********birth story of Isabelle Caitlin********** with pics :)

Isabelle Caitlan Jupp’s Birth story

Wow this is a long story so definitely grab a cup of tea and have a read J

12noon Thursday 22nd August 2013 38+0

After several trips to the hospital following on from previous midwife appointments due to protein and high blood pressure, I was told to meet with the consultant at the pregnancy assessment unit to discuss a plan of action as my BP and protein had always been very up and down.  So I get there for another BP profile as well as a blood and urine test. Everything came back positive for pre eclampsia. The consultant then advised us to be induced early. I asked when and the answer was tomorrow at 4pm this completely shocked me as I only expected them to want to monitor me going forward as sometimes my BP and urine were fine other times it wasn’t, but I didn’t think it was affecting baby.

So left the unit in tears…more out of shock and oh my goodness … are we actually ready!!!

4pm Friday 23rd August 2013 38+1

Gets to the hospital feeling very nervous but still a little excited knowing the next time I leave this hospital I’ll have my baby. I’m first of all put on the trace monitoring babies’ hb and my BH and also BP taken every half hour.

6pm - doc inserts a pessary and tell me I’m already 1cm however cervix is hard and still far back the pessary was uncomfortable but not painful. Nothing happens and hubs leaves at 10pm. Half an hour after hubs leaves I start feeling crampy and start having mild contractions, by midnight I’m bouncing on my ball and pacing the hallways asking for some paraceptomol which don’t touch the sides.

By 2am I’m seriously considering calling hubs back as I’ve no one to talk to just clock watching whilst having these contractions. I then have to be monitored again and one midwife tells me they aren’t contractions…I could have cried I thought blimey if these aren’t contractions I dread when they are.

3.30am I’m examined again and wow this one hurt she just yanked the pessary out then shoved it back in really felt as though she scraped me L wimp I know but it hurt….anyhoo I’m still 1cm but cervix has softened, they run me a bath and a manage to get some sleep. By 6.30am they stop…at least I can get some sleep and rest.

9pm Saturday 24th August 2013 38+2

Nothing has happened all day doc examines me and I’m now 2cm dilated much softer cervix and my waters are broken. Wow there’s a lot it just constantly gushes. However also in the meantime they realize my kidneys have stopped functioning so I need a catheter and a fluid restriction on 85ml per hr.

So I walk across to the labor room looking like a div with my waters still gushing out and a huge pad between my legs. I have a cannula put in which I’m then linked up to the syntocin drip and a fluid drip, a catheter is inserted and also my BP is taken every 15 mins. Oh and also the trace is also constantly on….well I couldn’t move off the bed it was horrendous.  But what was worse was the fluid restriction id be asking for my water on the dot.

Anyhoo back to labor….I was have strong contractions on top of each other so I ask for an epidural this took ages to put in although I didn’t mind as I fell in love with the anesthetist he had a lovely voice.

I found the gas and air didn’t work and kept moaning to h how it wasn’t working that it was just a distra


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