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****Friday 1st Tri****

Happy Friday ladies!

Still not much to report from me I'm afraid. Only 3 sleeps till scan :-) Bought a couple of nice tops yesterday which should hopefully fit my growing belly over the next few months. 

Pickle Pants - good luck for your scan today. What time is it? 


  • Morning wg, won't be long till scan!

    Good luck pp let us know how u get on!

    Afm I may as well tell u who I am, I can't remember my old password as I was always just logged in so I'm stuck as the red fraggle ROTFL but I'm cherry pie!

    Obviously absolutely mad to be attempting all this again given my history Bawl but fingers crossed. Going to phone my consultant today and ask if I can have early viability scan so I can have an earlyish nuchal, I'm sure he will be thrilled to hear from me again given with isaacs pregnancy I was on the phone ALL THE TIME to him! Poor man will be booking some annual leave I think.

    No symptoms here....which is sending my little brain into overdrive Bawl

    Not sure if you all know my history but basically

    Pregnancy 1 - fine throughout but due to staff negligence, ended up with crash section under general anaesthetic, Lucas  now 5

    Pregnancy 2  - vvvv sick, raised nuchal, abdominal hydrops, medical termination at 18+5

    Pregnancy 3 - early mc

    Pregnancy 4 - early mc

    Pregnancy 5 - bled from 7-18 weeks, diagnosed with subchorionic haematoma but this reabsorbed at 18 weeks, Isaac now 2

    Pregnancy 6 - here we go again, clearly absolutely mad Laugh

    All very strange as pregnancy 1-5 all conceived on cycle 3, this one conceived when we weren't even ttc [blush]

    Anyway hope you all have a lovely weekend, I'm working Bawl as iv ended up doing loads of weekends as h has a new job and so he can work long hours to get things in place in the week I'm doing weekends which is great...not!

    Hi to all who follow

  • Morning Everyone

    WG - where are your tops from? There's a primark near me that has a few maternity bits, I got some super soft jeans for £5!

    RF - I wasn't about before when you were so didn't know you're history. Sorry you've been through such a tough time. Sending you all my vibes that this will be a smooth pregnancy.

    Thanks for thinking of me, scans at 1pm, I'll try to get back on to post a pic & update you all.
  • TRF - Cherry Pie!!! I had absolutely no idea it was you! Absolutely thrilled for you and keeping everything crossed that this pregnancy runs smoothly.

    PP - I think both tops were Warehouse, got them from department store so not 100% which 'store' they're from! I could do with going to Primark actually, soon going to need more jeans.

  • Morning ladies

    WG eeekk hope the 4 sleeps go quickly!

    RF - I wasn't around previously but sounds like you gad a tough old time. Fx for you this time

    PP- eeeeeeekkkk good luck today!!!

    AFM I had my booking in appt yesterday. Midwife was lovely and did bloods ursine etc. been marked as a high risk pregnancy until I see a specialist at the hospital as I have a blood disorder. I never even think about it and it's never caused any problems, don't want a big thing to be made of it at all so been marked as a risk has freaked me out a bit :( the midwife just said its precaution and she doesn't know anything about the disorder (it's so rare) that she just wants me to be referred.

    Hope you all have a Good Friday x

  • Argh! Just wrote a reply and the tablet swallowed it!!

    WG that's good about the clothes. Didn't know warehouse did maternity or are they normal clothes but bigger?

    Rf hello cherry pie! Congratulations! Hope everything goes smoothly and I'm sure your consultant would love to hear from you x

    Pp good luck with your scan. Wish primary near me had maternity clothes.

    Mrs l glad that the booking in appointment went well. That's good that they will get blood disorder checked out, better to safe than sorry.

    Boo gladyou got your scan letter through.

    Bk hope you had a better nights sleep last night! I'm having a CVS done because of k having pataus and nothing being picked up by the scans or my nuchal test. We didn't find out until she was 10 days old.

    Not much to report here. Got to ask my head for another day off for next week now for the CVS. We don't want to tell people until we've had the genetic results back which means now I'm going to have to wait until after the Easter hols when I'm 14 and a half weeks to tell people at work. Oh well. At least the Easter hols start next week.

  • Morning!

    WG - Not long until your scan now! :)

    RF- I'm sorry to hear qbout your previous pregnancies,  I really hope this time it goes smoothly for you.

    PP - Good luck today, I hope all goes well :)

    MrsL - I can understand why you feel a bit freaked out, like bunny said, its best to get checked out. Although its a worry while you wait, hopefully it'll result in less worry later on.

    Bunny - Sorry to hear yesterday didn't go to plan. With the easter holidays at least it gives you a couple of weeks break from keeping it quiet at work. You'll be able to go back after the holidays and share your good news :)

    Afm - I collected my BM dress, they did a great job. Really happy with it. I realised yesterday that I haven't told the bride that I had it altered. Im sure she'll be fine with it. on the face of it, it doesn't look any different. I still have that little niggle that she may be a little off that I didn't tell her.

    I need to call the hospital today to change my scan date :( after my excitement i realised I can't get the morning off work. I'm the only manager in so I'll have no cover. Booo!!

    Hi to all that follow, have a good day! Xx

  • Morning ladies,

    WG: It's always nice to go shopping. Are they tops to try & hide bump until you tell people or lots of stripes to accentuate growing baby!!

    RF: So lovely to see it's you CherryPie! Lovely to be tri buddies again. Hope you get your early scan booked soon & I really hope this is a much smoother pregnancy for you x

    PP: Good luck with your scan x

    MrsL: Hope the specialist is able to reassure that it won't be a problem. Better that they're aware of it though. Glad it went well, hope it wasn't too long

    Bunny: I was guessing it was something to do with K, hope everything comes up clear when your baby is finally big enough to test

    Boo: Hope it's easy to change your scan date (it'd be so much easier if there was an online booking system that we could use to book a date & time that was convenient), I'm sure the bride'll be fine with the alterations but its probably better to tell her in advance!!

    AFM: Well Isobelle was slightly easier to put down last night, hopefully the door novelty will wear off very soon.Tomorrow is my hubby's birthday so really have to go & get him a present. He's a nightmare to buy for but I've decided to get him some more pj's. Who says romance isn't dead!!!

    Hi to all who follow x

  • MrsL - I can understand why being high risk might be a little scary but it's a good thing that they're taking the necessary precautions.

    Bunny - I hope your head is okay about you having another day off. I'm a SAHM mum now but I remember how difficult it can be sometimes to approach people for time off. I don't think Warehouse do maternity clothes but I just went for a size up in one of the tops, the other I just went for my normal size as it's the sort of style that should grow with me, if you know what I mean.

    Boo - great news about the dress, I'm sure the bride will be fine about it. These things can't be helped. Hope you are able to rearrange your scan okay.

    BK - the tops are to wear going forward to compliment my belly, sorry bump. One is a tunic style shirt which I can dress up or down and the other is a kimono style cardi so I can just team that with plain vests in the summer. Glad to hear I had a better night, F also did. Long may it continue! Hope you get your H's birthday present sorted.

  • WG – hi! Nice to have new clothes even if they are a temporary solution for fitting over belly!! I’m intending to squeeze into my current clothes as long as I can, I have quite a few tops which should be ok for a while, it’s just more difficult to dress at the moment before the scan when we haven’t announced as I’m trying to disguise rather than just cover!

    RF – Congratulations on outing yourself! Sorry about your previous pregnancies, hopefully 6 will be your lucky number and be complication free.

    PP – good luck with scan!!!

    MrsL glad the apt went well, best to be safe than sorry with the blood disorder though. Hopefully although you’ve been marked as high risk it won’t cause you any complications.

    Bunny – Awkward getting time off work, does your head know about the pregnancy?

    Boo when is the wedding? Will you share flashes with us?  Bugger about the scan… is there no way things could be shifted around at work or would that mean having to tell people? Hopefully the hospital will be able to fit you in very quickly into another apt.

    Blackkat I love pjs!! Hopefully Isobelle will be all settled well before baby comes though which will make your life easier in the long run.

    AFM Touch wood but I do feel like I'm coming through the other side of 1st tri ickiness. Though i'm not impressed that it's been replaced by a general faintness. I fainted on Saturday whilst out shopping, and then felt like I was going to again last night when I stood up in the bath which was combined with a hideous pain down my left side/back. Feeling ok now but my scan on Weds can't come quick enough as I'm starting to worry that something is wrong. Just want to see baby wiggling!

    Looking forward to the weekend, and H isn't working which is a bonus!

  • Crashing to say, ooh, CP, I had no clue red fraggle was you. Congratulations lovely, and I hope everything goes really smoothly this time. X

  • Mrs L glad appt went well

    Boo - glad you got your dress, fx they can rearrange scan

    Bunny - at least next week LO definitely right size

    Bk - have a lovely weekend cekebrating with your h

    Maltesers - glad you are feeling better, maybe blood pressure just a bit low

    Iv got my booking in appt with MW on Wednesday and just waiting on consultants secretary phoning me back with early scan and nuchal scan dates :-/ eek! When iv worked out that I'l be 11+2 my h is away for 2 days with work Weep so I might need to go alone which I'm not looking forward to but will wait for dates then if il be on my own I'm going to ask the screening mw from Williams pregnancy to come in with me as I still keep in touch with her.

    Need to get the house work sorted and then pick L up and go swimming

  • well, I wasn't able to change my appointment.  It would have meant going into the following week which I really didnt want to do.  So now, I have to figure out cover for Wednesday. My manager is on holiday and the supervisor works elsewhere on a wed, hence me being the only manager in on Wed. I have no idea what I'll do :/

    BK - I hope your H has a lovely birthday, the weather is meant to be lovely tomorrow!

    M - the wedding is next Sat. Of course I'll do some flashes.. everyone loves a wedding flash. Right?

    Pleased to hear you're over the worst now.I hope the fainting doesn't become a regular thing. You look after yourself xx

    RF - fingera crossed H isnt away, although its no replacememt, its great you have someone who can come with you to the scan.  

    Looks like wednesday is a busy one for a few of us!

  • MrsL - Better to check it out, hopefully when you see someone they'll say it's not a problem.

    Bunny - Least there's Easter in between and you'll get your results before you know it.

    Boo - I'm sure your friend wont mind that you had the dress altered. Is there no one that can cover for you? It'll only be for a morning, wont it?

    BK - have you got you H a birthday present? Mine's so hard to buy for!

    Maltesers - make sure you take it easy. Is it happening after you do something in particular? Like get up from sitting for example.

    So, had my scan. The last time we had one the baby was being really lazy so I had some cold water before going in and it didn't stop moving. The doctor was so lovely and was joking about our badly dancing baby!! They keep changing my due date (even though last time they said it definitely wouldn't change) they've now said I'm due 6th October. I was using OPK so I know when I ovulated and it just doesn't add up with what they dated me as so I'm really confused. The baby looked pretty long! I'll try to post a pic, happy for people to try to guess the sex!

  • Ahh congrats PP lovely photo x

  • Just popping on quickly after a looong day at work. Lovely scan pic pp. When do you think you should be due? Will you be finding out the sex? I think boy. (No idea but I have a 50\50 chance of getting it right!)

  • Sorry for not doing personals everyone else. My brains stopped working

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