****Tuesday 1st tri ****

Good morning 

hope everyone is well:) I went to see my new nephew yesterday he is so cute xxx afm just usual symptoms not planning on doing much today xx


  • Morning all.

    Abc, aw, how cute seeing your nephew. Did it make you all the more excited to meet your squish?

    I'm feeling pretty pants this morning. I had a rubbish night's sleep, kept waking up and my tummy was so sore. Then this morning I've been feeling really sick, H had to get me a bowl while I was feeding J just in case. H isn't working at the moment, so I'm taking full advantage and have palmed off J care while I stay in bed. Bliss! He's probably starting a new contract later in the week and will be out from 7.15am to 6pm, so I might as well make the most of the help while I can. Normal Tue plans are taking J to a toddler group in the morning and meeting some mummy friends at soft play this afternoon, but we'll see.

  • Morning,

    ABC- How lovely, I love baby cuddles :)

    SG- Hope your feeling better soon. I dont blame you, get all the help whilst you can!

    I am still so tired! Woke up 3 times for a wee in the night. People can really see my litle bump now so thats nice. Another boring day at work, hope it goes quickly!

  • Morning

    ABC  how lovely love baby cuddles!  

    SG hope you start to feel bettors plan of getting h to help while he's about give you a break!


    Bertie  sorry that you had a rubbish nights sleep, lovely people can see your bump! Hope work isn't too bad!

    I actually had 12 hours of sleep unbroken woohoo went to bed at half 9 and fell straight asleep so must of needed it!  Had some pains yesterday that I think  are just  stretching pains  none this morning!  Indigestion  was back in  full force yesterday could not shift it  but it went eventually!  TMI now but does anyone else get snot like mucus? I have googled it and apparently it's common AAnd part of your old plug which is replaced but it's strange haha! I don't get it all the time just noticed it a few times in the past couple of weeks! Really attractive haha!

  • Hi all, I'm on day shifts this week so late updates. After mw yesterday I was feeling fine, but very crampy again today and of course worried sick again. Doesn't help that I don't have any symptoms other than mildly sore boobs. I really want my early scan brought forward, but other than this Friday when OH is abroad, I'm working every weekday pretty much until 22nd so I just have to wait. Totally terrified something is wrong. Like every mum to be, I suppose!

  • Very late to this but wanted to reassure barefoot that the crampy feeling is so so normal. Everything is starting to move down there and the blood supply is increasing already. I know not worrying is impossible though!!

  • Thanks AR, I know in theory it's normal and can be explained, but in practise, with no sickness, no bloating and painful AF type cramps, I worry. Literally counting down the days (13) and shifts (6) until my scan. If I happen to pass my local hospital while at work tomorrow I can get my bloods done there without having to queue at phlebotomy, which will be good. Just need to make sure my crewmate doesn't see "antenatal" written on my test form LOL!!!

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