining at the moment. Eeek about the scan tomo, are you staying team yellow?

  • Yay a for hump day. I hope the me goes well Imp.

    Coco - I'm glad your mum is doing well. What a bargainous car seat! Scan tomorrow, yay!

    AFM - Not much news. It is my half day today and so have lots of housework to get on with. We are going to Kiddicare on 5th April! Really looking forward to it :) my mum is coming along and really wants to come to a scan, so we booked a scan a Kiddicare. If they are still a boy and a girl, I may start buying them some clothes! 

  • Morning Ducky! Your twins are going to be very well photographed! How lovely that your mum will get to see them both, it'll be lovely for her to see. I'm sure they'll be the same and you'll enjoy buying lots of lovely clothes for them.

  • Yes we're definitely staying in the yellow corner! (part of me wants to know, but H is adamant he doesn't so respecting his wishes, we did wait with O after all)

    Ducky - Yay for your kiddicare and scan plans :-) We're tempted by the kiddicare 4D scan as not far from Lakeside,but need to see how pennies are post move. I'm sure yiu're still team purple!

  • Morning all,

    Imp - hope the MW goes well and work isn't too busy!

    Coco - wow what a bargain! Glad to hear your mum is doing well. Not long until your scan now!! So exciting!

    Ducky - hope you have a productive morning and get everything done you want to!

    AFM - heard from the estate agents yesterday they have got everything back apart from my H's accountant, who says she's faxed the info twice but they are claiming they haven't got it! Grrr. She's going to sort it today though. Got a viewing on Saturday so H and I can go see the house (we haven't actually seen it yet!)

    Didn't have many movements yesterday so was quite worried. When you started feeling movements was that it, could you feel them all the time or did you have quiet days? Hope I feel them today. I didn't bring my doppler with me to my mums so can't check the hb for reassurance :/

  • Morning everyone!

    Imp - good luck at midwife & yea to a quiet working day!

    Coco - great news about your mum. And what s bargain on the car seat! Hope tomorrow goes in quickly for you

    Ducky - enjoy your cleaning! Still so chuffed you are having a boy & a girl, bet you cant wait to start buying clothes :)

    Browny - good luck with house viewing! Cant help on movements im afraid, ive had none :(

    AFM - tired but sickness definately so much better, unless im brushing my teeth. Had 2 more viewers on mon night & apparently one will be making an offer once they sort out mortgage. Rang builder yesterday & he has no more developments on our house front but will have by end of week. FX!

  • Coco yay for team yellow!

    Browny I've had days where I haven't felt anything, especially early on. Have you tried having a cold sugary drink and lying still for an hour? It's normal that some days you don't feel them whilst they're still small but if you're worried I would call the mw and talk to her. I'm sure it'll all be ok though and mini browny will be wriggling again later.

    I hope you get the house stuff sorted today.

    Sas that sounds positive about your house. Fingers frossed they offer what you want.

  • Browny - I found it normal in the beginning that I'd feel baby some days and not others...they're still small in there. It's only really been this week that I've felt strong movement everyday, but I know with O it was later than this. Hope you feel somwthing soon for reassurance, but please know it is normal. Hope the agent gets the accounts today.

    Sas - Hope you have an offer on the table soon, and news from the builder too. Great that you're feeling better now too

  • SaSaSi - I was the same with brushing my teeth. I had to switch to a manual brush as I'm always sick with the electric one! Fingers crossed the offer is what you want!

    Imp and Coco - thanks for the reassurance. I did think that would be the case but I'm a natural worrier and I couldn't turn it off! X

  • morning!!

    Imp hope the mw went ok. I assume that's your 25 week one? Do they do anything out of the ordinary?

    Coco - so pleased your mum is doing better! I agree about the travelling though. I seem to have done a fair bit recently and it's a lot harder on me than pre-bump. What a steal on the carseat though! Amazing.

    Ducky - not long to wait then til the nex scan! Your mum must be so over the moon. I am sure you will stay team purple though then you can get buying loads of stuff!

    Browny - hope the house gets sorted quickly but it sounds like its all going in the right direction! Enjoy the viewing on saturday too. Also echo what the others have said about movements. I am getting more regular ones now and can kind of see a pattern of when bean likes to move about but that only started on the weekend. Before that it was irregular and I didn't feel them as much on certain days than others. I always get my strongest kicks at night but that may be because I'm lying still waiting to feel something.

    Sasasi - good news on the house! That was quick. Really hope it's what you want and fx for good news about the development of your new house too!

    AFM - i am visiting my sister at Southampton Uni for the next couple of days. 6 hour coach journey was painful and sharing a single bed is... interesting haha. I feel like I've gone back in time though, so weird being in halls. Not much planned for today but might do a spot of shopping. Off to the ballet tomorrow which I am muchos excited for. Matthew Bourne's swan lake for anyone in the know. It's amazing.

    Hi to those that follow!

  • Browny, I know what it's like to worry. That's what we're here for so ask anytime.

    Jonesy- wow to a 6 hour journey?! Plus sharing a single bed. I struggle to share a king size with C without wanting to throttle him!

    The mw measured ny tummy, listened to the hb and had a feel of my tummy to see which way round happy feet was.

  • Morning everyone, sorry I didn’t get on yesterday, work was manic!

    Imp – hope you had a nice lie in. Glad to hear MW went well, everything measuring OK?

    Coco – glad to hear your mum is feeling better. What a result on the car seat! I keep getting outbid at the last minute on Moby slings, it’s getting very annoying! Good luck for the scan tomorrow.

    Ducky – ahhh, that sounds nice. Hope they’re still a boy and girl so you can buy lots of purple clothes! Haha.

    Browny – good luck with the house. I have no idea about movements but hope all is OK, baby is probably just napping. Keep us posted.

    Sasasi – another set of housey vibes on their way to you! Glad you’re not feeling as sick.

    Jonesy – that’s awesome, reliving your student life! No snakebite for you.

    AFM – still snotty but feeling much better in myself. First part of my next order got delivered yesterday so Bubble now has a changing mat and a toy. I also won a brand new Sonoline B Doppler which I am picking up on Friday. Getting a bit nervous, as it’s too early to really feel anything but I don’t feel pregnant! Let’s just hope I can work the thing and don’t get into a mass panic.

  • Gavi - it is a funny old time this bit, I feel better, less sick and less tired, but still don't feel very pregnant. I can feel some movements so hoping when they get stronger it will feel more real. The doppler will pick up some odd noises now, especially when they fidget!

    Browny - There is no rhyme or reason to when the twins move. I find I notice it when I'm still and bored, like when sitting at my desk! I haven't felt them this morning yet. I think it is really normal when we only feel their big movements, it doesn't mean they aren't doing little kicks that we can't feel.

    SaSaSi - brushing teeth is the worst! I'm still not over it! Hope the builder brings good news soon. Fx

    Jonesy - oo have a lovely time with your sister. I don't envy the coach journey and single bed sharing mind! Hopefully the fabulous time you'll have will make up for it :)

    I'm home now. Having hot cross buns for lunch and then on with the housework, not that much to do, just beds and bathrooms. For those that don't know, we currently live in a brand new house close to our local uni, we rent two of our spare rooms out on a per night basis at £26 a night. It is working out really well and had deffo helped build the baby fund over the last year. However if I never have to make a bed again it will be too soon!

  • Jonesy - wow that must be nostalgic! Miss my uni days :)

    Gavi - I know that stage but the movements aren't too far away! So glad I bought my doppler it has really reassured me when I needed it.

    Ducky - thats a good idea! Will you stop doing that when the babies arrive?

    Well baby is making up for yesterday! :) loads of movement today so far its lovely :)

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