****Tuesday 1st Tri****

Morning! Hope everyone is well.

F decided to get up at 5:30 this morning so it's going to be a long day! He's been running a bit of a temp so not sure whether to head to playgroup or not, will see how he is later. 

Last night i decided to book a private early scan. H and I had a chat and although my NHS scan is a few weeks away, we need the reassurance sooner. So we're booked in Saturday  lunchtime. Eek! Feeling a bit scared now. 

Hi hi to all who follow x 


  • Morning.

    That's good news weather girl and hopefully that will put your mind at rest. Lots of us having early scans this week!

    Had my flu jab last night and now my arm feels sore and bruised, hoping this will pass quickly! Only 4 days until my early scan. Really want to check that there's something in there and get dated so I know how far along I am.

  • Morning all

    WG - glad you have something booked, fx for Saturday

    Bunny - hope your early scan goes well too. I was tempted to book one but h wants to wait. I just don't feel pregnant and it all feels a bit like a dream.

    AFM no news really, had a bit of an upset stomach On and off the past few days and a bit nauseous day morning. Not much else, been going to sleep at 10 every night as I'm so tired. Still ages until the midwife appointment and no can letter yet. Time is dragging!!

  • MG that's exciting! How far along will you be on sunday?

    bunny-  I know the feeling I'm so impatient for the next few weeks to go, well, the next 8 really!

    Mrs L - sorry you've had a dodgy belly, I hear you on the tiredness! I feel like going back to bed right now!

    AFM - woke up this morning and my boobs didn't hurt anymore. Cue panic. But I'm in work and they're hurting again and I feel a bit queasy, so hopefully all is ok. I hate not knowing! Especially with my background. My first pregnancy appeared to be going fine for 12 weeks and turned out to be a MMC. And the second one I started bleeding at 5 weeks. So to be honest, nothing is going to completely reassure me until I have my scan in 2 weeks 2 days!

  • Bunny - let's hope our early scans put our minds at ease a little! Hope your arm soon feels better.

    MrsL - remind me how far along you are? I always think the first 12 weeks to very slow, especially as it's usually a big secret until the scan, and it seems ages to wait.

    I couldn't believe how many different scans there are available. I've gone for the early one but I'm hoping they might be able to date me as well. There was a separate dating scan available so perhaps they only to that with that particular scan. We'll see.

  • Missed you there Rod. We think I'm about 10 weeks today but as my cycles were quite long the MW said to wait until the scan to be sure of dates. Do you have an early scan booked? Hope you're not waiting too long for some reassurance.

  • Yep got a scan booked for 6 weeks 5 days, I just need to know there is a bean in there. I'm gonna be bricking it on that day.

  • Good morning!!

    Wg - Not long until your scan! Eee! Exciting!! I can relate to feeling scared though, I cry everytime I think about it!!

    Bunny - I hope your arm recovers soon. I hope your scan goes well this week too.

    MrsL - The first few weeks do go so slowly! I hope the tiredness and upset stomach passes soon for you.

    Rod - I know you have a couple of weeks to wait but I have everything crossed for you! I hope those symptoms stay for you, as horrible as they are, it is some reassurance.

    AFM - not much to report. 2 sleeps until early scan day. Im terrified. I know there is nothing I can do, but it scares me not knowing whats happening in there!

    4 more days left of my holiday, out for lunch with dad today and enjoying the sunshine! :)

    Hi to all that follow xxx

  • Hello you lovely lot.

    WG - glad you've booked one, I think the reassurance will be good.

    Bunny - sounds painful - I have a bit of a bruise on my arm from my blood test yesterday, which is odd as I never bruise!

    Mrs L - it does drag, just try and set little milestones.

    Rod - I hope your t!ts hurt a LOT and you feel sick ALL THE TIME. In a good way of course. Have you spoken to EPU?

    Boo - oooo not long, good luck.

    AFM - told all my colleagues today, which is lovely, and have told a few friends. I was going to wait til blood test results were back but it's so nice to be able to tell people, I thought s0d it!! Still feel a bit queasy this morning, but not too bad. It's H's birthday so we are off for a meal tonight.

    Hi to all that follow x

  • Hey Gavi, thanks! No EPU haven't called, I think I might call them though, I don't want to wait around too long.

  • Get on it lovely - hope they support you xx

  • I've just spoken to them. They said to call the GP and ask for a referral for an early scan, so I've done that. Hopefully that means I can move my private one back to about 9/10 weeks and have 2 before my 12 week! Yay!

    I will ask them if they can do any bloods and stuff too when they call me to book. She said they don't really scan before 7 weeks, but I'm hoping 6+5 will be enough, and I can go on the same day as I booked my private one.

  • Mrs l hope your tummy feels better. I know the start goes slowly as your waiting and can't tell anyone! We've only got an early scan to date as we are having a CVS done and want it to be as near to 11weeks as possible

    Rod glad you've got a scan booked and that you should also get an NHS one too. Hopefully they will be accommodating and do the dates you want.

    Boo enjoy the rest of your holiday!

    Gavi enjoy your meal out and wohoo for being able to tell people!

  • Update! NHS scan on the same day I had booked the private one. So all being well, I will have 2 before the 12 week scan! YAY! Gonna move my private one to around 9/10 weeks. x

  • Great stuff Rodders!!

  • That's good rod xx

  • Hi All

    Sorry, I haven't been able to get on here much lately.

    WG - I'm with you on the early scan, I'm just too impatient to be able to wait for the NHS one and the reassurance it brings certainly helped me relax. Only 4 more sleeps!

    Bunny - not long till your scan now, do you know how many weeks you are?

    MrsL - Hope your stomach settles!

    Rod - Good news about all the scans, hope the next 2 weeks pass quickly. It's horrible waiting for it.

    Boo - how many weeks are you? Hope you're enjoying your week off.

    Gavi - Bet it's nice to be able to tell people and Happy Birthday to your H!

    AFM - Been feeling a bit rough the past few days but am managing to stay up past 8pm! I've got my scan Friday but I'm worried they wont do the nuchal scan as I'll be jus over 10 weeks and when I saw the midwife she said if I changed my appointment I wouldn't get another slot till it's too late.

  • WG - I'm 6 weeks and 2 days xx

  • Pp - I'm between 8 and a half to 9 and a half weeks.I have irregular cycles so can't be accurate.

    With k when I went for my 12 week scan they moved me back 11 days to 10 and a half weeks.they couldn't do the measurements but I got booked in again for a scan 2 weeks later when they did do the measurements.

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