*****weekend 2nd tri*****

wow don't think I've ever started one before!

Really struggled to get on here last few weeks due to work being busy but hoping to get back on. Have a lovely lazy weekend with absolutely no plans, and may mooch around some baby shops.

20 week scan for me on Monday.

Hi to all who follow


  • Hi CeeJay! Have a lovely lazy weekend. Exciting to have your scan on Monday!

    I'm working all weekend and hoping to have time to catch up on my work with no distractions. I'd like to enjoy my Monday and Tuesday off without bringing work home! Bump is wrigging away a lot at the moment, and I spent a good time in bed this morning watching my belly :)

  • Hello ladies,

    I've been a rubbish MDer over the last week. I had a bit of a lurk just couldn't summon up the energy to post. I had a busy week at work so knew I wouldn't be able to get back on again either. Anyway, enough moaning! Our car sets arrived today! Kind of scary that in less than 22 weeks two little baby bums will be sat in them. We went for the maxi cosi cabriofix in total black.

    Ceejay - Yay for a lazy weekend and baby shopping. Scan isn't far away at all!

    Lxia - Rubbish you have to work big have lovely to see baby moving your belly!

  • Hello! :) quiet thread today. Everyone must be busy enjoying their Saturday.

    CJ booo to being too busy, I hope you make the most of your weekend and enjoy baby shopping.

    Ixia I good you get through your work.

    Ducky, how exciting and a bit eeek about the car seats!

    I've just bought our isofix base (the car seat is included in the package with the pram) so that's another thing ticker off. I also bought myself a maternity bra, I've succumbed to non wired at last.

    Yeserday I ordered a fair bit from kiddicare too as they've got 15% off if you spend 100 quid, plus I ordered a poddle pod. All in all happy feet has been spoilt this last few days!

    This morning I went to preggo yoga, it was lovely and I'm hoping it'll really help my aches and pains I'm getting in my back and hips.

  • Hi ceejay, nice to see you. Hope you're having lovely  weather this weekend to mooch. Good luck for your scan.

    Ixia, rubbish working the weekend, but nice to have mon and tues to look forward to .

    Ducky- car seats, exciting, doubly exciting as you need two! We haven't started buying anything yet but have agreed on yellow for the nursery.

    Imp-glad the yoga is helping. Great that you are ticking things off he big baby list.

    AFM we did a few household chores this am, then I've been weeding and sorting out our front borders, cutting back some bits and planting primroses and pansies. It all looks colourful and pretty now.

  • Just a quick one from me as I'm up early to go to work - boo, so no personals. Hope you have a lovely day, I'm so gutted I'll miss the lovely sunshine and instead be stuck indoors for 12 hours :( will be back on tomorrow properly x

  • RC it sounds as though you had a productive day yeserday. Our grass desperately needs cutting, I'm hoping hubby will do it today.

    CO- boo to working! I hope it goes fast at the very least.

    I'm off swimming, I figured I may as well start taking advantage of these stupid early mornings. So I'll be there waiting for the doors to open!

  • Another sporadic poster here at the mo ....I'll admit I've been slacking mainly as it's so busy and awkward to so personals on my phone with O abou

    CJ - hope you're having a fab chilled weekend! Excited for your scan tomorrow :-)

    Ixia - hope you manage to get the bits done and can have a nice couple of days off. yay for wriggles!

    Ducky - scary to think we'll soon have babies for our purchases :-)

    Imp - sounds like you've had a productive week of purchases...don't knpw if I missed it, bit you decide on your cotbed? Hope the yoga helps you.

    Raincloud - I do love this weather for a spot of prettying up the garden :-)

    AFM - Not much to report baby wise just now, but decided we're going to go for the Ocean colour pack for the Oyster. Yesterday we had a lovely day with lunch out at an Italian (and by sone miracle O sat nicely and at all his food without whinging (usually struggle in restaurants!) We then did a spot of shopping inc some more maternity trousers. To top it all, O slept in hos big boy bed for the first time without any problems, and didn't even get out this morning!

    Today hoping for more of the same sleep wise and a trip to.the country park is planned to stretch a small person's legs!

    Have a good one folks :-) x

  • Hope works not too bad CO.

    Enjoy swimming imp, I used to love swimming when I was younger but don't do it much anymore.

    Coco- sounds like a lovely day, O is getting quite grown up! Trip to the country park sounds lovely.

    AFM- woke early, H is still snoozing. We went out for Indian yesterday which was lovely. We had a chat about decorating the  nursery, maternity plans and what we will do when I go back to work. H was horrified at the cost of full time nursery. This is quite a big deal as it took so long for us to conceive H kind of shut down about discussing practical things as I think he (both of us really) thought it would never happen. Even now he won't discuss names until the 20 wk scan just in case. He also said he'd like to find out the gender. Previously we'd both said no to finding out so ill wait and see how he feels in a few weeks.

  • Morning all,

    CJ - Hope you are having a lovely lazy weekend. Good luck for your scan tomorrow. Please let us know how you get on and flash a pic!

    Ixia - hope work isn't too bad!

    Ducky - so exciting that your car seats arrived!

    Imp - enjoy swimming. I need to start doing more regular exercise now I'm feeling better.

    RC - wow you were productive yesterday. Lovely that you've had a chat to h about the practicalities. We're the same really - in some ways it still hasn't sunk in that we'll have a baby in 6 months time. All that painful TTC meant we didn't allow ourselves to actually believe we'd be able to have a baby so now its hard to register pregnancy=baby! Sounds stupid I know!

    CO - its rubbish that you have to work :(

    Coco - great that O did so well yesterday. Long may it continue!

    AFM - had a lovely day with friends and their 2 year old at a park in South East London yesterday. Haven't seen the, in ages so it was nice to catch up. Not sure what we'll do today its a rare spare day at home with no plans! Might go for a walk to make he most of the sunshine :)

  • Morning ladies

    Ixia - watching your tummy move around must be amazing!  Hope your weekend working is not too bad

    Ducky - can't believe it's 22 week left.  Do you find time is flying by now?

    Imp - I've been meanng to start pregnancy yoga but I'm almost a bit scared.  I'm so clumsy and uncoordinated!! well done on your purchases - might have a look at kiddicare today.  Enjoy you swim today

    RC - hopefully your H will start to talk a lot more about it after 20 weeks then - do you think it doesn't feel quite real to him yet? full-time nursery costs are crazy.

    CO - poor you working 12 hours on a Sunday - hope it goes quickly

    Coco - sounds like a great weekend, especially with O doing so well!   The oyster is really nice

    Browny - your weekend sounds lovely and relaxing.  Walk in sunshine sounds fab

    AFM - went to John Lewis yesterday and ended up having a demo of the all the prams with a really helpful, knowledgeable guy.  I think I'm sold on the Bugaboo Chameleon - any views from anyone?  I like the fact not too big and bulky, as my main factors are lightweight, and smooth and easy to manoeuvre as I'm more of a city girl, but also want something for walks in the parks etc.  My first instinct was Icandy but thinking I like bugaboo and they have quite a good resale value

  • CJ - I just wrote out a long reply then it disappeared! I really liked the chameleon but what put me off was the fact the shopping basket was so inaccessible when the carry cot and car seat are on. I loved the fact the handle went right over so the off road wheels were at the front but the shopping basket issue was a deal breaker for me. Has you looked at the Brittax affinity? It's very similar to the chameleon (although doesn't do the handle thingy!) but cheaper and I think a bit lighter too. JL don't sell them but the bigger mothercares have them in. Apparently Kate Middleton has the chameleon - although I was told that by the shop assistant in JL! X

  • Thanks Browny will have a look - have heard of Brittax but not seen one in any of the shops I've looked at.  Ha to me it sounds more like a water filter!

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