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Hello everyone! I couldn't find one so thought I would start a 1st tri thread for the first time. Sorry if I've missed one that's been started. Hope everyone is ok. I'm six weeks today and quite frankly, I feel like bum. I'm exhausted, have a rotten headache and have felt sick most of the day. Don't want to complain too much but the thought of going to football tonight rather than home to bed is killing me. Oh well, I'm sure the freezing cold will keep me awake! Hi to all who follow x


  • I was wondering if I has missed one too!!

    Have you spoken to your doctor? I too have been suffering badly with headaches and he prescribed 500mg paracetamol no more than 4 times a day. It really has made life so much easier - just a pity it doesnt remove the sickness / nausea!

    You might find the cold air helps you - I went for a couple of walks last week and it really helped me.

    AFM - I feel better today than I did yesterday and miles better than Sunday. Ive been starving all day though, I had a sandwich at 12 and went out at 2pm for another my stomach was making that much noise!  I cant afford 2 lunches every day and with the sickness I never know what I can eat until Its feeding time! Hopefully this wears off soon, I miss cooking & baking.

    Hi to all who follow :)

  • Hi Gavi, hope you feel better soon. I'm just over 11 weeks now and don't feel ill, just don't want to eat much apart from ice cream!! Not much to report here really. Day off and work phoned to tell me the date for a coroners hearing I need to go to (ugh) and tell me that I have booked annual leave that day. Which I haven't. Need to wait until I am back in to sort that out. Hubby is home ill. Man flu. Actually he does have a high temp and looks horrible so I've confined him to the spare room. He seems happy enough with his iPad and a bowl of ice cream and raspberries (our diet is just sooo good!). I'm still really tired so have done minimal housework today, a bit of shopping, and having a general duvet day!

  • Hi SaSaSi, missed you there cross posting. Glad you feel better today. It's really annoying wanting a certain food one minute, assuming you'll like the same the next day, and changing your mind isn't it? I also feel better if I get out and about a bit. Even a short trip to the shops this afternoon cheered me up a little.

  • Hi all, sorry I've been a bit rubbish lately, I don't seem to be able to get on until late and then can't write out a reply with personals as A comes over to investigate! Was very jealous of all the Maldives chat over the weekend, my parents have been (went for their 25th wedding anniversary and then again the year after) and absolutely loved it.

    Gavi - are you watching or playing football? I'd sack it off haha but then again am not into sports!

    SaSaSi - I sympathise, last time I was buying lunch every day and it cost a fortune! But it won't be forever, hopefully you'll start to feel better soon enough as you move into 2nd tri x

    Barefoot - urgh I really hope you don't catch that lurgy, it's horrible being pregnant and ill. Enjoy the rest of your duvet day!

    AFM had to go in today for a blood test, the one where they combine the results with the nuchal scan. Our hospital does the blood test in advance and then the sonographer can tell you your risk of the baby having Down's straight after the scan. I had to take A but luckily he was a good boy and sat nicely in his pushchair. I did get very tearful when I went in because it was the same place as the postnatal clinic, where we took A when he was 2 days old for a routine checkup only to be told he had severe jaundice and he was sent straight to A&E. I had to nip into the loos and calm myself down... not good! Then we went to a La Leche League coffee morning, it was nice as the woman hosting it has breastfed through pregnancy too so it was reassuring for me. Back home now and hoping for a relaxed afternoon!

  • Sorry I've been rubbish lately...a distinct lack of any symptoms ever and nothing to report baby wise makes me a full poster!

    Gavi - Hope the cold helps sort you out, sorry you feel pants...must be so draining.

    SaSaSi - Glad you're feeling much better and have an appetite today.

    Barefoot - hope H's lurgy is shortlived and that you manage to avoid it. Chilling sounds the order of the day.

    Saisi - I'd rather find out Nuchal results straight away too so sounds like a good system to me. And positive to speak to someone who has bf through pregnancy too :-)

    AFM - 11 Weeks today :-) Fairly certain my dates are accurate as I have short cycles and we'd only dtd once that cycle! We're all feeling much better today and O is more himself again.

  • Hi gavi, thanks for starting the thread. Sorry you're feeling do rubbish, I've had days like that, it's tough.

    Glad you are feeling better sasasi, I know what you mean about eating two lunches, I've been grazing for these last few days as I seem to be constantly hungry!

    Sounds like work is being a pain barefoot  I hope your H is better soon and you don't catch it.

    Hi saisi, it's understandable you were emotional today, but sounds like the day got better with your coffee morning.

    AFM, felt nauseous last night and most of the day. I sat through a meeting today alternating between yawning and hoping I wasn't going to faint! Then taught my year 9s whilst feeling faint and sick. I have empty stools dotted around the room so when I stop to help them I can sit down! Going to try a Moroccan lentil pie tonight, not made it before so I hope it tastes nice & I can eat it!

  • Missed you there coco, glad O is better. You'll be on 2nd tri soon!

  • Mmm, that pie sounds tasty Raincloud - hope you can stomach it x

  • Evening all,

    Late thread today! Didn't even get a chance to catch up at work!

    Gavi- hope the cold does help... You going to watch H play footie or professionals?

    Sasasi- I get starving every couple of hours too. I've been taking food from home so I don't spend too much but it's the weight gain that worries me more! With 6 meals a day I don't think it will end well. But if you're sick still I guess you have to take the moments while you can.

    BB- hope you had a nice day off. Sorry to hear about coroners court, putting a downer on your day! Hope H is feeling better soon but ice cream sounds like a brilliant diet to me.

    Saisi- I wish our unchallenged test was done earlier. Still waiting for the results from ours although if we don't get a phone call by Thursday we are to assume we are low risk until the letter finally arrives. Really pleased the breast feeding group was helpful. Are you planning on feeding A all the way through?

    Coco- when's your scan? We only dtd once in our lucky cycle too and my dates have been spot on so far. Glad O is feeling better.

    Raincloud- that pie sounds immense. If it goes well you'll have to give me the recipe! Hope the sickness passes for you as there's nowhere you can really hide in teaching is there?!

    AFM- not a lot to report. Rumours going round at work about redundancy but as I'm in HR I know there's no money this year so the earliest they can announce is 1st April. I have rather geekily worked out this would mean redundancy would fall on the 31st July which would be perfect for mat leave but not perfect money wise. I actually get more on our mat leave package than I would on smp and redundancy..... But I'm sure we will manage!

    Hi to anyone who comes on but I think I may be talking to myself haha

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