*** Weekend 2nd tri ***

Good morning! 

I hope you've all got lovely weekends ahead.

I'me off to get my hair done this morning, it looks a right state at the moment so it's much needed! Then we're heading into the city to look at the cotbed in the white company, I guess we might get some lunch whilst we're in town too. 

I've had a bit of an upset stomach for a few days and it woke me up this morning, I'm hoping tomorrow I manage a lie in! 


  • Morning Imp - have fun getting your hair done today. How exciting going to look at cot beds. Hope you see one you like. Enjoy your lunch too. Hope your upset stomach goes away soon. Have a great day.

    AFM - just thinking about getting out of bed and going for a run. It's been so wet here and there is a lot of lying water plus it's quite windy. Might end up being a short one for me. Once I'm back I'll continue with my clearing out it's never ending!!!!

    Then, the best bit of the day, I'll go over to my parents and see my pram. It was delivered this week so I'm excited about getting it out and having a play with it. I ordered the GT version of the City Versa which I haven't actually seen IRL so I hope it's ok.

    Happy Saturday everyone xxx

  • Oh CA how exciting for you to go and look at your pram! Eeeek! If it was me I wouldn't go for a run, but that's cos I'm lazy!

  • Imp - you poor thing with the upset stomach...I know how you're feeling there :-( Enjoy looking at cotbeds, and hope you have a suitably scrummy lunch!

    CA - Yay to your pram arriving, sure you'll love it! Hope your run isn't too treacherous this morning.

    AFM - Sorry I'vd been AWOL for a couple of days, Thursday is always a busy one here and unfortunately O was v poorly Thursday night/all day yesterday with a sick bug...couldn't keep anything down. I've a bit of an upset belly but fingers crossed no actual sick. In fab news baby's movements are getting biggerwith more forceful wriggles. Got work.this evening and can't really get away with another sicky after ringing in yesterday as had to stay with O :-( Hoping I perk up as really want to leave the,house today!

    Hi to all who follow x

  • Sorry you're suffering coco, I hope it passes soon. Boo to work later, I hope it at least goes fast.

    Great news that baby is moving more, it's such an amazing feeling isn't it?

  • Morning!

    Imp, I hope the upset stomach goes soon.  Enjoy the white company and lunch in town.  I went in to a white company yesterday and cooed at all the adorable things, very nearly bought a floral print plush pony for no reason other than it was so cute!!

    CA, go you, going for a run!  But then, I look for excuses to not do stuff like that and the wind would probably suffice, let alone the wet ground.  Exciting times seeing YOUR pram, though.  Is it staying at your parents until baby comes?

    Coco, I hope O starts to feel better and keep things down.  

    AFM, I'm working today, but only a half day 11-3.  I'm super super excited about seeing the new Vikings Exhibition that opened on Thursday!  I tried out a few shops yesterday in search of mat clothes and in H&M I got some t-shirts.  I also ended up getting a nice jersey hooded jumper in mothercare, which is surprising as the last time I went in there I hated all the mat clothing they had other than leggings and vests.  I tried on some H&M jeans in my normal size and they were soooo tight, so I looked at the hand me downs I have from here and eyre a size bigger and fit like a glove, so I might end up ordering some.  Nothing else new, though.

    Hi to all who follow!

  • Hope you have a relaxing time at the hairdressers imp. Exciting buying a cot.

    Ca, I hope your run goes well. I just can't get back into my running at the moment as I'm still so tired. You'll have to let us know what the pram is like.

    Coco-poor O. I hope he's better soon and you don't get it. Lovely to feel baby moving though.

    Hi wispa, I'm glad you found a few bits of clothing you liked. I keep looking on eBay for things but I'm not sure yet what I'll need so trying to stop myself from buying yet incase it's a waste of money.

    AFM, this week gas been do busy, performances at school, parents eve/day, and a course yesterday. Out last night for a friends 40th, and a few more people found out about baby so that was lovely.  A friend from work told me she is 12 and half weeks so just a few weeks behind me which is lovely as we can share our experiences. It's her second. But we're in the same faculty so I feel for our line manager! Planning on making an apple and blackberry crumble today.

  • Helloooo girls!

    Imp - Hope your hair appointment went well and you had a nice time in town. Did you get a nice lunch out in the end?

    CA - I can honestly say I've never though 'ooh the weather is rubbish - lets go for a run!' - I admire you!! Hope the pram play went well - If I lived closer I'd lend you Sid as a model haha

    Coco - Hope O is feeling better soon and you don't catch it. Also hope work isn't too bad x

    Wispa - Halfday doesn't sound too bad, did you enjoy the exhibition? Well done on finding maternity clothes, I've ordered some tops online as I couldn't find any in any of my local stores

    Raincloud - It's lovely you've got a friend at work not too far behind you. Hopefully you can confide in one another and will have babies not to far apart in age too so a possible post-birth buddy too! How did the crumble go?

    AFM - Today I was naughty and went ice skating. I was intending on just going to watch my H and our friends but they cajoled me onto the ice. Did 6 laps of the rink (three sets of 2 with long breaks in between) - luckily had no crashes or accidents and I've told them we'll go back after baby is born so I can really give it a go without being worried/cautious about baby.

  • Happy Weekend!

    Imp, hope you had a lovely day looking at baby things and getting your hair done yesterday. Have a great day today!

    CA, I am so excited that your pram is here and that you've had a play :) Won't be long until baby is here to go in it!! Eeeeek!

    Coco, hope you and O are both feeling lots better now. Lovely to hear that baby is getting more active :)

    Wispa, good news that you've managed to find some clothes that you like.

    RC, lovely that your friend is pregnant too :)  Your crumble sounds yummy!

    PS, glad there were no accidents on the ice.

    AFM, we had a super lazy day yesterday, which is exactly what we both needed. It was lovely. I was an absolute pig yesterday, then woke up starving again this morning. Hopefully baby is going through a growth spurt and it won't all end up on my hips!!  We'll probably just have another lazy day today, maybe go for a mooch in town later.

  • Raincloud - Just updated the due date list to include Sweetpea's BA and spotted you are the only 2nd tri lady not on there. Would you like to be added? :) x

  • Happy Sunday everyone.

    Coco - hope both and O are feeling a bit better now. Hope work wasn't wasn't too bad yesterday.

    Wispa - how was the exhibition??  Yay to getting some mat clothes. Enjoy having some new stuff to wear. Yes, I'll leave the pram at my parents until later.

    RC - gosh you've been busy. Hope you're getting some chill time too. That's lovely someone at work is so close to you in dates.   Hope your crumble was nice!!!!

    PS - welcome to 2nd Tri. Don't think I've said they to you yet?!?  Love the ticker too!!!  That was very naughty going skating. Glad you survived to tell the tale!!!!  

    Fig - glad you're getting lots of chill time. It's hard work growing a baby!!!  Hope you had a lovely time in town.

    AFM - got my pram all set up yesterday. It seems HUGE and a lot heavier than I remember it so I really hope it's going to be ok. I still love it though and I'm glad I went for the GT version with the forever-air wheels. Baby CA seems to be kicking a little bit more/stronger now but it's still sporadic and I can't really see a pattern.

    Going out for dinner with the family tonight for my dad's birthday tomorrow so I'm having a lazy afternoon although I did go running this morning so not been a total lazy day.  I should do some cleaning but I'm off tomorrow and could do it then instead.

    Hi to all that follow xxx

  • CA - Thank you for the welcome :) Can't quite believe I'm 14 weeks now :O My pushchair seems way bigger when it's in my house than it did in the store too! I'm sure we'll get used to them as time goes on :) Love to hear baby is moving around in there more now - can't wait for that stage!!

  • RC, how great that you've got a pregnant coworker!  Are you close?

    PS, the exhibition was so crowded that they weren't letting in staff :(. Boo!  So I've made plans to head up there on a weekday.  I don't know what I was thinking, though, it was the first Saturday, it was bound to be insanely packed!  And you went ice skating!  I knew you'd be fine, did you enjoy it?

    Fig, glad you enjoyed your lazy day.  I wouldn't worry too much about one piggish day, and if you woke up starving this morning it probably is baby needing a bit more than before.  I woke up ravenous this morning.. Had to sneak downstairs for a snack and then come back to bed!

    CA exhibition was a bust, as I mentioned above, but I will see it soon!  Did you pick up the pram in the shop?  I only ever picked up our chosen pram when it was just the chassis, I didn't try it all together!  I'm sure the weight of yours will be fine.  I think it's good to have something solid that will last, all the light weight buggies I've seen just look like they would fall apart!  And as for baby moving, I'm not sure it settles into a pattern until later.. Mine still hasn't really, though I've noticed more when lying in bed at night.  I don't think they ask you to really keep track until about 28 weeks, though, right?

    AFM, I woke up far too early for a Sunday at 6:30, was too hungry to go back to sleep, so had a cheeky bit of cheesecake from the fridge and tried to go back to sleep. Failed, but lazed around until after 8 anyways.  Then had a glorious massive fry up (with a side of fruit for some vitamins) and took Wispa for a looong walk in the beautiful sunshine. In a t-shirt!!  Now ridiculously tired and wishing we had some garden furniture so I could be lounging outside instead of in.

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