*** Weekend 2nd tri ***

Happy weekend everyone! :)

Sorry I've not been around these last few days. Work has been busy!

I'm off to preggo yoga this morning wgich I'm looking forward to, it really seemed to help my back and hips last week. I've also got a contact lens check, woohoo! We're out for dinner with friends tonight at a lovely restaurant which I'm really looking forward to, so a good day ahead! 


  • Morning Imp!! And all you second tri lot.

    Figured today was as good a time as any to join 2nd tri, another milestone reached! I'll introduce myself for those that don't 'know me. I live in Brentwood, Essex, with my H and two cats. We got married last October, and were very lucky to fall PG with our first baby very quickly. Looking forward to the marathon tri and to getting to know you all.

    Imp - I am glad I'm not the only one up at a silly time on a Saturday. Preggo yoga sounds fun, I've done one class and think I'll keep it up. Hope the contact lens check goes OK, and you have a nice meal tonight.

    I've got a rather busy day ahead, afternoon tea at our wedding venue with the mothers as MIL is away next weekend, and then a friend's housewarming. PG wise, nothing to report really. Hopefully I can pop back on a bit later though to say hello to some more of you

  • Welcome to 2nd tri Gavi!

    Pregnancy insomnia is not my friend, I'm often here at silly o'clock!

    Afternoon tea sounds lovely, I could just eat that today. Mini cakes and sandwiches, mmmmm!

  • Benefit of being up early. The Next Sale starts online at 8am...I'm gonna have a sneaky looksy!

  • Haha! I looked the other day as I got a VIP invite to it, I resisted though. There didnt seem much mat stuff in it this time.

    I'm at a new low. I'm sitting outside aldi waiting for it to open, now that's sad!

  • Oh blimey, that is low.

    There isn't anything really on there is there.

    Me and H decided what nursery bedding we wanted that happened to be from there...and it seems to have a 10 week wait, so I just ordered it. Whooops.

  • Hi gavi and imp, two early birds!

    Morning imp, hope you get your shopping done, at least it won't be crowded! Dinner with friends sounds lovely, and it's a beautiful day for it.

    Welcome gavi! Nursery bending how exciting! We're no where near deciding things like that yet!

    AFM woke early, already cleaned kitchen and put washing on line, emptied&refilled dishwasher etc. morning of chores, them going to friends for tea, then in laws tomorrow for Sunday lunch. Bit of MA assignment writing In between. So busy weekend as usual. Hi to all who follow.

  • Gavi which bedding have you gone for? How exciting! It must be hand made by pixies if it's taking 10 weeks! ;)

    RC you've had a productive morning too! Sounds like a good weekend ahead.

    I've done my shopping and I've unpacked it, now heading to yoga.

  • Morning!

    Ducky, good luck for your scan today! I hope the sprouts are being cooperative and that you get some perfect potty shots. Can't wait to hear what you're having...I still reckon one of each :)

    Coco, I hope your mum is doing okay x

    Imp, enjoy preggo yoga! Your weekend sounds fab, especially dinner with your friends. Hope work is calmer next week x

    Gavi, welcome to 2nd tri! Afternoon tea sounds lovely, have a good day.

    RC, wow busy morning already! Hope you have some time to chill this weekend. Good luck with your assignment!

    AFM, busy few days which is why I've been a rubbish MDer again. MW appointment went well and baby is no longer breech. I know that means very little at this stage as she could still move again but it's nice to know that she is capable of getting herself the right way around :) I have lots of work to do this weekend, so boo hiss to that! It's nice and sunny here today though so maybe I'll take my laptop outside.

    Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend xx

  • Morning,

    Imp, enjoy yoga, I've started going to a pregnancy class too and really like it

    Gavi, hi and welcome to tri 2! Your day sounds busy but lovely, enjoy

    Raincloud, wow you've been v busy already this morning - I've been up a couple of hours but all I've done is eat breakfast and catch up on tv hehe

    Fig, glad your little girlie knows the right way around in there! Boo to work but enjoy the sunshine

    Afm, have a few days off now which is well needed. Will chill today and tackle the housework tomorrow! Bump wise - just enjoying the wriggles and kicks I'm getting :)

  • Hello hello

    Imp - preggo yogo sounds fun and looks like you have a lovely weekend planned.  What kind of restaurant *trying to decide what I want for dinner tonight*

    Gavi - hello lovie!  lovely to see you at second tri!  Afternoon tea sounds lovely and I LOVE your venue.  My friend's friend has booked GF for her wedding in December on my recommendation!  Afternoon tea is my favourite treat.

    RC - you are making me feel lazy.  All I have done so far this morning is check facebook, eat croissants and drink tea!!  What is your MA in?, ha or is the MA why you are doing housework?

    Fig - aww glad MW app. went well and baby is moving .  Boo to working this weekend though - what kind of work?

    CO - glad you have a few days off - feeling all the wriggles and kicks must feel amazing!

    AFM - had a scary week when they thought babies legs were very small, but saw a consultant who is very happy with baby and feels everything ok, it's just a dinky one, and then said at the end "trust me, it's much better to have a small baby" and then winked at me!

    I'm also officially Team Pink!! This weekend we are going to buy our first little outfit for her, and a few have seen this already but here's a photo of my dinky little daughter.   Another thank you to all the lovely ladies who have been really supportive and lovely and I am very glad to have around!

  • ahhh how have I forgotten to attach a photo? can't find how to do it?
  • Just on the M25 on our way and it's raining (just like our wedding day, ha)

    Imp -  we went for this one www.next.co.uk/x531332s16 And we are going to have pale green walls. We went on safari for honeymoon so H really liked it.

    Fig - hope baby stays the right way round now and that work isn't too bad

    CO - enjoy your days off, I'm very jealous!

    CJ - so glad all is well with dinky little miss. Better get some cute tiny baby dresses on order!

  • Fig I hope you manage to get through your work do you can enjoy a bit of the weekend. It's raining here now, it was sunny earlier but since then we seem to have had all four seasons.

    CO enjoy toto days off. The wriggles and kicks are the best feeling ever.

    CJ I'm glad all is well with little miss CJ! Now you can enjoy planning for you little girlie. We're going to a restaurant called Australasia tonight, it's an acing food. Kind of Asian fusion I suppose. I can't link it from my phone but if you google it in manchester you can have a nosey. To add a photo gp to advanced reply, then select either the movie strip icon or the one next to it.

    Gavi that's lovely bedding! It looks perfect for you.,

  • Hello lovelies, I am currently meeting Monnie and some other Hitchers for the evening so will do personals tomorrow.

    Scan went well and we are having a little boy and a little girl!

  • Wah ducky I've been checking every chance I've had today!! Congratulations!!!!! That's amazing news, I'm so delighted for you, I bet the scan was amazing. Have a great evening, I am utterly delighted!xx

  • Being nosy pays off as I get to see Ducky's amazing news! That is brilliant. I am so happy this pregnancy is turning out so well for you. May it continue to be that way. Big hugs xx

  • Morning!

    Ducky that's lovely news, congratulations.

    MDD & kk hello! :)

    Well my meal out was gorgeous last night, the best meal out I've had in a long time. Yummy. I was awake as silly o'clock again today though, I'm hoping to get a nap in later.

    Happy feet has been dancing around lots again which I'm pleased about. Other than that nothing baby wise to report.

    The sun is shining here today, just waiting for our guests to get up and then I'll make breakfast. Off out for coffee and cake later.

  • Congratulations Ducky!!!

  • Morning ladies

    Gavi - how was your afternoon tea?

    Imp - your dinner sounds lovely - love any Asian food

    Ducky - a million congratulations again!  Amazing news

  • Ducky - it's all SO exciting, eeeeek!!

    Imp - glad you had a nice meal out, sounds lovely!

    CeeJay - it was immense. There was a couple getting married there, and I was very jealous. Although her dress and bouquet were crap so I got over it Wink Such an awesome place. I want to go there for our first anniversary dinner...although if Bubble is two weeks late, we'll have a 6 day old baby, so I don't think that's very likely!! In fact, it's not very likely at all. Oh well.

    How is everyone today? I have a bit of a grim gunky throat, which is annoying, hope I'm not coming down with something rotten. So I'm having a sofa day, which is nice!

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