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****Friday 3rd tri*****

Morning all. How is everyone today? Waiting for news on munchkin...

No news here. Baby is too comfy in there I with my mum today which will be nice. should get a call from the midwife too to book my sweep for tomorrow. I'm convinced baby's head is still not engaged though.




  • Morning Bexy!

    Good to see Munchkins BA!

    Hope things start for you soon lovely!

    AFM - quiet baby day yesterday which always freaks me out, counted movements last night like the midwife says and was ok, but still worries me.  Hopefully he or she will pick up today!  Not much else to report.  Yay for Friday!!

  • Pc.. I'm sure movements will be fine.. Will probably be driving you crazy dancing on your bladder by lunchtime..

    Ahh great to see munchkins b a

  • Morning Bexy

    Hope that you have a good day with your mum and your sweep works to get things moving.

    Well for me it looks like baby ferbs may be trying to make an early appearance - eeekk!! Have had a difficult few days which started on Wednesday evening with a lot of stomach cramps and more intense BH. I went to the toilet and found that I had a show which was a bit of a shock! Went to bed and was up every hour with stomach pains although unlike my usual BH, my stomach stayed rock hard all night. I phoned the midwife in the morning and she said that I should come in to be monitored as the pains were not coming in waves and I had not felt baby move during this period. So went in and was monitored and then checked over by the Dr who said that it looked like early labour and that I was 1-2cm dilated and my cervix was soft and stretchy!!! Dr gave me a quick stretch and sweep and since then have been at home with bad backache and period-like pains. No contractions though although plug is coming away more.

    H has decided to work from home and we are hoping that something may happen soon. Thinking that a walk may help ramp things up a bit. Wish me luck and Bexy, am sorry if I do que jump, although at this rate I could be waiting a while!


  • Oh ferbs how exciting. You queue jumper you! Lots of luck.. Deep breaths and stay calm! Keep us posted wont you!

  • Will do Bexy. Quite amazingly I had the best nights sleep that I have had in a long while last night!

    H is fussing over me and has just been to get me a cup of tea in bed!

  • Make the most of it! Eat well today and keep your strength up x

  • Ooo, exciting stuff. Good luck Ferbs.

  • Congratulations to Munchkin!

    Bexy, what happens if baby is still not engaged and you get to the point of induction?

    PC, mine's a little quiet last couple of days too, but when I concentrate then I can feel him! I'm sure it'll be a regular reason for panic now until the end

    Ferbs, good luck! I hope things happen quickly and smoothly for you! How many weeks are you?

    AFM - getting some stomach cramps this morning but I'm fairly certain it's indigestion. Glugging the gaviscon and hoping that does the trick! Yay for it being Friday!!

  • Lots of luck Ferbs!  Hope it goes quicker for you than it did RKB xx

  • Pw.. Hope the tummy pains ease for you.. Midwife said they will still induce me and hope that it will

    Bring baby down. Ultimately if bubba doesn't come down then I could end up with a section.

  • Thanks girls. PW I am 39 weeks tomorrow

  • Morning all. Just a quick post cos I'm on my way out to the hospital. Got mw for a quick antenatal check then a growth scan and then going to see my consultant. Will report back later

  • Morning all.

    Bexy fingers crossed things get going for you soon!

    porkchop I was the same yesterday - baby is usually a right wriggler but was v.quiet yesterday. I put it down to spending most of the day on my feet. He had a good wriggle last night and this morning.

    Wow Ferbs, that's exciting!! Good luck :)

    PW yuck - the Gaviscon is horrible isn't it? Hope it helps though.

    Ally have a good day.

    AFM - 32+1 and feeling whale like and irritable!  SPD, swollen bits, moving like an elephant and feeling generally very uncomfortable. It's fair to say I don't do pregnancy well!  Oh well, just a few weeks left. Thankfully G is being a little star at the moment which is really helping just when I need it most, so that's good.  Got loads of family coming down today ready for a big family wedding tomorrow so really looking forward to that.  Oooh - and have asked work if I can finish earlier than planned. If they approve my request I'll only have 3 days at work next week, then a week's holiday, then one more day in the office.  Fingers crossed!!!

  • Bexy, in that case I hope the baby moves down asap and the sweep does it's job!

    Ferbs, 39 weeks sounds perfect! Fully cooked but no hanging around!

    Ally, hope everything goes well at the hospital

    Dinx, end is in sight now. Can't say I've spent my pregnancy 'glowing' either... will be nice to have my body back again! Enjoy the wedding and fx work approve your request - very exciting!

  • Morning ladies!

    Just popping on to say hi - first chance I've had as we just got home yesterday. Bexy - what are you still doing here woman?! I so hope baby BB arrives very quickly, can't wait to read your BA and I promise, promise, promise, he or she will be so very worth the wait xx

    Hope you and your lovely bumps are all doing ok - my big bump is currently asleep next to me and I still can't quite believe he was in my tummy 8 days ago!! x

  • Dinx... Poor you being so uncomfortable... Not long now...

    Thanks pw

    Lamby.. Fab to see you... Been wondering how your doing... I feel like I'm

    Going to be here forever! Xx

  • Morning everyone, it's very busy already!

    Bexy hope that baby is engaged, sending you baby out vibes!

    Porkchop- glad baby was more wriggly in the evening, they do like to scare us now and again!

    Ferbs- this is very exciting! Hope things happen quickly for you.

    Morning rusty

    Pirate wife- hope the gaviscon works! I've been suffering a bit with heartburn, it's not nice is it?

    Ally- hope all goes well at your check up and growth scan.

    Dinx- that's lovely that g is being good, and how exciting about finishing work earlier!

    Congratulations to munchkins!

    Hello Lamby, hope all is going well.

    Not much to report here, had to take the car to the garage this morning as we think the water tank is leaking. Really hope it's this and not the radiator! Had a bad nights sleep, just couldn't get comfy, but going to start report writing today, so I can do that sat on the sofa! Might treat ourselves to a M eal out tonight at our wedding venue, then off to London tomorrow to see Charlie and the chocolate factory musical. Really looking forward to it! We are going to see if we can get a cheap last minute hotel and make it a mini babymoon.

  • Hello,

    Congratulations Munchkin!

    Bexy – come on baby! Fingers crossed things get moving along soon.

    Porkchop – I think our lives are now going to be filled with worry from now on. Hope baby is more active today.

    Ferbs – oh wow, how exciting! Stay calm, lots of luck and keep us up to date with goings on.

    Pirate Wife – ahhh, got to love the gaviscon! Hope that helps the problem.

    Ally – busy morning for you - hope all your appointments go well.

    Dinx – fingers crossed work agree with you finishing earlier, I think you deserve it after everything you’ve been going through with this pregnancy. Enjoy the wedding and good on G, he clearly recognises mummy needs that extra support at the moment.

    Lamby – hello, hope all is going well with you and your ‘bump’!

    Bunny – fingers crossed on the last minute hotel, it’d be brill if you could get that mini babymoon in. Though apart from the report writing sounds like you’ve got some exciting plans for over the weekend.

    AFM – as the sun is shining I decided today would be a good day to start my prewashing – so terry nappies are currently in the washing machine. I’ve also finished my list of things I need to pack for the hospital bag. Got friends coming to stay over tomorrow night, which is exciting not seen them since our wedding last August as they went through a rough patch… but things seem to be back on track for them which is superb! We’re going to head out for a meal and then to a few pubs for some ‘drinks’.. think they are all loving the thought of me not drinking (which isn’t the norm! It caused panic last time we saw them and I didn’t start drinking until dinner) and getting a free taxi.

  • Back from appt. I was right when I was saying I didn't think I had grown much. By tape measure bump has only grown 1cm in 5 weeks. Was fine by scan though, measuring spot on at just under 5lbs - the other 2 were big by this point so I may not be in for the 10lber I'm expecting - I reckon I'm due a growth spurt soon though lol. To go back in 4 weeks :-)

  • Sapphire- sounds like a lovely pla. What kind of things are on your list for your hospital bag? H keeps bugging me to start one. I think its because he was born 10 weeks early and his brother 12 weeks early! However I'm convinced this baby is going to be at least a week late.

    Ally glad all is ok and baby is measuring fine.

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