****Wed 3 rd tri ****

Just wrote a post and hit new instead of send grrr. Anyway still here no pains. Been asleep most of the night. Back to hospital for checks and monitoring then induction tomo if nothing. It my step sons birthday tomo and our day to have him so thats a bit annoying. Dont think he will potentially want a baby brother for his birthday Anyway cant be helped.
Good luck for BLL today x x looking forward to your BA x


  • Oh and Monnie with your growth scan x x
  • Bum! Just posted. Hang on. Will go grab it x

  • Hello ladies!

    MASSIVE good luck vibes to BLL for today. Very exciting.

    ABC - any news on you or see you letting BLL have Weds and you're taking Thurs? ;)

    Flossy - hope you're not too bad, don't push too hard, know it's your last week and all but be careful.

    Hope everyone is doing well.

    HR lady came to see me to suggest cutting my office hours a bit more and doing more from home which is nice. Managed 8.30-4.30 yesterday (though every step hurt!) so that's good. Home to put back together the back bedroom that was double glazed Monday, carpeted yesterday. Love that room. Off today but loads on, visit 2 nurseries, midwife home birth booking, blood test, DIY, shopping for few last baby/house bits, and some other stuff I've forgotten! But it will be worth it

    Babywise - lots of low back pain. Lots. And pressure at front. I'm now in pain just from getting showered and dressed before work so feeling the 4 weeks are going to feel long, but I can do it! :) I get lots of braxton hicks which I didn't have in first pregnancy, hoping that's as good sign and that going as far over again is unlikely. Could easily be wishful thinking!!

  • Hey counter

    Glad your going to take things easy a d work some more from home its great having that option. Your house really sounds like its coming together now too x
  • Morning!

    Abc hope things get going naturally for you. Must be lovely to have the end in site.

    Flossy I saw your post last night. Take it easy!

    Counter you too!! Pushing yourself until every step hurts is not good!! More work from home and more directing H and son on organising the house. If you push your body too hard you are going to scupper your plans of working until dd and a hb. You've got to listen to it!! I worry about you!!!

    AFM had a very sore day yesterday, so much hip and back pain.
  • Spent much of it on the sofa and then for so upset that I can't do as much with p. Feel like such a rubbish wide and mummy at the moment. Other than the pain everything else is the same, loads of bh's and still have a dodgy tummy and losing hits of plug. Sorry tmi!! Have toddler group this morning and seeing a friend this afternoon so hopefully today will be more cheery!!
  • Wife not wide although the typo is appropriate!!!
  • Agree with Autumnrose everyone...look at me im walking talking example...rest and take things slower x

    Autumnrose you are not a rubbish mummy or wife...so enough of that xx Seriously though symptoms sounding good...maybe go early too? X x
  • Morning all,

    ABC- I hope things pick up for you soon it must be so frustrating to have started and stopped

    Counter- That sounds great news about work I think it'll really help you

    AR - You're doing great I don't know how I would have a coped with a toddler the past few weeks I've been like a zombie, and you're ill on top too. Just because you aren't doing as much physically doesn't mean you aren't there for P

    Monnie- Good luck at the hospital

    Also a big hello to the two 2nd tri girls I believe are moving here today, I hope you enjoy the third tri and it'll be your BA before you know it!

    AFM- Thank you for all your well wishes. I'm just getting ready to go. I managed a few hours sleep which is more than I thought I would. I'll keep Counter posted and I hope in a few hours I'll have a BA for you :) x

  • Abc it all points to stuff happening sooner rather than later. Once I'm past 36 weeks on Friday I'll relax a bit I think. Have mw then too so will see what she thinks.

    Bll good luck!!! So exciting for you!! Can't wait for your BA :-)
  • Hiya, don't mind me, just joining 3rd tri (and bricking it).

    ABC, I hope you don't need an induction, fingers are definitely crossed for baby soon!  

    Counter, enjoy your busy day!!  Working from home sounds great, too.

    AR, I'm so sorry to hear you're still suffering, but hope today is better for you.

    BLL, thanks for the welcome!  Good luck today, can't wait to see the BA :)

    AFM, I can't believe it's 3rd tri!  My H went to Paris yesterday morning and comes back tonight, and in his absence I tried sorting through what we have and what we need, and I'm beginning to doubt the whole 'people will buy you things' so want to buy everything now!!  My mum was going to buy us a load of JL vouchers to go towards the pram, but she's on holiday for another two weeks and I've just seen one come up on gumtree nearly new, so I've enquired.  Fingers crossed it hasn't sold yet, as it's more than £200 less that RRP and the carrycot has never been used and the pushchair only used for 5 months.  And the JL vouchers can always be used for other things we need...

  • Morning

    ABC- Hope monitoring goes well today. Hopefully thinks may kick start today.

    Counter- Do you ever rest? Enjoy your day off, seems very productive. Sounds like a good plan doing more hours from home.

    AR- pregnancy at the end is hard with a toddler. Newborn and toddler is by far easier.

    BLL- a very exciting day for you. Looking forward to hearing your birth announcement.

    AFM- after saying my back was OK I was in pieces with it by lunchtime! So had a stint on the sofa with a hot water bottle. Still took the boys to a toddler group and then A to her dance lesson. After dinner I literally plonked myself on the sofa! C is at pre school this afternoon and then has swimming this evening.

  • Hey Wispa welcome to 3rd tri x

    Section 4 my back aches after doing a lot too.. its hard running after kids when pg. X
  • Morning all!

    Good luck today BLL! Looking forward to seeing. Your BA later!x

    ABC - maybe things wills happen today. Hopefully your step-son won't mind sharing too much (if it happens) when he sees how cute the little one is!

    Counter - that's a busy day off! Glad that HR are keeping an eye on you to make sure everything is ok. Hope the homebirth booking goes well, I know how much you want it.

    AR - you're not a rubbish mummy! It's good for P to get used to entertaining herself, even if it's just half an hour. She'll be having to share you with her little brother soon enough! And you'll be no use if you exhaust yourself and end up on bed rest.

    Wispa - welcome to third tri! We ended up getting our pram from John Lewis using one of their credit cards to got vouchers back! We have a stash of them at the moment so looking forward to buying something completely unecessary and pretty with them!

    S4 - I'm so impressed how you can still manage to in around after 3 little ones! I'm exhausted just looking after myself.  Hope your back is better today.

    AFM - I'm exhausted! Made it home about 10.30 last night but my brain wouldn't switch off and couldn't sleep till gone 2. I really need to stop worrying so much. Anyway, I've resolved to leave work by 7 at the latest today, I need to look after myself better.

    Baby has definitely started to wriggle down now, starting to get more uncomfortable when I walk, especially when I rush around.

  • AR - I echo Flossy's wise words. P is fine. You're doing the best you can. Some folk are literally bed bound during pregnancy, but the little ones manage and soon as baby comes everything will fall in to place. Sorry you're hurting, it really makes it all a bit blooming miserable, doesn't it?! Not long. It does sound as though things might happen sooner than later for you. Have faith! x (great typo, btw)

    BLL - great news you got some sleep, good work! Fingers crossed for all smooth rubbings today. Very excited for you!! x

    Wispa - welcome! Smart move if you can save some pennies on the big stuff. And I'm with you, I wouldn't entertain a baby shower so if people are kind enough to buy things they'll trickle in later so I want everything - all the basics - here, present and correct and if folk then buy lovely/pretty things too, that's a bonus. That's how I see it anyway! I saw you were hoping hubby didnt travel too much in 3rd tri, I know it's natural to worry but please try not to. 3rd tri is a long haul and things happening genuinely early is rare. Definitely good if he can limit it, but please try not to worry :)

    S4 - how is the back today?? Hope you can limit the impact. How long do you have left now? Sorry, I'm rubbish if folk don't have tickers! :)

  • Accidentally pressed Send.

    Flossy, that is a cruddy, long day. Definitely cap it today if you can. I know the end is in sight for you but your health still matters! I'm excited for you that you'll soon be on mat leave, I would hate to have the work journey you have. I think I'd be murderous by Wednesdays! x

  • Morning,

    good luck BLL!

    ABC- will you still have to have step son tomorrow? Hope hospital goes ok today.

    Counter- cutting your hours sounds like a sensible idea. You are always a busy bee, make sure you rest! Good luck with the home birth app.

    AR- sorry your in pain. Definitely not a bad wife and mummy though! You need to take care of yourself too. Loosing your plug, sounds very real reading that and your only a day ahead of me!

    wispa- welcome to 3rd tri. I am the same on wanting everything now. She has so much stuff already! The pram sounds good, worth enquiring definitely.

    s4- hope your back is better today.

    Flossy- 2 am, you must be nackered! Good that you have set a time to leave by, like you said you need to take care of yourself.

    Afm- have missed a few days on here so trying to catch up. Had hospital yesterday as my platelets are still dropping so had an exact count. Baby is 3/5 engaged too. I thought she was lowering due to the delightful pains and pressure in my lady regions! Second week of mat leave and been so busy haven't had chance to get bored yet, times still flying by.

  • Flossy, it hadn't occurred to me to do it on one of their credit cards, though I might look into it now as the one I enquired about had already sold, sadly.  Sorry to hear you're so exhausted, definitely take good care of yourself.

    Counter, I'm not worried so much, I just don't want him to go away so much.  After he did Geneva for over a year for 3-4 days a week we decided if he had another job abroad we would all go, so we went to Paris for a few months and might be going back again, but I'm stuck here for now, so I've asked him to have no work travel between when I'm 37 weeks and baby is 6 weeks old.  And if he goes to Paris between now and 37 weeks I didn't want him going for more than one night.  At least with Paris he can get the next Eurostar train and be back within a few hours, but it's more than I just don't want him to not be around.

    Bertie, I'm not sure what 3/5 engaged means, but I hope it's good.  Glad you're not bored on mat leave, baby will be here before you know it!

  • ABC - im so excited for your BA !

    counter - how do you know when they arnt braxton hicks and are the real thing ?

    AR - hope you had a nice morning at todller group, eat some cake this afternoon, cake makes everything better

    BLL- good luck !

    Wispa- welcome, this is where babies are born !

    S4 - i hope you can get some respite time !!

    Flossy - oooo not long now flossy !

    bertie - wow 3/5 already , wont be long now !

    AFM- i have just got back from the hospital, stupid midwife did my fundal wrong on monday as you suspected AR. growth scan this morning showed a very perfect baby measuring spot on and weighing 2lbs 9 ozs, then i saw the diabetes consultant who still doesnt think i need insulin so im a very happy tummy mummy today !!!

  • I have to say, a perk of leaving so late last night was it meant I easily got a seat on the tube! I have to say, if it wasn't for the journey then physically I think I could do another week...I know though that I need to give myself a break so won't be making any changes to my plan!

    Bertie - glad you're enjoying mat leave! Are you going to be another early arrival do you think?!

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