****monday 3rd tri ****

Hello...guess who is awake.
Been feeling guff all yesterday then had horrendous heartburn. Then tmi but more mucus...followed by upset stomach then sick 3 times had an hours sleep. Getting tightenings from back round to tummy...looks like either i have a horrid bug or maybe early labour... of course tonight we have step kids as well as L. Looks like thats me off work now :( x


  • Morning all,

    ABC- Sorry you've felt so rubbish, I hope you've managed to get back to sleep and you feel a bit better in the morning. Let us know if it does look like labour not a bug x

    AFM- Similar tale to ABC, I had a really uncomfortable day and went to bed last night feeling rough. I was up with what felt like contractions every 20 minutes or so, maybe they were BH but they felt really strong and the pain was pretty bad. I drifted off to sleep at 2am, then woke up at 3am, they seem to have gone but I can't get back off to sleep because I'm still so uncomfy with back ache. I only have 2 days left though so I'll just have to get on with it.

  • Hey bll still cant lie down due to the heartburn. Same as earlier otherwise...desperate for it to be morning so I can speak to h x x hope you feel better or its the start for you x x
  • Morning all,

    Abc- sorry you feel rough fingers crossed you have managed to get some sleep and things have settled down.

    Bll- Same to you too

    Well it's eviction day for the babies, never in a million years thought I would make it to 38 weeks but here we are! Been awake since 3 and everything seems very surreal thus morning. Already had a little cry and hope by doing it now I might be more tolerable at the hospital!

    Not really posted much on here mid pregnancy as had a proper drama ( with my health not babies), not felt ready to write things down but you guys will perhaps be in for hell of a birth story if I get going!!

    Carole is my pp and has been amazing, fantastic really you can find someone on a forum never meet them and they offer support better than friends you have for years!

    You guys have all been great too, have lovely days, baby in vibes to those that want, baby out vibes to others.  Will check in on you all when I get a chance!

    Aaagggghhh in less than 12 hours I will be mummy to twins xxxx

  • ABC- Sorry your still suffering. In some ways I'm hoping it's not the start, the planned section is only 2 days away so it'd be easier to get there, but then again I am impatient Wink

    PP- Was thinking about you, I hope it all goes smoothly today, I can't wait for the BA and seeing the photo's of your two little boys x

  • PP good luck for today...not long now

    Still here H taken day holiday since I have had very little sleep. Still getting tightenings so we shall see if it comes to anything x
  • Looks like we could be in for some BAs soon! We must be due some new joiners otherwise there'll only be a few of us left!

    ANC - sorry you had a rough night. Glad H has stayed with you today. Did you have your little boy early?

    BLL - sounds like a long night for you too. Baby out vibes to you and ABC!

    PP - hope all goes smoothly today, will be keeping an eye out for your BA! Very soon you'll be a mug to two babies...must be slightly surreal!

    AFM - such a lovely weekend with H. Got lots done and spent some really nice time together. Today is the start of my last week at work, crazy how quickly it seems to have come round! So much to do, but seeing light at the end of the tunnel now. Plus I'm out for lunch tomorrow and Friday so it's nice to have that to break it up. Baby wise I think I overdid it a little yesterday, we went to the coast and walked loads so once I sat on the sofa at home I completely seized up and spent the evening shuffling around like an 80-year old. It was worth it though! Was looking at my bump yesterday and think it's starting to drop a bit now, my belly button is still just about holding in there which I'm impressed with, thought it'd be long gone by now!

  • Also. Sweetpea if you happen to see this (I'm sure you're busy with your gorgeous little man!), but thanks so much for all the baby turning info! I'm going to try all of it and hoping that once I'm not say at a desk all day it'll work it's magic!

  • Wow I think we are about to me 4 beautiful little babies :-)

    Abc sorry your feeling rough but I do hope it's a good sign

    Bll again good luck this could be it :-)

    Pp- how exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. I wish you all the best xx

    Flossy- countdown now 5 days and you are free!!

    Afm - I need to make a drs appointment as I think I have SPD, which is so incredibly painful, I'm shattered after not sleeping all weekend.

    I got measured for a maternity bra and have gone from a 38DD TO A 40 G woops, I was slightly wearing the wrong size haha

    And we did our hospital tour, so a productive weekend for us xxx

  • Hey ABC, sounds awful, bless you. Fingers crossed it's labour-y stuff and not illness as at least you'll have a reason to be poorly. Laying down with heartburn? I haven't laid flat since way before Christmas propped up (and sometimes upright) every night. Can't WAIT to crash in bed properly. Hope you feel better soon.

    BLL - the end is most definitely in sight! Sorry you're feeling rubbish, just distract yourself as much as poss as it will soon be Squishy O'Clock!!

    PP - not surprised you're emotional! Wow. Big day for you. Good luck and am looking forward to names and pics. Hope all goes well for you x

    Flossy - that sounds like a lovely weekend, don't blame you for overdoing it a bit, cramming in the good stuff! Hope you're more mobile today.

    AFM, my weekend was pretty dull. Yesterday was wall to wall admin. Sat down to dinner at 8.30pm and realised that apart from reading in bed for an hour when I woke I'd done nothing all day for me! Nothing fun, nothing relaxing. So I had a massive *** and moan. Yesterday was definitely a hormone day. I was sorting photos to go on memory cards here/there for different reasons and looking at our wedding photos had me blubbing for TWENTY MINUTES. All alone in the house and weeping like a baby ha ha.

    Hoping I start to feel better this week, and that the anti-biotics are doing their thing. Using leave to take Wednesdays off was such a great idea, roll on Wednesday!! :)

  • Hey ladies, just crashing in to say good luck to PP, and good luck to ABC and BLL, baby out vibes if you want them! X

  • Monnie - glad they let you have a hospital tour, they stopped it here and it just increased my irrational hatred of labour wards ha ha. SPD is not good. I didn't suffer at all first time round but this time it's horrible and just frustrating because the weather is nicer and it's so good to get out, fresh air, exercise, I feel like a prisoner lol! That's a heck of a jump in size for your bras, did they cost a small fortune to buy?

  • Counter-I cried at my wedding photos yesterday aswell lol

    Debenhams have 20% off so each bra was £16

  • Morning

    ABC- Sorry you don't feel great. You never know it might be the start of something.

    BLL- sorry you haven't had a good night either

    PP- good luck for today. Will be thinking of you. Just think you will be cuddling your babies before you know it!

    Flossy- Last week of work- very exciting!

    Monnie- Busy weekend for you! Hope you don't have SPD. I know it can be very painful. I thought it was happening to me this pregnancy but thankfully it wasn't.

    Counter- gone are the days I do things for myself ;-) Sometimes a good cry at a happy event puts us back in a good frame of mind

    WE- Hello. Hope your recovery is going well xx

    AFM- Busy weekend here. Went to NCT sale Sat morning (I am sure it was you Flossy who asked which one. It was the Havering one) got a few things. Mainly for my boys and not the baby! H then took the kids to work with him for the afternoon and I got on with a few jobs in the house. So much easier when you don't have little ones around. We then went to The Olympic Park yesterday. They have a lovely children's play area there. Lovely seeing what they are doing to the park. Lots of walking to get there, they haven't opened all of the paths there yet, but worth it. We then met some friends in Westfield for coffee afterwards. We hadn't seen them since their wedding in Romania last year (where this baby was conceived!) so it was nice catching up. It was about 6.45 by the time we got home....my legs were shattered. I could barely walk! So it was an early night for me. Slept on and off.

    Only have one child at home today, reckon I will get on with sorting out the hospital bag!

  • Morning! Can't see enough for personals on my phone. Will get back on tablet. Woke up at 3am, had a little chat to abc on fb and then spent half an hour in the loo with a dreadful tummy and cramps. Not nice. Got back to sleep about 5 and slept solidly since. Odd. Supposed to have swimming with p this morning so we'll see how it goes. Pp good luck!!! Abc keep us in the loop!! Back in a bit for everyone else!!
  • Right!

    Abc keep an eye on the tightenings.  I think you'll be meeting your baby soon!!

    bll sorry youre feeling rough too. Keep an eye on tightenings,  baby might not have seen your section date plan!!

    Flossy your weekend sounds fab. So close to the end of work!!

    Monnie welcome e to my boob world. My mat bra is an36k!! You have my sympathy on the spd, its hell. Dr will hopefully refer you to a physio.

    counter I hope you feel better soon. Has there been any improvement so far?? The week must seem much more manageable 2 days at a time.

    S4 I love an nct sale!!! Easy day for you I think!!

  • hi all- update from me,

    iv had an urgent referral put through for physio, which im releaved about but really thought she could do something for me to day ? im not sure what i expected really

    my only concern is apparently in fundal im measuring 35cms, and shes a bit concerned, i have a growth scan on wednesday so i know i will get a full idea then, but this has made me really panic now !

    S4- good on you for all that walking,

    AR- does swimming help ease any aches and pains for you ?

  • S4 - oh I didn't realise Havering had their own sales etc. Will keep an eye out once the baby is here and I work out what else I need! I heard that they're good for seconds of things for grandparents houses etc (things like stairgates).

    Monnie - so they're worrying you're measuring big? I've heard that some midwives can be rubbish at measuring so try not to worry too much until the scan

    AR - I'm sure you're little one will be here before mine! It seems to be the boys causing all the trouble!

    Counter - sorry your weekend wasn't too interesting. I find myself getting frustrated for easting time on admin type stuff, but then I overdue it and realise I should be taking it easy sometimes. Breaking up the week is a great idea though, it'll soon be Wednesday again!

    So uncomfortable at my desk again today! Baby is wriggling away and so I am trying to to get comfortable!

  • Monnie measurements alone are notoriously inaccurate. Could be lots of fluid, they also csn vary by a few cm depending on who does them! Growth scan will tell you more and if I remember correctly you're being induced at 38 weeks so baby wont have the last 4 weeks of growth even if she is big. Try not to worry toi much.

    flossy try and give yourself lots of breaks at your desk.

    Monnie swimming doesnt really help. Toddler swimming is more bouncing about with p than  actual swimming. I swam a lot last pregnancy but actually with spd you have to be careful swimming. Breast stroke is really bad for your hips. Floating about is lovely though as it yaakes the weight off.

  • oh thanks AR, i was thinking of going swimming until my physio comes through but i wont haha! ill just have more baths in the evneing before bed.

  • Gentle exercise help, short walks etc. you do need to keep them moving a little. Try not to sit cross legged, keeping your knees and hips parallel is key. Try and put a pillow between your legs at night to keep them in the right position. When getting out car/of bed etc try and swing both legs together rather than one opening at a time. Sitting in a gym ball helps too.
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