****Friday 2nd tri ****


Hope no one minds me starting thread due to work I usually dont remember until far too late to post. Anyway it appears I should have been over on this thread for quite a few weeks now as my twelve week scan as dated me at 18 weeks lol...so hear I am...

Feeling generally ok and looking forward to it finally being Friday night x x 


  • Morning,

    Wow agent, that mental how far out the dates were. Will they give you a 20 week scan too? Welcome to second Tri :)

    I'm so glad it Friday and also payday! Work today and then I have some friends coming to stay tomorrow. On Sunday in going to my parents to have a look at the cot they have. It's very weird as its the same cot I used nearly 30 years ago. Not sure what state it will be in.

    Hope everyone has a great Friday. I will try to get back on later.

  • Hey ABC, welcome to your short stay in 2nd tri! ;Laugh glad you are feeling ok, enjoy your weekend.

    My goodness I'm tired! Didn't sleep well again last night although M was fine. Just a half day at work then off to hairdresser this afternoon. Got some housework to do later but then quiet night in front of the telly with H. Hoping he will let me lie in in the morning too, must remember to be especially nice to him tonight hehe.

    Hope everyone else is well and have a happy Friday!

  • Hey LD, missed you there. Are you going go get the cot from them? That would be lovely if baby slept in same cot as you xx happy payday! Mine isn't till Monday, wish it was today!

  • Hey Little dude no thats me did 20  weeks scan there and then so founnd out we are having another boy x

    weekender enjoy hairdresser i am off to get mines done tomo x

  • Enjoy getting your hair done and having a relaxing day Weekender. Hopefully if it's in a good condition we can use the cot and just buy a new mattress for it. It'll save us a bit of money.

    Congrats on finding out you're having a boy Agent.

  • Hi ABC, how lovely for you to queue-jump lol. And to know what you're having, quite a week!

    LD, your cot! That's really lovely. Great that they kept it. It'll mean something to them to have your LO use it :)

    Weekender, yay to feeling nice after haircut and to getting a lie-in (you deserve it!)

    I'm tired and nauseous and still worrying about baby not being okay. I'm dizzy and hot flushes and we've got the directors meetings today, 6 hours with only a small lunch, I'm normally a one-woman eating machine so it could be interesting. I'll resort to the Lotus biscuits and Fox's mints   :D

    Hi to followers!!

  • Morning Bumpys!!!

    ABC - Welcome and how awsome is that that you are further along than you thought!

    LD - sounds like alovely weekend planned!

    WE- sorry to hear you didn't sleep well, i hope you have a nice time at hairdressers

    Counter- try not to worry yourself, im sure LO is doing fine in there, try and see if you can sneak some sugary items into the meeting so your blood sugars don't drop other wise you will feel worse! hope your day goes ok!

    AFM - baby is moving about more this week, i'm still not sleeping becuase of the hip pain, im so glad its friday i cannot even tell you, hoping to pick up my new car tonight or tomorrow which will be really handy as mine has pratically had it now and OH's car packed up this week and they want around £2000 to fix it :(

    were off to the NFL on sunday to watch the american football so that will be interesting!

    was sitting going through girls names last night, were pretty much decided on our boys name just really strugglnig with Girls!!!! its so hard!!!

  • NLH, you're having a tough time bless you, great news about new car. NLH you don't know the sex? I wondered whether it's hard these days to get through 20 week scan without it being obvious??

  • ABC- hello, what a suprise for you. How nice to be further along :)

    LD- Sounds like a nice weekend. Hope the cot is good for you, thats a lovely idea.

    Weekender- Enjoy some pampering at the hairdressers. Glad M is better.

    Counter- Hope today isnt too bad for you. Im sure baby is fine, try not to worry!

    NLH- What car are you getting? Hope you hip pain gets better. Sounds like a fun day Sunday. I have a few names I like already but going to think more after the scan.

    AFM- Friday, wooo! Not much planned this weekend. Quiet night in with H tonight and out for lunch with the mil tomorrow I think. Not much pregnancy wise, just by bump seems to be growing daily!

  • well i have a bout 4 pics from my 20 week scan and i cant tell if there is a foo foo or a winky! they didn't even offer us to find out! but we wanted a suprise anyway!

  • Morning!

    ABC - welcome! Lovely to see you here. What a week you've had! Congrats on your little boy!

    LD - that is incredibly sweet about the cot! I hope it's in good enough condition for you to use. Flash us a picture if you can!

    WE - Oh I hope you get your long lie!! Enjoy the hairdressers.

    Counter - Oh I hate being without plenty of food! Hope you survive!

    NLH - enjoy the new car and the NFL (rather you than me!!!)

    AFM - baby moving lots now which is lovely. We are going to start some painting this weekend. We need to give our bedroom a lick of paint (perhaps a wee feature wall paper wall) as well as start on the nursery. H's 20 year old is coming over the help to compensate for the money he's had to borrow...not sure how 'helpful' he will actually be but at least he's making the effort! I feel a bit bad that it's the room he usually crashes in that is getting turned into the nursery but he's slept in there twice in the last 6 months and we have a general guest room he can use. He will just no longer have his own room at ours. Feeling a bit like the wicked step mother!

  • Oh that's brilliant. I mean, if you want a surprise that's lovely. My sister described her scan of the twins to me, and she included 'and then it turned over and there was a big pair of balls' lol

  • LOL! i did try and suss it out but its so hard to try and see!  

    Bertie - we have bought a ford focus :)  

  • Morning everyone. I shouldn't be on here as loads to do but its Friday so why not :)

    ABC - Welcome to second tri! Congrats on your little boy.

    LD - Lovely that its pay day and Friday.

    WE - Have a lovely day, hope you get your lie in tomorrow.

    Counter - Sounds like my day yesterday, all day meetings aren't good!

    Bertie - Enjoy your quiet weekend.

    SP - Ooh, decorating sounds exciting. I'm sure you aren't a wicked stepmother!!

    AFM - So so so glad its Friday (I woke up this morning questioning whether it was actually Friday as I'm not sure I could do another day this week.

    Baby wise, have started to feel more uncomfortable over the past few days. I guess its because baby is getting bigger and something which will only get worse! Baby moving lots though which is lovely. Can't wait until our dining room extension is finished though because I feel like we have loads to sort out before baby arrives. The builder is cracking on but the bad weather hasn't helped, especially as a storm is supposed to hit the south west on Monday :(

    Hope everyone has a lovely Friday.

  • Counter - Hope your board meeting doesn't drag on and you feel better. We didn't find out at our 20 week scan but H said he was looking and didn't see anything so that means it's a girl apparently!

    NHL - That's rubbish about the car. Enjoy the NFL. Is that at Wembley?

    Sweetpea - Enjoy decorating. I'm sure he won't mind about losing his room to his new brother/sister.

    Mrs V - I know how you feel, I'm starting to feel more uncomfortable.

  • Hi ladies. Sorry I've been so rubbish at getting on, seem to have been manic and my phone is such a pain to post from. Had my 16 week midwife app this morning and heard baby's heartbeat which was fab. Have stupidly low blood pressure though which explains my dizzy spells and fainting in morrisons yesterday! I had the same thing at this point with p although it worries me more this time as i have p to look after.

    Apologies for lack of personals, I'll Try and get back on laptop tomorrow.

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