*****3rd tri Monday *****

Hi everyone hoping no thread means either people have slept better or some of us are having babies:)


  • Oops ... anyway baby out vibes for anyone who requires them. Today I got a traffic management meeting ...yawn...and lots of paper work to do. Can i ask for vibes that this week is better than last some of my colleagues are heading for a slap lol x Baby wise all ok slept well and itsa three day week x
  • Morning abc, enjoy your three day week! Hope work is ok. What does a traffic management meeting involve?

    I didn't sleep too badly last night although wide awake now. Had a lovely day with H yesterday including 2 meals out (one of which was curry), a long walk and an early night ;) can you see a theme emerging! Got a midwife appointment this morning for a sweep so we'll see what the status is then and meeting NCT girls this afternoon. I'm feeling generally ok about hanging on a few more days which is positive!

  • Little dude sounds like your doing all the right things...hopefully you dont need to wait long x traffic meeting is regarding the silly amount of parents who bring their children to school by car and the whole street is conjested ...tbh there is only so much i can do....x
  • I wanted to cry when my alarm went off this morning!

    ABC - hope your three day week goes quickly and everyone behaves themselves!

    LD - hopefully yesterday will do the job and little one might start to think about making an arrival! Have a nice afternoon with the NCT girls.

    AFM - back to work after a week off and it's painful! I really wish I could just finish now, but will just keep repeating '5 weeks, 5 weeks' to myself over and over. Mondays are the busiest days so once today is out of the way it should be a bit better. NCT class tonight so I can't even get an early night in.

    Baby wise I'm just really struggling to sleep as there's so much in my head at the moment. Yesterday I had a bit of a whinge because I just feel overwhelmed with the amount of house/baby/work stuff that's going on at the moment. H has been amazing but I just feel we have so much on our plates at the moment. I know it'll all be worth it, but I think I just need to try and let some of it wash over me...I just can't decide which parts! I think I'll feel much better when the kitchen is done next week as that's such a big job hanging over us

    Hi to all who follow!

  • Morning!

    Abc, three day week sounds good! Hope your colleagues behave better this week.

    LD, good luck at the mw! I went into labour after lunch with my Nct group last time so you never know!

    Afm, tired today as I struggled to get off to sleep but I'm still in bed and will hopefully get some more sleep. Been bouncing away on my ball and feeling lots of pressure when I do that and bh's too I think but no sign of baby. She needs to come today really or wait til after Saturday when H is back :(
  • Hi flossy, have you tried making lists? Makes me feel more in control
  • Abc - I can see why that meeting would be frustrating! Hope it goes well.

    Flossy - I hope the 5 weeks fly by for you. It's really not long at all! Isis is right, a list is a great idea to try an than use your thoughts and you have a sense of achievement ticking them off but then I'm a big lists person.

    Isis - hope baby stays put until your hubby is back. At least you can put your feet up for the rest of the week!

  • Flossy i finish up 5 weeks on friday too...we can be maternity leave countdown buddies lol....

    Isis hope that baby starts making a move soon x x x
  • Morning ladies. Not another Monday? Groan!

    ABC - pretty sure the rules for issuing slaps are loosened in 3rd tri, do what ya gotta do!! ;)

    LD - sounds like you're in a good place, doing the necessary but still got some patience in reserve, well done.

    Flossy, poor you! But hopefully get today out of the way and it's downhill. And whinging is much healthier than holding it in, so don't worry if you had to let it out a bit :)

    Isis - no sign yet? Hopefully you can rest the next few days a little bit and be lovely and ready for labour once hubby walks back through the door. Fingers crossed.

    At this end, yesterday was too much, out 9-5 and on my feet the whole time except for the journey, just not used to it with my office job. Then home and the few hundred pounds of various house/baby purchases that can't be seen to because 4 rooms in the house aren't usable and 2 rooms are full of DIY gear/purchases got me down and I had a jolly good sob. Lots on at work this week, hardly due to see hubby due to shifts so feeling crabby. Had an awful baby dream, too horrible to share, so have woken feeling out of sorts and emotional. Generally feel overwhelmed, tired, lumbering and useless! Think things might seem better when I've annihilated Monday, lol!

  • Hello ladies!

    ABC, hope work is ok. 3 day week sounds good :)

    LD, sounds like you had a lovely day! We tried a curry Sat but I just ended up with horrendous heartburn! Good luck with the sweep, hope it gets things going for you.

    Flossy, I can sympathise with the anxiety. It's horrid. Just try to not think about everything at once, focus on little things to do and little goals, that's how I've managed. Hope the class goes well!

    Isis, I hope baby cooperates! Rubbish that H has to go away :(

    I'm pretty down to be honest. Had a phone call on Friday asking me to consider voluntary redundancy (they need to lose 7 staff) and because of my job situation I feel I have no choice but to jump before I'm pushed. If it went to compulsory I would definitely go because I'm in a made up job which isn't absolutely essential and going voluntarily means an extra 4k in our pockets. I'm waiting to get the proper figures today and I have to decide by Wednesday. Tried to have a nice weekend anyway but ended up in the hospital yesterday for monitoring as baby had been quiet since Friday. Seems to be ok but I have to have a scan as it's not the first time I've had reduced movements. Trying to calm down for baby's sake but it's easier said than done. Really though things were happening last night, but the regular pains have stopped, I'm just achey now.

    Hope everyone has a good day x

  • Oops, sorry counter missed you. Hope you feel better once today is out of the way. I'm sobbing daily now, bloody hormones eh!

  • Lists? I use the Clear app (my fave app in the world after FB) and I've 33 different types of lists with about 300 items on in total. I love the app but I suspect I need to step away from the lists ;)

  • Oh OB, that's a shame. Even if it's the best thing for you (vol redundancy) it's an emotional unsettling thing to deal with. Really hope scan goes well. Do you think reduced movements could be a different positioning? If the monitoring seemed fine that's a huge positive. I'd say try not to worry, but that's not how it works, is it?! Let us know how it goes.

  • I'm gutted to be honest, never expected that phone call a week after starting mat leave. The biggest upset right now is losing my company car, it's worth a lot to us. Then there is the overwhelming fear of trying to start again and find a new job, but I know I shouldn't be thinking about that yet. Luckily my mum was with me when I got the call Friday so I had some company while I cried my eyes out!

    The monitoring was ok but I did have to have ice water and jiggle around and stay on longer than normal. They weren't 100% so got the doc who was manually moving the head (OUCH!!)  and that didn't really get him going either. There were a couple of activity peaks so they said he is ok, just sleepy. The scan is just procedure because it's not the first time. No, he's not moved position, the midwife showed me last week where he is and the doc said he's in exactly the same place. Whatever was happening last night was making him squirm though so I feel better today.

  • Morning! Gosh we are busy this morning, I can't see enough on my phone for personals. Will come back on tablet in a bit. I actually slept the whole night, amazing! My bump feels really odd this morning, really tight and heavy. I feel abit like I'm about to get my af which is odd. P seems better so far today (no awful nappies!) but we won't be swimming today.
  • Argh just wrote a big reply and lost it :( sounds like there's a few needing hugs today. LD baby out vibes to you x

    All ok here, so tired even though I'm not doing much. Had lovely visit with my sis and her family yesterday. Today got not a lot planned. Getting a bit fed up tbh, M wants to go to country park and run around but I know I can't, lots of walking and no phone reception is just asking for trouble. I feel in limbo just waiting for baby or for something to happen. Moan moan moan sorry ladies!

    Hi to those on later x

  • AR hope bump feels better soon. Yay for a good nights sleep! Good that P is on the mend.

    WE hope you are ok. All I seem to do is moan too!

    Just had the call, scan is at 11.40.

  • Morning all!

    Lots of peeps feeling fed up today so hugs and vibes to those that need them xxx

    ABC - good luck with the meeting, hope it goes well. Yay to a 3 day week!

    LD - sounds like you are doing all the right things but good on you for still being so positive. I shall use you as a role model in a few weeks time!

    Flossy - you poor thing :( I know exactly what it's like to be facing those last few weeks and the mantra is important!! Someone told me to acknowledge and tick off each day when I got home at night and that certainly helped! I hope some list writing will help you feel more in control.

    Isis - that is such a shame that your H is going away for a week. Is it work that takes him away? I hope things work out the way you want/need them too.

    Counter  sounds like you are having a down day too :( I hope a successful day at work makes you feel better. Feeling cluttered in the house makes me cry too!

    OB - Glad you have a scan time which means no hanging about. I hope today is a day of answers for you re work and baby. I'll be thinking about you.

    AR - A full night's sleep!!!!!!! What's that like????? Oh I'm so blinking jealous!! Glad P is improving - hopefully it's a good sign for the household.

    WE - Sounds like staying put is a good idea today. Hope you get some decent R&R.


    AFM - got a cheeky wee flexi day today and it's a my last week at work! Woo-hoo!! So only 4 more days. I can't tell you how happy this makes me! I had an awful night's sleep so still in my jammies watching crap morning TV and drinking tea. Will see my best friend and 2 godsons later (it's half term in Glasgow) which will be lovely and then the MW. I'm intrigued to find out how bubs is lying as movement been highly variable over the weekend.

  • Morning,

    ABC- Hope work is better this week! A good sleep makes all the difference and a 3 day week sounds great.

    LD- Doing all the right things, hope someting starts for you soon and the seep works!

    Flossy- I am with you on that. I have so much going on and that needs doing etc. Try make a plan for one thing at a time. Are you getting a new kitchen?

    Isis- Hope baby makes an appareance soon or stays put for H to return, whichever works best for you!  

    Counter- Sounds like you have alot going on, hope you get today out of the way and feel better. Could you book s nice treatment or something soon and have a little me time? Just to relax and not think about things?

    OB- God what a weekend for you. And giving you until Wednesday isn't very long is it. If you get the payout I assume you will still get maternity pay too? Glad baby perked up last night, they do like to scare us don't they.

  • Sorry, couldn't see the second page.

    AR- yay to a whole nights sleep! Glad P is feeling better.

    Weekender- Glad you had an nice weekend. Sounds sensible to stay at home.

    SP- 4 more days! I am starting mat leave so early compared to most of you. Sounds like a lovely day planned. Hope midwife goes well.

    AFM- Had a lay in both mornings, first time in ages! Although my snoring is actually waking me up! Had my pregnancy pamper session at the salon, it was so relaxing, I want one every week now! Still Trying to sort out what to do with my car as have a mini and want a 5 door car. And still no further with moving which is frustrating.

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