****Thursday 2nd Tri****

Morning! Thought I would start this as lurked a few days and not posted!   Our cot came yesterday yippee - went with M & P Fern collection and it's lovely! Off to order pram on Sat Bounce went with the Red Stokke Xplory (thanks to all your help on here) so finally feel am getting there! Nursery not done yet tho :0/.    

Question.......do I ask for a MatB1 form for my employer as not got one - would MW give me it?

hope you are all well ladies!  Happy Thursday


  • Morning DD - Yes Midwife will give you MatB1 at your 25week appointment ....however my employer wanted it by 25weeks i.e. thats the deadline, so i phoned midwife and she did it for me ahead of time and I collected from Doctors receptionist.  (With baby#1 i mean, this time I'm not working!)

    Have woken with a sore throat and sniffles this morning. Boooo. LO has been suffering with snotty nose for few days so presume I have caught it from her. Who'd have kids 'eh - they are walking germ factories!  Cant decide whether to go to the big mothercare and spend her £20 birthday voucher today or just hide from the rain!?

  • Morning ladies

    DD - exciting getting the deliveries!

    HF - I'd go out and then hide with the new toys :-)

    Afm - Nothing to report, nursery for Aaron & playgroup for Phoebe this morning then we will prob pop to library this aft.

    ck 17+6

  • Morning!

    DD great about your cot and pram. I get a midwife app at 22weeks and get my matb1 then. Perhaps call your midwife?

    HF I agree with CK, nip to mothercare then you you can stay indoors the rest of the day.

    CK I keep forgetting how far on you are! Think it's because you kept in quiet until your scan. Your due 2 days before my bday :)

    I'm on my way to work. This has been quite a quick week, glad it's Friday tomorrow though! Baby seems fine, I'm starting to notice patterns in when he's active which is nice, although he seems to be more of a mover at night, I hope that is no reflection on sleep when he's here!

  • Morning,

    I'm on my phone so personals are tricky I'm afraid.

    I get my mat b1 from mw 2 days before my employer needs it!

    All those getting nursery bits and bobs, you know we expect flashes right :-)

    Afm, I also have an active night time baby MDD, it's making sleeping tricky now!

  • Morning All, bit rubbish at personals

    hope you are all ok, having another rough day today, and managed to roll on my bellly in my sleep last night again so now im really sore today! :( makes me panic that ive hurt the baby

  • Morning everyone! Not managed to get on properly for the last couple of days so welcome NLH and OB!

    DD- we are thinking about the xplory too! it's the parent facing one right? does it fold up particularly small? worried it won't fit in my little polo's boot!!

    HF- hope you feel better soon, I'd tuck up nice and warm and have a duvet day!

    CK- enjoy your afternoon and the library :)

    MDD- it's lovely you're feeling regular movements, though fx his pattern switches so he is more asleep at night!

    MP- hope you get a good night's sleep soon, i can imagine being kicked probably isn't the most sleep-inducing feeling!

    NLH- i'm sure you haven't hurt the baby they're very well protected in there! have you looked at those sleep pillows to help you stay on one side?

    AFM this week has dragged! My energy levels have improved a bit but i do feel very tired today. We've exchanged on our house and move on the 20th September so starting to get bits and pieces organised for that and I'm sure that's making me feel more tired. Roll on 4pm tomorrow and the long weekend!!! I have 16 week midwife appointment next week which I'll be glad to have, still not sure if the UTI has cleared up completely but the nurse i spoke to last week was so unhelpful she basically said 'wait and see', so will be good to check for sure and hopefully be a bit reassured!

  • i need to Purchase a Pillow, its on my list of many items, i didnt sleep for weeks properly then the last week or so i managed to be sleeping fine, it's just been the last two nights i keep rolling onto my tummy! i have a pillow under my side when i sleep!

    what is everyones due dates in here?

  • Hi all,

    Sorry on my phone so can't do personals but welcome to 2nd Tri NLH. I've keep sleeping on my stomach but as I don't have even a hint of a bump I think it's ok!?! Need to get out of the habit.

    Feeling really rubbish today. I havent had a laptop at work all week so working from my blackberry and it's really starting to get on my nerves. But on the plus side I am off to the lake district this weekend for my first wedding anniversary :) can't wait. I'm so in need of a holiday.

  • Hi all, sorry in a rush and on phone - but thought I'd share my find on pillows as it came up today and after my extensive research I ordered this one today :o)


    Hope you are all dong well and coping in this stupid clammy weather!

  • I've heard good things about the dream genii also- am thinking of getting when i'm a few more weeks along!

  • I have a dream genii. Love it. Bought it last time I was pregnant, can't remember using it as a feeding pillow!? but that might have been because I didn't want to rely on using a pillow when and then being out&about and unable to feed iyswim but anyway, brilliant when pregnant :-)

  • Rose - the lady in mothercare folded it for me and its compact - I have a peugeot convertible 206 and it fits no prob! I really love it, kept looking at others but came back to it!   Thanks for help re matb1 x

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