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****thursday 3rd tri***



  • Sorry, couldnt see everyone,

    Flossy- hello, hope you're getting on ok.

    Weekender- Haha, your day sounds very exciting! Enjoy your nap later, I am already thinking of bed!

    AFM- Babys movements were tickling me last night, feels like a crawling kind of feeling. Much better than giant kicks I must say. We put a deposit down on a car yesterday so will be getting it the 1st march :) Just found out our house chain is quite long, it just feels never ending!

  • Morning everyone

    NLH - Good luck with the hospital this morning, hope they have some good news for you!

    LD - How exciting for you! Best of luck for a speedy induction.

    ABC - Great news about your kitchen being fitted so quickly. Will be lovely when its finished. Sounds like you are keeping nice and busy for the next few weeks too.

    SP - No wonder you slept well after all that cooking! Your H sounds like mine. I was keeping a tin of biscuits from christmas for that reason but H found them and ate a whole layer before I caught him! I definitely need to hide the nice stuff from him. Hope the physio helps you.

    AR - Good luck for the scan. Hope you can get signed off from the consultant. Sounds like you are getting there with the decorating.

    Hi BE and Mrs P!

    Isis - Hopefully the pressure you are feeling is a good thing? When is your next MW appointment? Mine's not until my due date (I was hoping I don't make that one!!)

    AFM  - 39 weeks today, no sign of baby yet. I got my first 'Any news? Is baby here yet?' text last night (as if I wouldn't have told them, lol). Going to try and relax a bit more today, bit of pottering around the house I think.

  • Just back to update. Baby boy boy looking big but in normal limits, except his legs which are off the scale by miles as they're so long!! H is 6'3 so looks like he's taking after him. Dr advised that mw gives me a sweep at 38 weeks to encourage him along due to his size versus mine!! Only minor concern is that my blood pressure, usually really low, has jumped up a lot. Still normal officially but high for me. I also have a trace of protein in my urine so those things need monitoring....
  • ....I have mw in a week so will reasses then. I stupidly forgot to tell him about my headaches but if they get worse ill call my mw about them.
  • Glad to hear baby is growing well AR. Keep an eye on that blood pressure and headaches, you've not got any swelling do you?

  • Good luck LD!!!! looking forward to your BA! x

    Just back from mw appt. I've a touch of protein and blood, plus more swelling and headaches, but the lower back pain suggests UTI so I'm putting a sample in to the hospital to rule out (hopefully) P/E and check for infection.

  • Glad to hear your baby is growing well AR. Keep an eye on those headaches.

    Hope you find out what the infection is soon Counter.

    I just rang the hospital and they are busy today so I have to sit and wait for a phone call to come in. Bloody typical. But I've waited long enough so a few more hours won't hurt.

  • AR I'm glad your baby boy is looking ok weight wise, hopefully the sweep will work at 38 weeks! Sounds like you might need to take it easy with the decorating though with regards to the blood pressure.

    Counter - Same for you! Maybe you need to cut back the long hours?

    TMI alert, I've just lost some more mucus plug and it was tinged brown! I'm getting a little excited if I'm honest and I'm feeling a bit more on edge thinking whether baby is going to arrive soon or not. I'm not sure I like not being in control :)

  • LD - how frustrating for you! I hope you can get through the next few hours quickly. Glad you are taking it in your stride though.

  • Oh no LD, how annoying! Hopefully once you get in there things will ramp up quickly!

    Counter, def get that checked. And maybe consider slowing down a bit?

    MrsV hope things start soon x

  • Weekender no swelling no luckily. Counter, similar boat to me then!! Hope it's just a uti. Mrs v that's so exciting. You have to let your body take over I'm afraid, I'm a control freak and I felt just like you when I was in labour with p. It gets to a point where you don't care though I promise! Hehe. Ld I'm sorry you're still waiting, hope they call you in soon.
  • Little Dude

    I just rang the hospital and they are busy today so I have to sit and wait for a phone call to come in. Bloody typical. But I've waited long enough so a few more hours won't hurt.

    What a shame! Though I have never seen an un-busy hospital Laugh Hope things happen soon!

  • Still no word but we have started games of thrones season 3 box set so I'm happy :D

    Mrs V - that's exiting, I only just lost mine yesterday. Tmi but there was buckets of brown slime. I thought it had gone at 38 weeks but now I know I was mental to think that.

  • I love reading hubby some of these types of posts. 'buckets of brown slime'. priceless!!!

    I just popped out to get some headache tablets and glanced at my notes. My growth chart shows at 40 wks Baxter's predicted to be 10lb 4oz. So my jokey prediction about my brand new baby potentially being bigger than my sister's twins who were born in Jan is not that far off :)

  • Hello all,

    Late again I seem to have become addicted to curling, but at least it's helping the mat leave pass.

    LD and NLH sending you baby vibes

    It looks like a lot of us are in for big babies, noods is predicted to be 10lbs by 39w5d (section date).

    I had a good nights sleep, I woke up at one stage feeling so comfortable I panicked that something was wrong, because I've not felt like that in weeks, but quickly went back to sleep and feel doubly uncomfortable today as if to make up for the decent nights sleep.

  • So late getting to this thread today. have been out all morning.So won't attempt personals. Was meeting a friend at softplay at 9....myself and the kids didn't wake until just before 8! This is after I was wide awake for 2 hours during the middle of the night.

    LD- I hope you get a phonecall soon.

    Baby out vibes to those who need them.

    I'm generally fine. Although I did have a very brief episode of blurred vision this morning, whilst sitting down and relaxing at soft play. I specifically remember blurred vison when I was pregnant with my oldest and I had severe PE. This episode didn't last as long though. So need to keep an eye on that. Hopefully going to the theatre tonight to watch 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers'. I remember watching that film so many times with my mum. Have still to book tickets but there are some available for tonight. Just need to confirm with my dad if he can come and watch the kids, they should be pretty much ready for bed by the time we go. Tomorrow I am off to the baby show at Excel and then hopefully meeting my aunt at Westfields for a coffee. I need to fit another blood test in tomorrow morning too!

  • Wow that's a big'un Counter.

    Thanks BLL.

    I now have to ring back at 5. Do you think they'd still do an induction after that time?

  • Crikey, isn't life hectic for all the 3rd tri ladies? All the more reason to enjoy 2nd tri as much as poss!  :D

  • Little Dude

    I now have to ring back at 5. Do you think they'd still do an induction after that time?

    I can't imagine that to be honest. I think they'll maybe book you in for early tomorrow but without the phone call i.e. 'be here at 7am' type of thing. But who knows? All part of the excitement LD, bless ya!!

  • Hey all

    Ld - can't wait to hear your news!

    Really late on so won't even attempt to do personals but just back from hospital had another sweep which was much better than the last, the doctor kept apologising for hurting me but to be honest it was fine, I was right with being able to feel babies head, its moved right down and she said it is very low and my cervix was soft even though she could only get one finger in! So that's positive! They have requested I get booked in for induction within the next week so I have to wait for phone call now to let me know when, hoping it will be early next week but who knows the sweep may start things off!

    Anyway will catch up with you all tomorrow xxx

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