*** Weekend 1st Tri ***

Morning ladies!

Back at work today after 2 weeks off :( I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Not much to report, feeling nauseous but that could be the thought of returning to work! ha



  • Morning!  That will be me on Monday except I've only had a week off,  not looking forward to it. Hope its not too bad for you

    Afm my hormones seem to have kicked in last night I had a good old blub not helped by ps I love you on tv! I also had 6 pancakes with choc and banana instead of dinner and then woke up this morning and puked for the first time all week :(

    Also impatient for 12wk scan letter, going to phone on Tuesday when I'm 10wks if I haven't heard yet

    Hi to everyone else!

  • Morning.

    Boo I hope work isn't too bad and the nausea goes soon.

    Malteasers hormones are a nightmare aren't they? The pancakes sound like a good dinner substitute to me, although doesn't sound like your tummy agreed!

    Told my parents last night and showed them the scan picture. They were shocked as they thought we would wait but were very happy for us. Had to come and visit them this weekend as my grandad is in hospital and its not looking too good at the moment so don't know if I will get back on this weekend or not.

    Hello to everyone else x

  • To be fair I think only 1 of the pancakes was lost so not all bad haha!

    Sorry about your grandad bunny I hope it's not as bad as it seems.  Great news about telling your parents though x

  • Evening all. My last weekend in first tri! Arrrgh!

    Boo - don't blame you - next week is gonna be a mare for me, I have Sunday night blues already.

    Malteasers - sorry to hear the sickness is back! Get chasing that scan missus.

    Bunny - glad to hear your parents are happy, I can imagine it was a shock but as long as they were pleased for you. Sorry to hear about your grandad.

    AFM - Bought my first baby purchases this week. Bought a Poddle Pod, and managed to get the Maxi Cosi Cabriofix for £66 on offer on Boots online. I was always going to get either that or the Pebble, but at that price, that decision was made for me. Not going to buy any more now until 20 week scan, although me and H are off to John Lewis tomorrow to pick up the rest of the bathroom stuff, so I am sure we might have a little looksy at the prams etc. Pregnancy wise, I feel OK, bit tired but I am getting used to it!

    Have good weekends everyone xx

  • Gavi, no don't leave us yet!! 2nd tri doesn't start till 14wks so you can stay here next weekend at least Big Smile

    Scan will be chased Mon/Tues.. I caved today and rang but the line was closed except emergency so that put paid to that!!

  • Hi ladies

    Boo - hope your first day back at work went well, I always hated returning after time off. Like that dreaded feeling after the school holidays haha.

    Malteaser - the pancakes sound amazing, sorry to hear they made you sick though. My tea last night was a chocolate mini roll and frosties. Mind you, I did pig out on sausage and chips from the chippy at lunch! Glad they're going to chanse the scan for you.

    Bunny - great news about your parents. Sorry to hear about your grandad, I hope things are ok?

    Gavi - sounds like you got a good deal on your purchases! I love looking round John Lewis and can always find something.

    AFM, had my early scan yesterday and all was well. It was amaxing to see the heart beating away. Based on my LMP they thought I was 10+4 but, like with my first pregnancy, the MW's calculator thingy works on a 28 day cycle and mine are always longer than that so I had a feeling I wouldn't be as far along as they thought. Sonographer said I was measuring 9+1 with a EDD of 17th Oct. I agree with him dates rather than the MW! Will be interesting to see if they agree at the nuchal scan in a couple of weeks.

  • Morning ladies, what a beautiful day!!

    Boo - sorry to hear you're back at work, hope it was ok.

    Malteasers - good luck with chasing the scan letter, hope you get an update soon.

    Bunny - hope your grandad is ok. Pleased you told your parents.

    Gavi - eek your first purchase how exciting!

    WG - glad your early scan went well.

    AFM - had a busy day yesterday wallpapering our bedroom with my dad's help. Looks fab now, just need to buy some new furniture and it'll be finished. Today having a chilled day, so tired still. I seem to fall asleep at 10 every night and then wide awake at 6.30am every day. Having to tell my boss tomorrow I'm pregnant so I can get the time off for my booking in appointment and I'm sh!tting myself. I've worked there for 10 years this year and we only have a small team, two people have also left in the past 3/4 months (1 on maternity leave) and they aren't very quick at replacing people. I just hope they don't react too badly as I know they will panic with me not being there for up to a year. Wish me luck everyone!!!

    Have lovely weekend pay and enjoy the sunshine xxxx

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