****Birth Announcement - Missdeedee****update with name & pic!

I am utterly bursting at the seams and so thrilled to bits to announce the safe (albeit a tad unexpected) arrival of missdeedee's baby boy! Weighing in at exactly 6lbs he is completely perfect and both mum and son are in great health! 

It's been a bit of a day for MDD who was 35+3 when she woke up this morning. Just after 6am her waters broke and after contractions started and with the fact the baby was breech the hospital opted for an emergency section. So at 1.54 this afternoon her gorgeous boy was born! I've seen a photo and can assure you he's utterly scrummy! 

Missdeedee I'm so happy for you and your H and have already been to the shops for teeny tiny clothes shopping! 

***Introducing the utterly gorgeous baby Owen!***



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