****Tuesday 1st tri ****


Really sad to read Barefoots update and I know we will all be thinking of her:(

Today dont have any plans sounds silly but im bored H working double shifts for extra cash so sitting in house pretty much with L and weather is rubbish too. Nevermind I am sure I will miss being off next week lol.

.hope everyone else feeling ok x


  • morning-

    enjoy a bit of daytime telly

    afm-i had an awful nights sleep, i think its going to take a while for me to relax after last week.

    so sorry barefoot  xxxx

  • Hey Moonie i dont blame you...do you have a date for

    12 week scan yet? X

  • no basically last week my midwife called me to arrange my booking in appt. she asked me how i was and i told her, she then said 'well lets not book you in until after your scan'

    which at the time really upset me as it made me think she had no hope for the baby.

    so i text her yesterday to tell her all is fine and we need my booking appt arranged.

    also i have to see the consultant on the 6th and they want me to have been booked and have a date for the scan by then ?

    but im guessingit should be around mid november !

  • Morning!

    Monnie, it looks like you've been switched around to the same day as me!  I had to get my 12 weeks scan arranged super early to plan for when I can come back from Paris for it, and it's 22 November.  I haven't been booked in by the midwife yet, my GP referred me to the hospital for the scan.  Maybe it's a route you can take, too if your midwife isn't interested in seeing you (which is rubbish my the way, I was a bit put off when they said they didn't see anyone until 8-10 weeks in my area because of miscarriages, made me think the same as you!)

    Very sad to have read BF's update this morning.  Early pregnancy is just so fragile!  But they do say that these early miscarriages are down to there being something wrong with the development of the fetus and it wouldn't work out no matter what.  Somehow I'm not sure that's reassuring to anyone, though.

    Nothing new here.  We spent the day in central Paris yesterday and I was so tired after all the walking around that I don't think I'm going to do anything other than walk Wispa today.  It's a pajama day on the couch!  

    ETA  I missed responding yesterday!  SG, so happy you got to see the heartbeat!! And as for giving the midwife a call.. I can't.  My GP referred me and he put down that they would need to call my mobile number because I'll be in France.  Since we're only here a few months I'm still doing all my appointment up in London, and I can't actually make outgoing calls on my mobile here (I've been too lazy to go buy a French sim for it), so I'm just waiting for the midwife to call.  The scan was booked before we left, though.  I have a feeling the midwife has just ignored the note to call me and has sent a letter instead, which means Ant will get it when he goes back up to London on Thursday.  If there's no letter then I will ask Ant to call them for me.

  • On my phone so forgive me if personals are rubbish haha!

    ABC -enjoy your lazy day in :)

    Monnie sorry they are being rubbish hope you get your scan date soon!  And hope they can book you in  ASAP

    Wispa - enjoy your pj day! I hope you either get a letter or phone call soon!

    Afm not much to report had my funny little ache all day yesterday but it goes when I lie down, I googled it and it's some sort of ligament pain, baby must be lying awarkwardly for me you don't normally get it until later on from what I saw but obviously he/she likes to be different lol!

    Nothing else much to report just waiting for my scan!

  • CC have you had an early scan ?

  • Yes had a scan at 7+1. After a bleed

  • oh that's alright then i was going to say maybe there's a few of them in there haha !!

  • Haha nope just the one!  

  • I am just wondering when people sort pester people out? Any idea ladies?

  • possibly as you enter the 2nd tri.

    i will struggle with mine i have a few ladies i want haha

  • Haha I am no idea who I would have as mine but hopefully someone nice will offer haha!

  • lol ! iv met alot of MD'ers and hitchers so i know alot personally .

    a few of these ladies have become some of my closest friends.

  • Aw thats really nice :) I am sure your have loads of offers then!

  • Afternoon everyone.

    Abc, hope you're enjoying your day off after all. I find it hard being stuck in the house with J, he gets bored easily, so I hope you've found some stuff to do.

    Monnie, sorry you're sleeping badly. I know how you feel, it's so tense not knowing if things will be ok. Hope you get your booking in sorted soon. (I can see where the midwife was coming from, but it's the last thing you want to hear, especially at that time.)

    Wispa, hope you manage to get your booking in sorted soon too. It sounds complex this being over in Paris malarkey (but I have no sympathy, am just jealous!)

    Cc- I think niggles and pains are fairly normal, just wait till the baby is bigger and lies funny!

    AFM, I'm having a nice day with J today. I'm currently sat in the car whilst he has a nap (a very very common occurance as he's dreadful at napping during the day) and waiting to meet some mummy friends for soft play. Yesterday was awesome in that I got to see prawn-baby and heartbeat, but it was my worst day so far for sickness, I was sick twice at work. I have a suspicion prople knew too. Today I'm using my tried and tested anti-sickness method of eating all day long, and it's working so far, I feel sick bit not so much that I think I'm going to be sick, which is a massive improvement on yesterday!

    My thoughts are with Barefoot too, so unfair.

  • Hey Chocolate cupcake usually after 12 week scan people would get a pp...however I already have mine a fellow hitcher who was mine the first time lol .

  • SG Glad your not feeling so sick!

    ABC - It's okay have sorted out my PP already haha :)

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