*****Thursday first tri*****

Or are we Wednesday? Iv no idea Weep I'm so tired!

smallest started shouting at 5, as he wanted a wee so I leapt out if bed to go and get him as we are loosely potty training as in we encourage and he has no interest Bawl, so shouting for a wee this morning was great! Then obviously there had  to be cheers and clapping so the whole house is up Weep

pregnancy wise 5 weeks today and not a lot to report tbh, I remain spotty Weep

good luck for today bunny


  • I hope its Thursday! 5am is early. Sounds encouraging on the potty training front if he's telling you he needs a wee.

    Thank you for the good luck. I hope they can do it today otherwise I will have to ask for another day off next week. All I've done the last few weeks is ask for time off for appointments!

  • Morning!

    TRF - 5am wake up calls are not fun, it makes for a very long day! I feel your pain re spots too.

    Bunny - I saw your update last night but couldn't get on to reply. Will be thinking of you today and hopefully they can do what's needed.

    AFM, early to bed last night as LO had me up early yesterday morning. Not really much to report pregnancy wise, just looking forward to the scan on Monday so we can start telling people. My ever expanding tummy is getting harder to hide!

    Hi to all who follow.

  • Morning

    Rf - 5am is so early, claps and cheers for your little one though!

    Bunny - good luck today x

    AFM - it's booking in appt today, I'll try and get back on later to let you know how it goes


  • WG - sorry I miss you there, how exciting to have your scan so soon, I've got 3.5 weeks til mine I'm like a kid at Christmas counting down haha x

  • Missed you there MrsL. Hope your booking in appoinment goes well.

  • Morning WG really haven't got long until your scan now!

    Mrs l hope that the booking in appointment goes well. Let us know how it goes.

  • ***crashes***

    Good luck today bunny, I'll be thinking of you xx

  • RF - I was really spotty at that stage, now everyone is telling me how amazing my skin looks!

    Bunny - really hope they can do it today, come back and update us.

    WG - good luck for the scan, not long to go now!

    MrsL - let us know how your booking in appointment goes, after that it seems everything happens I found.

    AFM - feeling really tired this week but have our scan tomorrow so looking forward to seeing how much baby's grown.
  • Good Morning ladies,

    RF - Yay to your little one! Sounds like a positive step forward.

    Bunny - I hope today goes well ans they can do the test.

    WG - not long now to go now! Very exciting!!

    PP - Eee! One sleep until your scan!!

    AFM -

    I did see the replies last night, but I couldn't reply. My manager knows im pregnant, so she does keep an eye on me, but noone else knows. The odd comment about me sitting in the office having a snack or how I don't any lifting/going up ladders has started. Only a couple more weeks I have to keep up the facade of having a bad back!

    if my scan letter doesn't come today I shall chase them. I just want to know when I get to see squidge again!

    I did my sugar craftnclass last night, so much fun! I made a rose and cherry blossoms. I think a trip to squires this afternoon is on the cards so I can try making them again at home. I pick up my BM dress from the alterations place today. Fingers crossed theyve done a good job, the wedding is next week!! Eeeeee.

  • Just quickly, boo I'd really chase them if you are planning a nuchal scan then you only have till 13+6 for scanning, so I'd get on the phone.

    Wg- not long till scan, il be following your lead and having early night tonight

    Bunny let us know how u get  on

    Mrs L - good luck for booking in

    Pickle pants - good luck for tomorrow

  • Hi ladies (I typed morning but then noted the time!!)

    RF: 5am, doesn't sound like fun, hope the potty training is starting to go well, my daughter isn't at all interested unless she thinks she can get out of bedtime!! Hope the spots ease soon

    Bunny: Fingers crossed that you can get your appointment today, hope it goes well

    WG: Not long till your scan, you must be so excited!

    MrsL: Hope your booking in appointment goes well, it's nice to get the ball rolling

    PP: Good luck with your scan tomorrow

    Boo: Definitely chase them for the scan. Glad to hear that your boss is good but remember to look after yourself

    AFM: After all my appointments yesterday we're having a quiet day. My 2 year old has recently learnt how to open doors so bedtime last night was a nightmare as she kept trying to come downstairs! I ended up taking her in with me around midnight as otherwise none of us would've got any sleep & she was still up at 7.30 (think it took her about an hour to stop wriggling about & actually sleep) so I've been dozing on & off this morning. Will be so glad when this 1st tri tiredness passes!!

    Hi to any who follow x

  • Afternoon everyone.

    Well it didn't happen again! This time we met both consultants and had 3 screening midwives in with us, but baby was too small. They re-dated us to 11weeks and 1 day moving us forward 2 days. We have been booked in next Wednesday in the morning and baby will definitely be big enough.

    Pp good luck for tomorrow, is it in the morning or do you have to wait for it?

    Boo hope that your bm dress looks amazing. The sugar craft does sound like fun.

    Bk hope you managed a nap today!

  • Boo - have you chased them about your scan? Have you picked up your dress?

    BK - hope you've managed a bit of a nap, when are we meant to get this burst of energy?

    Bunny - sorry they couldn't do it but at least you've seen baby lots & they've said they can defo do it next week.

    My scans at 1pm tomorrow so not too much waiting around, bit nervous about it though as it took forever for them to get a good look at baby as it was being lazy & my fat belly wasn't helping!!
  • PP - eek scan tomorrow! Are you excited?

    Boo - did your scan letter arrive today do you know or will you only find out when you get home? Hope they did a good job altering the dress.

    BK - it sounds like you needed a chilled out day today after your busy day yesterday. Fingers crossed I isn't so active this evening!

    Bunny - I'm sorry you had another wasted trip to the hospital. At least they have told you it can definitely be done on Wednesday.

    Well, I had a nice spot of retail therapy with mum and F this afternoon. Spent far too much but that's not difficult when new make up is needed!

  • Just a quick one from me.... I GOT MY SCAN LETTER!!!!! :) Only 6 sleeps until I see squidge again! eeeeeee!

  • Yay finally! Great news boo x

  • Bunny: sorry you didn't get what you needed (sorry I'm not actually sure what you're having checked) but it sounds like you're in good hands if you had 3 midwives in with you. 1 more week to wait x

    PP: Looks like a long liquid lunch for you then! Good luck with your scan x

    WG: Hope you had fun & managed to miss all the lovely spring showers!

    Boo: Fantastic news & not long to wait

    I got my nap! Isobelle was practically asleep eating lunch so went down easily but since she's now learnt how to get out of her room, exactly 2 hours later she came shrieking into my room to wake me!! I've ordered food to click & collect from Asda tomorrow but just realised I've only got half my hubby's birthday present so will have to find some energy & brave town to get him something. Will apologise in advance that this isn't going to be his best birthday ever!!

    Have a good evening all x

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