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*-*-*-*-tuesday 3rd Tri-*-*-*-*-



  • as i am thouroughly p*ssed off with eveyrone taking advantage...i'm not doing a bloody thing for the rest fo the week. f*ck em!

  • Twink- Just keep thinking that you haven't got long to go! I have given up on work completely and still have 7 weeks... Hate to think what I'm going to be like with a week or 2 to go! I literally may as well not be here at the minute :) xx

  • hopefully it will fly by. try & have some 4 day weeks! they are beaut!

  • Ah Twink. When I was leaving up to ML I seriously CBA and spent the time drinking tea, chatting and clearing out files as I was 99% sure I wasn't coming back (now SAHM). I also *may* have stocked up on pens...

  • haha i've emptied my drawers and emailed importnant private docs home to my self. now i'lm just faffing.

    i'm gonna be looking for a new job when on mat leave

  • No chance of me doing 4 day weeks as I have used all my holidays apart from the 2 weeks I am taking prior to mat leave starting. I have it pretty easy at work so literally sit at my desk in the corner and faff on the internet (hence being on here!)

    Another one thinking I probably won't be coming back (if I can help it!) which just makes everything seem even more pointless. I definitely don't want to be doing full time if I am coming back but by that point I will hopefully be looking at staying at home or working a few days with H's dad. Have a year to figure it all out so we will see!

  • p.s.. good tip on the pen situation. I *may* start stocking up now.. haha

  • I saw mw earlier but not my usual one. Everything is as it should be. Baby engaged but not sure what that really means. Booked in for next so hopefully my normal mw is back and I'll get my sweep. I hope I don't make that appointment.

  • Fingers crossed for you then! My ELCS is one day next week (not telling when) so hopefully someone will get in before me otherwise its a long gap again!

  • Daisy- glad everything is looking as it should and hope you don't make your next appointment! Come on baby, get a wriggle on!

    All this talk of babies being born is making me realise that it really isn't long before we get to meet our little one! Eek. Exciting and scary in equal measures!

  • IDC do you have a pp? I'm very excited you will meet your baby next week x

  • I do have a PP so don't worry, you will all know when it happens! Tbh, it's been really weird as consultant appt was made by midwife when I was at booking-in and the letter confirming appt of JULY came before the letter for my 12w scan, which was in Feb! Anyway, we went to see consultant in July. The Mw saw me, the consultant asked questions, then left and the MW came back with a diary and said "when would you like it to be?". And then she wrote it down, gave me a prep sheet and said to come to hospital for 9am on the planned day. That was it!

    Anyway, I am still a bit in denial. Have done no tidying etc today other than folding some muslin squares, lol.

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