****Tues 3rd Tri****

Morning lladdie so updated last night but not sure many saw it. I loved her swimming lesson and my mum picked up our crib which I love!!! Ordered a few bits of amazon last night - mattress, monitor and muslins so feel like we're getting organised now. Hospital bag is almost finished too. 

Full term today! Off into town this morning for a bit of shopping then got my dad coming this afternoon to carry on helping with the bathroom decorating. Finishing off my day with yoga so uote a nice day planned. 



  • Morning Banzy- Happy full term day. Good to hear that the swimming lesson went okay. Enjoy your shopping day. I still need to finish packing my hospital bag, got all the stuff together but just not actually in bag yet.

    AFM- Not got alot planned today. I spent most of the day cleaning yesterday. Think my nesting has begun. So will just wait and see what the day brings. Midwife tomorrow. I'm really hoping that things have progressed and babies head is engaged.

  • Morning!

    Banzy you're so organised. Yay for another full termer! You're day ahead sounds great. Enjoy.

    Well Isla is still poorly I can tell as she's still asleep and she normally wakes at 6.30 without fail. I'm up dressed and ready for the day but not sure what we'll be doing if she's still running a temp as she gets really clingy. All good with bump. Some of you may have seen my double buggy thread yesterday. I still don't know what to do. Hi to all that follow x

  • Morning MS. Enjoy your day whatever you do x

  • Morning

    Banzy, happy full term day!

    MS, have a good day!

    Mrs B, hope Isla feels better soon

    Afm, got a hectic day at work, think I have 2 weeks of this then can start wind  down and handover!

  • Good morning, I have been a bad MD'er. Well i've been busy - i write/look after a website for a local long distance riding club. We have decided to introduce PayPal for 2014 in order to pay for rides - members already enter online - but then do a internet bank transfer which proving difficult to match transfers to entries.

    So as I will have an newborn in the new year, i suggested 'trialing' PaylPal on the last ride of the season i.e. begining of Nov - entries being taken now.

    Well of course it hasnt gone smoothly, lots of teething problems, feeling a bit stressed (i'm a volunteer, arrghh! although i do want to use it on my CV when i go back to work atfer having babies, LOL)  however yesterday some members succesfully paid into our PayPal account. Hurrah ...... and then unbeknown to me, the chairman has sent out an email at half 10 last night (without discussing with me/the treasurer, saying the PayPal thing is suffering chaos and dont enter until its been discussed at the committee meeting next week. GROAN - its bloody working now!!!

    Back for personals shortly.  Baby fine btw. Wriggling away v.well!

  • Morning ladies.

    I'm yet to think of a hospital bag! When did you start to wash baby clothes?

    It's scary stuff you ladies all being classed as full term already! There is going to be a baby boom soon!

    My mummy is coming to look after me today as my poorly back and hip moan to her yesterday clearly worked! So it will be nice to spend some time with her and have some company during the day. She can also play chauffeur to all my appointments and fetch me drinks and make me lunch! :) I do love a bit of mummy attention! (I'm a grown up honest!)

  • Hf- how annoying!!!

  • Morning all,

    Banzy- glad the swimming lesson went well. Im still to finish my hospital bag. Babys bag is ready but I haven't even started mine! Ive convinced myself that if I do it baby will think im ready and come early and it would be best if she is on time or a little late! Haha. What is the crib like?

    MS- I was cleaning and painting everything last week so thought I was going to be like a woman posessed until baby arrives but seem to have calmed down this week. Hope you have a lovely day.

    MrsB- poor Isla, really hope she is feeling better soon.

    MrsPenguin- it'll soon be time for mat leave! Hope the next 2 weeks go smoothly and then you can start handover.

    HF- the website/ paypal fiasco sounds like a nightmare. Hope it's all up and running hassle free soon enough.

    Custard- glad you have your mum coming to look after you. I think you need it!

    Afm- woke up at 7am worried that I'd slept through thinking that it meant something was wrong! Then spent 20 mins lay still waiting to feel baby move before o could relax haha. I think this is a sign to come with all yhe worrying!

  • MS - gave a lovely relaxing day and fingers crossed for baby being engaged tomorrow!

    Mrs B - poor Isla, another snuggly day for you x

    Mrs P - not long left at work, the time will fly by!

    HF - hope everything is running smoothly soon, sounds like you've been busy!

    Custard - I started washing clothes last week so at 36 weeks. Still got more to do but waiting for H to get it all down from the loft.

    Sam - it's a John Lewis glider crib, got it off e*bay and its like new! I'm the same as you laying still waiting for movements, my bump had been really aching in the morning recently.

  • Banzy- love an ebay bargain. I got a saplings katie crib off ebay which is like new for £10. Glad it's not juse being a paranoid nutter about baby. Her movements haven't been as noticeable the past day or 2 but I think it's down to a change of position. She was right under my ribs so even if I was rushing about they were impossible to miss whereas they have gone back to being noce movements again rather than painful!

  • Morning ladies, I'm trying to get on early otherwise I can't catch up!

    Banzy glad the crib is nice and you feel like your getting organised, great your full term, sure it's a good feeling.

    MS hope you get a rest from the cleaning today. How are you feeling?

    Mrs B I hope I is feeling better soon, I'm sure that can't be easy when your 37 weeks!

    Mrs P how long do you have to go now? Are you still counting off the days?

    HF I have no idea where you get the time and energy! The paypal thing sounds like a nightmare!

    Sam I think I've been worried to some extent since week 1 so I'm well preped for when the baby finally arrives!

    AFM I have the midwife this afternoon, I'll speak to her about my hip and back pain and see if she suggests anything. Other than that, my H had an accident last week and has really severely hurt his eye, as in limited sight, back to the consultant to check what will need done sort of situ. Really wasn't a good week for me last week!

    Baby wise all is fine and my little night owl is still wriggling all night!x

  • Morning everyone!

    Banzy- sounds like a lovely day! Which monitor did you get? Ive told H that is his job and I havent got a clue!

    mummys- I doubt im going to get any nesting urges, im not a fan of cleaning! baby engaged vibes!

    MrsB- sorry to hear I is still not well, send some get well soon vibes!

    MrsP- is it just 2 weeks of being hectic or 2 weeks until mat leave?! well jel if its the latter!!

    HF- that sounds liek a night mare!  to much hassle for a volunteer job for my liking!

    Custard- i havent thought about hospital bag yet either! our NCT leader gave us a list of what could go in it and it was soooo long! I just stuck it to the fridge and will look at it nearer the time! Hope your mum can take your mind of the pain! Im sure some Mummy TLC will help!

    Sam- Ive had a few mornigns when I have refused to get out of bed until Ive felt movements!

    AFM- im tired, being back at work is pants! at least its quiet at the moment though! My arm is still a bit red but its not as red!

    Got a wolf whistle/heckle last night on my way home. My second in a week! Im sure they either couldn't see the bump and would have a shock it I turned round or they have some strange fetish!

  • Morning all, busy thread again! On my phone at the mo so will come back later for personals, all fine here :-)

  • Missdeedee- is this your first day in third tri?! Welcome!

    Sorry to hear about your H, I hope he makes a speedy recovery!

  • Miss DD - Welcome to 3rd Tri. I'm feeling, bored, fed up, tired and nervous/excited. A whole mix of emotions!

  • Thanks ladies, I did move over last week but haven't posted much after the news about my friend at work and things with my H too.

    I promise to be a better MDer!

  • Morning all,

    Sorry I didn't get on yesterday, I had a busy morning followed by a feeling-sorry-for-myself afternoon and generally felt teary and miserable for the rest of the day - probably mainly because I only had 3 hours sleep the night before. I had reflexology in the morning - not to try and get labour started (she won't try that until you're overdue) but as a general pamper and 'body balance'. It was really interesting as she could tell the position of the baby from the bulges in my feet, and could also easily tell me which side my pelvis was crunchy on and picked up on lots of minor aches and pains. I'm going to book another appointment with her for my due date if the baby hasn't appeared.

    Custard, hope you feel a bit better today after a day off work and seeing the GP. Enjoy your mummy-attention!

    Congrats to Jellytot on Blossom's slightly early arrival - I feel a bit like I put the curse on that with discussing the joys of knowing exactly when she'd arrive! Hope recovery is a smooth one.

    I have just realised this puts me 2nd in line to EDD after Mrs Mack I think... eep!

    Happy full term to Banzy, MS and MrsB!

    MrsP, hope your last 2 weeks of work goes quickly - it sounds like it might do if you're that busy!

    HF, riding club committees are a law unto themselves!

    Sam, I am so jealous that you slept through!!

    MDD, I hope the MW can suggest something - have you seen a physio at all?

    Mrs Bass, the wolf whistles made me laugh! Maybe you should turn round next time, see what they think then!

    Hi BE!

  • Busy thread! Sorry no personals as just too many and I'm on my phone. I was awake from 4.30-6 this morning but then fell back to sleep and woke up at 10.30 so am feeling a bit disorientated now. The pain was really bad this morning, I swear he is actually trying to climb into my ribs completely and it hurts so much :(

    Batch cooking a butternut squash lasagne today and going to book club later. This is the full extent of my plans.

  • ah Mrs 50s Ive literally just logged on to say "when did we last hear from Mrs50s" ha ha!

    sorry you had a crappy day y.day, hope you are feeling better today!

    I was tempted!!

    TT- i hope the pain has eased off! Butternut squash lasagna sounds yummy!!!

  • Mrs Bass, it's 2 hectic weeks to get my project through the design phase, then another 5 to go.

    MDD, I'm not really counting but it's 38 working days, or 290 hours. 7 days will be worked from home! How is your countdown going? xxx

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