*** Weekend 1st Tri ***

Morning ladies

Not sure if I'm supposed to be here or 2nd tri today as I'm now 14 weeks, but thought I'd stay here for now 

How are we all? CC, was so glad to read your update last night, hope it's plain sailing from here for you

Not much to report here, still a bit tired but nothing like what it was. My friend is coming over in a bit to drop off a bouncy chair for baby, bit early but she's wanting rid of it so I'll stick it in the garage.  Going to try to get M some winter boots today and go to Smyths as they have  the doll she wants for Christmas reduced plus an extra 20%off, hope they still have it! Not much planned apart from that, nice easy day hopefully

Hope everyone is well xx


  • Weekender I can't believe you're 14 weeks already!!! Very organised on the shopping, I've decided I'm getting p a kitchen but that's as far as I've got!!

    Not much going on pregnancy wise, just scan counting down! 11 days!! Ibwas a bit upset last night as a good friend I'd told in confidence I was pregnant has told several other of our mutual friends. Despite me asking it to be kept secret. Most of our family don't know and it's my news to tell so I was really cross. On a good note no one at work has said anything after my bump displaying top on wednesday! I don't care I'd they guess but as long as they don't ask me! I went the other way yesterday and wore a really baggy top!!

    Been to baby ballet already with p this morning and we are off to brother in laws for lunch with H's family. His parents have just got back from a long holidays I expect they'll he hundreds of photos to look through. Their house is the opposite of toddler proof so I'll probably spend the whole time stopping p breaking stuff!!

    Happy weekend to everyone.

  • Morning everyone, just killing some time before heading to the wedding. My H is an usher so I've been on my own all morning! Thank god for wifi!

    WE - I'll miss you when you go to second tri! Hopefully see over you there for a bit in a while. You are very organised thinking about Christmas already! I know it'll be here before we know it but I dont like starting too early.

    AR - Hope today is not too chaotic!

    AFM - I'm 7 weeks today! Only 6 days until my scan. It cant come soon enough! Havent felt sick this morning which is a worry but I am very bloated, almost look like I have a small bump! Didnt sleep a wink last night for worrying about how today will go on the non-drinking front! Stupid I know but I am a worrier in general anyway. I'm going to freeze today - its so cold and I only have a 3/4 length-sleeved jacket! At least my dress is mid-shin length and I am wearing tights.

    Have a good weekend ladies, not sure whether I'll be able to get on tomorrow xxx

  • We - we will miss you when you go to second tri!  Your being very organised with Xmas haha!

    Ar hope today isn't too hectic for you

    Browny - hope you have a lovely time at the wedding, hope the next 6 days go fast for you!

    Afm thank you for asking about me, feeling good today had sickness and indigestion so know it's all good! Didn't sleep very well was worried about lying down because that's when it happend for me, H has been fantastic so far! Taking it very easy for a few days :)

    I want to thank you all once again for yesterday you were all amazing!

    Hello to all that follows

  • Crashing in to say weekender, yes you should be in second tri, we don't bite :)

  • Hi all,

    Just popping in quickly to say have lovely weekends! We're off to tell H's parents today quiet night tonight then meeting some friends tomorrow for roast dinner somewhere. Looking forward to a bit more of a relaxed weekend where I'm not fretting about the pregnancy (as much!)

    CC hope you have a nice relaxing weekend after your eventful couple of days.

    WE - I'm scared to move to the next thread too! Stil have a few more days here though.

    AR - hope P doesn't break anything! Shame your friend shared the news, I don't blame you for being a bit disappointed.

    Browny - enjoy the wedding!

  • Hi everyone

    Weekender - you are organising Christmas already I could do with taking a leaf out of your book x

    Autumnrose - poor you can't believe your friend as done that to you x

    Browny - not long until your scan x

    Chocolate cupcake - glad your feeling better after yesterday x

    Flossie - hope telling the parents goes well x

    Afm had L's swimming this morning and been out walking this afternoon. Had midwife yesterday told her about my odd periods and dates... She dated me at 7 weeks but put a question mark beside it... I'm still concerned I could be more than that but nothing I can do now until I get my scan date through x

  • Flossy - Enjoy your quiet night and then meeting with friends sounds nice!

    ABC - Sounds like you have had a lovely morning, Sorry theres nothing you can do until your scan :(

    H has been fab and I haven't had to lift a finger for 2 days now... Will hate it when he has to go back to work!

  • A total TMI post!

    I have been feeling really bloated and uncomfortable for a few days now.. I have constipation, going small amounts daily but like passing rocks!

    Last night I took some senna, and omg this morning although I haven't been yet I just feel less bloated and uncomfortable it's amazing!

    Hope everyone is doing well today, actually got a full nights sleep last night not waking every few hours to check I hadn't bleed any more!

  • Morning ladies,

    AR, no wonder you are annoyed at your friend, it totally wasn't her news tp tell. Hope your lunch was ok yesterday xx

    Browny, not long till scan now, hope you enjoyed the wedding! Did you get away with not drinking?

    CC, take it easy as much as you can. Symptoms are GOOD!

    Flossy, how did it go telling the in-laws? Enjoy your Sunday roast x

    ABC, would you consider a private early scan to get a better idea of dates? Thinking in case you miss the window for nuchal testing? Suppose midwife knows what she is doing x

    Well ladies, I'm off to 2nd tri (eek!!) I'll be lurking though to see how you are all doing. See you all over there soon xx

  • Oh weekender! You're off. We'll miss you. Hopefully I will see you there!

    AR I would be DISTINCTLY UNIMPRESSED if someone was blabbing my private news. That's so unfair. Did you raise it with her? Did you get inundated with photos?

    Browny hope the wedding was lovely?

    CC - so pleased things are good for you. I never worried this much with my son, but I panic all the time, I think, in my case, it's my age, lol.

    Flossy - what was the inlaws reaction?

    ABC - I bet you're desperate for your scan, hope it comes through quickly.

    AFM - laziest day in the world yesterday, ruddy loved it. Today hubby is in bed after nightshift and I'm at work. This evening we're going to a friends for roast dinner. This week is going to be the worst at work since I joined in May, but I'm up for the challenge.

    Tomorrow is 12 week scan and bloods. Absolutely petrified about the results; hubby, as usual, is confident and relaxed and convinced all we be fine. But until I see the results for myself I will be worrying and worrying!

  • Hi just a quickie to say I'm off on my holibobs tomorrow! We are having a week in turkey! So good luck to anyone having scans this week, and I'll catch up on my return! Xxx

  • Jealous! Have a fab time!!

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