Bounce It gives me great, great, pleasure to announce that my lovely friend Bridget Gump's Baby girl has arrived!!!! Bounce

Text reads: baby girl born at 19.19 by VBAC, no name or weight yet. Usual FB rules.

she went to hospital at about half 4ish so by all accounts it sounds as if she was well on her way at that point! And also, in a *really* weird way, I texted her to say I was thinking about her about the time that Baby girl was born, which also happened when A was born! <close encounters of the third kind noise>

S, I am chuffed to pieces for you, A and Alex, who is going to be an awesome big brother. I can't wait for cuddles! And YAY to the VBAC! Bounce I told you she would come when you were ready for her - she knew you had a slot in your diary today Wink

obviously I'll update with name and weight as soon as she lets me know xxxx



21.30 more info - she went from 5cm to 10cm in an hour, and Baby girl was born after less than an hour of pushing. she weighs a perfect 7lb5.

but nope, still no name! I have suggested ludmilla as today is st ludmilla's feast day Wink

and I have seen a pic (will let BG share one later though) and she is just a mini girl version of A Love, and BG looks like she's just been for a walk in the park, she looks fabulous.



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