**** Tuesday 2nd Tri ****

Morning all!

Nice and sunny here today so already got a washing on (rock and roll!!). Cool

Lots of baby dancing last night which was nice Smile Had a thought last night, has anyone else been under consultant led care and never seen a consultant? I may need to ask about this at the MW apt at 28 weeks.... seems a bit silly.

Also, has anyone planned a trip close to their due date (2-3 weeks before) ? Its been booked for aaaages and I really want to go - but OH is thinking it may not be wise (about a 6-8 hour drive)...

Hope everyone has a fab day. 


  • ********Gate Crasher Alert****************

    Morning All, just wanted to pop my head in and say hello, i belive i hit my second trimester this week so wanted to pop my head in and say and to introduce myself

    So Helloooooo everyone!


  • Hello!!! And welcome!!

  • Morning weeme, I saw my consultant right after my anomaly scan last week. I just see the midwife as normal now and go back to see him at 35 weeks.

    Where are you heading to before your due date? Guess its hard to say as you have no idea how you will be feeling but if you want to go I'm sure you will manage the journey.

    Hi NLH welcome to 2nd Tri.

    AFM just on my way to work as I had the dentist this morning. Glad of the later start, I was so tired this morning, forgot how hard a days work is! Lol!

  • Yeah, he was on hols at my first apt, nothing at 20 weeks, and a supposed apt at 34 - but I'm now thinking - this is having an impact on my choices and he hasn't even seen me! I mean????

    It will be a lovely relaxing week in Scotland....

    Muss DD - hope the rest of the day races past! :o)

  • Morning!

    weemee- I would have thought tas long as you have regular stops on the drive you will be ok. are you concerned about baby making an early appearance? You arent going to a cottage in the middle of no-where are you?!

    Hello neverloosehope! Welcome to the 2nd Tri!!

    missdeedee- im not surprised after 2 weeks off! Thanks for the Dopple info y.day, if my midwife can't let me listen at my next appointment I think i'll seriously consider getting one. Feel like im missing out!

    Penny- if you are reading, we are planning on getting the Joie Chrome in Jade! Its a lush colour and I think it will suit a boy or a girl.

    AFM- things started to feel quite real yesterday afternoon, we got an email back after enquiering about the NCT classes, booking on to some starting Sept 17! and we heard back from the nursery! Isnt that crazy, they wont be going until this time next year but we had to register our interest as their is already a waiting list!!! Mental! Its a bit scary as these are sensible baby things rather than cute clothes. Its getting real!!!

  • Hi everyone, on a train to Birmingham so not going to attempt personals! Toddler is very excited about said train. And the conversation thus far consists of "choo choo train......... Mummy, choo choo train" and repeat 5million times. Argghh. Meeting my Mum there and going to street food festival that's on. Then gotta get train home again (1&1/2hours). Hopefully she might sleep on way home!!????

  • Hi all

    Just sneaking on at work so have to be quick!

    weeme I think you'll probably have to see how you feel closer to the time. Where are you planning on going?

    Hello NLH :-) x

    missdeedee hope the dentist wasn't too horrible. I've emailed you again, sorry its brief!

    Mrs Bass - oooh that is nice colour, definitely unisex too. I'm booked onto NCT classes too, in October. Eeek I'd better start looking at nurseries too.

    HF - enjoy the choo choo train.....!

    Just wondering, what do everyone's baby movements feel like? I know that position, size, etc makes a difference, just curious to know what everyone feels!

    Had a disaster on the name front today. H and I have picked two names but we have a favourite. I had to call a client with a strange name this morning and I joked to a colleague that I wouldn't name my child that, and she said 'oh and you can't call them 'x' either as that's my favourite name'. Aaaaargh! It's my favourite name too! I haven't revealed that though, just nodded and said 'hmmmmm'. I've already decided that it's tough, though. She's nowhere near ready to have kids and by the time she does I bet I'll be working somewhere else -  It's just annoying that she picked the one name I really want!!  

  • Hope you had a fun day HorseFan!

    Thanks Penny- I just text a photo to my mum who said "I thought u wanted a bright coloured one, that looks black!" :-( plus the car seat is no longer half price on the Kiddicare website! Doh!! must learn to get these things when I see them!

    I think it is really hard to sedcribe the movement, it feels like there is something little inside me wiggling around. Apart from the first time i felt movements, i have felt anything that I would call a kick!

    First come first serve with baby names i say!! We were watching a film the other night and its was a bit odd and I though the girl had our girl name. I thought id always think of this odd film if we stuck to it and almost shouted at H "what is she called?" Luckily it wasnt our girls name!!

  • It doesn't look black, and its a lovely colour! Good job about the name too, I'm always listening out for our names and hoping they're not in the news for anything bad or anything like that!

    My movements feel like big gas bubbles and sometimes like a water balloon moving about. Occasionally he elbows me but not that often. Last week he kept squishing my bladder but he's been pretty quiet this week. I'm glad I'm not the only one not getting constant kicks, I was starting to worry a bit.

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