*** Weekend 3rd Tri ***

Morning all,

Hope you are managing to sleep better than me. It's my due date today and no sign of baby other than feeling quite a lot of lower abdominal pressure yesterday and now my back hurts but I think I just slept funny. I'm sat here bouncing on my ball in the middle of the night :) I would appreciate any spare baby out vibes going!

Hope you are all ok. I'll be back on later hopefully having slept for a couple more hours!



  • Happy due date ld!! I hope the back ache is the start of things for you. Fingers crossed for a bit more sleep. I've barely slept and I'm exhausted. Feels like baby boy is doing the river dance in there and I've been feeling horribly sick, very worried I'm getting H's sickness bug but it's not come to anything yet! Could really do with a couple of hours sleep now.
  • Happy due date LD! Keep on bouncing and here's hoping it gets things moving soon!

    AR I really hope you aren't getting sick too :( did you manage to get some more sleep?

    AFM had a busy week hence not being about much. Only one more week at work and Monday is a flexi day! Woo hoo! Baby is doing well and shuffling about lots - not sure if there's been any drop yet but hopefully I'll find out at the mw on Monday. Off to see a pal for lunch today so looking forward to that although am scared by the number of "next time I see you you'll have a baby" conversations I seem to be having now!!

    Hope everyone has a great day!

  • Happy due date LD! Hope baby doesnt keep you waiting too long.

    AR hope you dont come down with the bug and you manage to get some more sleep.

    SP cant believe its our last week at work next week :) lets hope we get a bit of rest before the babies arrive.

    Im having a nice lie in at the moment whilst H is at work. not much planned for the weekend other than meeting the girls from my nct class later on.

  • How fab that we've made it to our last week heh girl? Well done us!! Will your work do anything for you on your last day? Enjoy your meet up!

  • Morning ladies

    Happy due date LD :)

    AR hope you avoid the bug!

    SP, enjoy nice lunch today, how nice to think only four days till mat leave!

    MrsV, enjoy your lie in and catch up later x

    All ok here, starting to feel really sore though, was at a point where I was getting achy after tea, now it's by lunchtime. Easy day today, H is up with M, he built the crib yesterday and we went for the mattress so might put the sheets on that today. Really should pack hospital bag too.

    Hope everyone else is well x

  • Ps - 34 weeks today!!

  • Morning

    Sorry I haven't been on this week. Between feeling rubbish and busy with the kids I haven't had a chance.

    I am off to triage in a minute. I suspect I have another UTI. It seems to be getting worse as I now have a pain in my lower back on one side. I also have an itch so want to be checked for OC.

  • Morning all, on the mobile so can't do personals, section 4 thinking of you hope your ok

    Was having bad pains yesterday again but amounted to nothing, I'm off to paint my hubbys flat today as it needs to be rented out, if a bit of DIY don't get this baby out I do t know what will. Catch you all later x

  • Morning ladies!

    LD - happy due dates! Sending you lots of baby out vibes, hoping that things start soon.

    AR - sorry you had another bad night. Hope that it's just all the movements making you feel sick and you haven't picked up the bug.

    SP - well done for making it to the end of work! Must feel lovely to have only 4 days left (I'm slightly jealous!)

    Mrs V - same for you too! Enjoy your lunch today.

    Weekender - yay for 34 weeks! I'd have thought you'd definitely have packed your bag by now!

    S4 - hope all is ok. My friend had OC with her third baby last summer and said it was really uncomfortable. Hope triage can help.

    NLH - sending you lots of baby out vibes too!

    AFM - have been stalking the thread this week but not really had a chance to post as it's always been so late by the time I've made it on. Had the loveliest week off work. It's been perfect to recharge my batteries and catch up with friends who I don't get to see. Now can't wait for maternity leave although I still have 5 weeks of work to go (regretting that a little!) Off to meet my mum for afternoon tea in London today so just hoping the rain holds off till we get there!

    Baby wise, I saw the midwife yesterday. Although I feel massive, bump is measuring spot on for 32 weeks, and she's moved from transverse to head down which I'm pleased about. A girl at work had her baby three weeks early so that's spurred me to sort out my hospital bag stuff this week! I have a few last bits to get but I think I have all the essentials. I've bought too many baby clothes this week but couldn't resist. Being off work is expensive!

  • HAPPY SATURDAY!!!!!! Wooh, felt like the weekend would never arrive!

    LD - lots of baby out vibes and happy due date to you! Hope you got more zeds and are feeling a bit better.

    AR - hope you're still managing to skip the bug and are feeling better

    Sweetpea - almost on mat leave, fab! Enjoy lunch :)

    Mrs V - you're on a countdown too, not long now. Hope the day is relaxing.

    Weekender - another week in the bag, well done girly! Shame you're feeling rotten but glad things are uneventful currently.

    NLH - have fun decorating ;)

    Flossy - good for you for making the most of your week, sounds lovely. Hope you get to stay dry later!

    Yesterday was good. Things came to a head at work and 2 people I've been having some serious difficulties with (hampering my ability to do *my* job) were sort of exposed, and it became a focus (not because of me) and I think my boss a) understands more of what I've been dealing with, and b) has a plan for change, so that's a big relief. Saw the gorgeous twins who still seem so ickle! Both still between 5lb 8oz and 6lb 4oz and as Harry was 9lb 5oz they seem so wee. Had a LOVELY evening with the girls, food, two desserts and lots of chatter, got in at 11.30 and had planned to be home by ten. Lots of errands to run today because I've just worked 6 days in a row, catching up to do in house and last minute measuring to finalise the ikea shopping list for tomorrow lol.

    Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! x

  • Morning

    Baby out vibes little dude

    Autumnrose hope you have not caught bug

    Sweetpea its a scary thought...hopefully not long for you now

    Mrs v hope you enjoyed your long lie

    Weekender 34 weeks im just behind you x

    Section 4 keeps updated hope you feel better

    Nlh dont over do the diy x

    Flossy I got 5 more weeks too i finish on fri 21st march x

    Afm slept better but just getting grumpy over slightest thing...oops...got house full this weekend and house is a tip dosent help lol....nevermind x
  • Hey counter...get some rest this weekend glad your boss seems aware of going ons now x
  • The bug has officially got me. Not nice and stomach cramps that feel like contractions are scary!!!
  • Morning all,

    LD- sending you vibes

    SP- Got my fingers crossed the babies dropped for you

    MV- Enjoy your meet up.

    WE- Enjoy packing your bag. I'm normally disorganised but have packed and repacked my bag about 10 times lol. I have finally packed 2. One for going in, and one for my OH to bring on my 2nd night when we're running out of things.

    S4- Hope it goes well and they get you sorted

    NLH- Sending you baby vibes

    Flossy- Good that you're measuring well

    Counter- I don't know how you're managing.6 days straight at work and I'd be in bed for the day.

    ABC- Don't worry about the mess

    AR- Hope you feel better soon. I've had D on and of all week. I thought it was a sign labour was on the way, but looks more like a bug now

    AFM- Had another on and off night. I was in the bath again at 3am trying to get some relief, but slept well once I got off for the second time. Had another long meeting at a hotel yesterday, and was starving half way through so was bought a cream scone to eat, which was very nice of them but I did feel an idiot stuffing my face half way through a meeting whilst trying not to get cream all over my face. I finish work officially on Thursday, although as I run my own company I'm going to spend Friday sorting out payroll and HMRC payments and then I'm done and I can't wait!!!!!

  • I'm on my phone at the swimming baths so won't manage personals. Just watching as I don't think anything would protect my modesty now.

    AR being sick and pregnant is awful. Get some diarolyte to replace lost fluids. It kept me out of hospital when I had d&v last time.

    Bll, hope things kick off soon!

    I'm fed up. I'd love this baby to come but nothing happening yet. Sending J to my mums tonight so maybe with him out the house it'll help. Had a rubbish sleep mostly due to othe
  • Ran out of space!

    Had a lie in so not all bad. Will do what I can to get this baby out this afternoon/evening.
  • Hope everyone has had a good day. We did all our errands, spent a blooming fortune in Mothercare, and bought Baxter some lovely books in Waterstone's. Saw in-laws and hubby's uncle & aunt over from France. Had greasy takeaway and watched About Time cuddles up on the sofa. Pretty good. Baby has moved a bit and is wiggly an awful lot and sometimes very uncomfortable. Love watching my belly move, just not keen on the feel. :)

    Hope AR isn't too poorly, and hope Isis has got some baby action going on!

  • Morning L woke for a drink at 5.45 am and he is now sleeping whilst I lie awake grrr...nevermind had a non productive sat and I think most likely the same today. Off thursday and friday this week and i have midwife fri. H thinks my bump has dropped and thinking about it I have had no kicks or that full up feeling so he could be right x we really need to do a bump thread ill try get onto pc later x baby out vibes for those who need them x
  • Morning Ladies

    So, I spent nearly 3 hours in triage yesterday. When I got there I was the only patient and thought I might be in and out quickly. I do have a UTI which I have been given antibiotics for. I am also going to have a kidney scan during the week. They took my bloods too which were negative for OC but I have to go back next Saturday to have them repeated. My blood count has dropped again to 90! I do have to go back today as I have a hospital prescription for the rest of the anti biotics. Pharmacy had closed by the time I was ready to leave yesterday and they didn't have enough of the specific antibiotic in stock. Thankfully I live less than 5 minute drive away. Had  a sleep yesterday afternoon which was lovely. I also went with H last night to watch 12 Years a Slave I literally bawled at the end, but it was very good.

    I hope you have all had a nice weekend. naby out vibes to those who want them and I hope you are feeling better AR

  • Morning everyone. Abc yay to bump dropping. S4 poor you being stuck in triage but you're doing so well and edging closer!! I feel much better today and slept ok-ish. Poor p is still suffering though. Although she hasn't seemed as ill as H and I were she is onto her 4th day of horrific nappies. Not sure I'll ever shake the smell!! Had to hose her in the shower again when she got up this morning. Really need all the germs to go away now!!
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