****Thursday 2nd tri *****


That was some weather last night ... hope everyone is ok. Day and half of school to go thank goodness x babywise feel massive and just getting lots of movement x x


  • Hey! Sure was windy, I inadvertently flashed my bum due to the wind hoiking up my dress, gotta love those thick black winter tights! Think we got it easier in this corner than elsewhere...

    I didn't sleep well, wound up about work and then worked in bed in evening. But just 2 days to go!!!! :)

  • Morning abc. You're so close to the holidays now!! We certainly heard the wind and rain, bit unnerving being in a forest when it's like that! Having a fab time still. More swimming this morning then p and I are going on a horse and carriage ride then later it's my massage/facial in the spa. I'm loving so much time with p and H just us. Baby kicking loads so think he's having fun too!
  • Missed you counter! How long do you get off over Christmas? Sound like you could do with a break from it.
  • Morning ladies

    ABC, not long to go now till holidays :)

    Counter, not long too, you'll deserve that break when it comes, how long are you off for?

    AR, have fun today, sounds like a lovely day you have planned x

    Not much going on here, didn't sleep well as annoyed with H, hes being an ass. Day and half left of work and lots to try to get finished so will be kept busy.

    Hope everyone is well and the weather wasn't too bad where you are x

  • AR, your break sounds so perfect. Never been to Centre Parcs, couldn't afford holidays when H was small but did 2 or 3 of those Sun holidays each year instead, loved it! Went with friends one time, my sister another, I loved the simplicity... Swim, play, nap, play, walk, sleep. Ahhh :)

    Weekender? What's Mr W/E been up to?

    I break up tomorrow but because we're getting legal letters at work and having to juggle bank accounts I'm working 3 days during he shutdown, and I'll have a different person in each time with me. It's a bit of a blow but totally suits me... I get to wear scruffy clothes, have music on, clear off early, get stuff done without permanent idiot-interruptions and best of all I get to bank 3 days of holiday that will be used as part of my part-time maternity arrangements, so if I'm honest I get to look like a hero but totally serves me to do it lol!

  • Weekender sorry you're H is being a pain! Something specific or just general?? Counter it can be pricey, especially as I'm usually restricted to term Time with my job but as we broke up earlier than state schools it's not too bad. If you book in advance it's fine and well worth it, we're thinking of coming late next sept when I'm on mat leave. It's perfect with littlies. P and h have gone for croissants again :-)
  • Morning,

    ABC- We havent had it too bad hear luckily. Enjoy all those movements :)

    Counter- Haha, good job you had the tights on! Hopefully yhesenext 2 days will go quickly for you so atleast you will get a bit of a break.

    AR- Glad you're still enjoying having a great time. There is a new one opening next year that I may persuade H to book. Sounds like a lovely day plannned today, enjoy your massge and facial! Which one are you staying at?

    Weekender- Hope you sort things with H. Almost time to finish for christmas.

    AFM- Had a lovely night in with some friends last night. One is exactly 2 weeks behind me and we was comparing bumps etc. Nice to have someone else to talk to about it all. Baby is still kicking me down low at the moment, hopefully she will wrigle about soon as it's sometimes quite uncomfy! Off for my work xmas meal at 12.15 so a short day for me :)

  • Morning

    ABC- Enjoy your last day and a half. Normally this is a working day at school for me. However, we finished last Friday!

    Counter- Hope you do manage to rest from your job over Christmas.

    AR- sounds like a perfect day!

    Weekender- sorry your H is being a pain- men! Hope you get your last bits sorted

    AFM- I normally work on a Thursday- but finished last week. Would love to say this is like a day off but I will be kept busy! Am going to help out at A's school with swimming in a minute. I then have the MW at 11. Hopefully my BP is continuing to behave!  A has her school disco after school, I said I would help out then too! So busy day. Came home yesterday from my cousins it was lovely to come back to a clean house.....the mess part of it didn't last long with 3 kids though! I also went to Lakeside last night. Did the retail park first and didn't get to Lakeside until about 9 (had a sneaky TGIs with H first!) managed to sort most of the last minute presents though. It was busy but not manic. Sorted out food I needed from Marks too....that was really quiet! So all in all a good trip. Didn't leave there until 11 so quite tired today!

  • Morning all,

    ABC- I didn't notice the weather then again I was exhausted when I went to bed

    Counter- I found the 'off topic' forum last night (I didn't know it was there) anyway congrats on the bonus

    AR- Sounds blissful enjoy yourself

    WE- Hope you sort it out with H

    Bertie- Enjoy your work meal

    S4- Hope your MW says your BP is good

    AFM- suddenly realised last night that as of tomorrow I'm actually in the 3rd Trimester. I can't believe I've actually got there. I might stick my head over and say hi tomorrow, but stick around until Xmas eve when I go for my 28 week scan x

  • BLL, yay to 3rd tri being round the corner!  although be nice to have you stick around for a while :)

    Section 4, sounds like a busy night last night, what did you have at TGIs?  How did you get on with MW?  Hope your BP is ok x

    Bertie, hope baby has shifted, enjoy your lunch x

    You don't want to know the nonsense with H (it involves making arrangements for access to stepson over Christmas/New Year and it's still not arranged), it may be partly pregnancy hormones but I am seriously considering clearing off to my mum's with M for Christmas and leaving him to it!

  • Oh gawd, stepkids stuff can be so hard, even when the issue isn't between yourselves, if you know what I mean!

  • Completely missed everything/everyone today but just coming on the moan that I've only just left work and will be lucky to get home before 9. I'm now in a bad mood!

  • Oh no! Will you get out early tomorrow?

  • Fortunately I've got the midwife at a really awkward time tomorrow so 'working from home' after that. H is out at his Christmas party tonight so when I do finally get home I'll be making the most of the sofa!

  • Oh good, some comfort :)

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