****Weekend 1st Tri****

Morning everyone

Thought I would start a first tri thread for the last time, as I am up with the larks. Going to bed early on a Friday isn't always a good idea!!

I want to wish you all luck with the rest of first tri and am looking forward to 'seeing' you all over on second tri very soon. I am going to brave it over there today, arrrrghhh!

Have great weekends all and see you soon x


  • Morning gavi, good luck over on 2nd trimester.

    I was in bed at 8.30 last night lol, up at 5 with the smallest wanting to get up arrrrgh!

    Working all weekend which is just fab...not!

    Hi to all who follow.

    O and joys, I'm covered in horrific spots on my face today, I honestly need to wear a veil to be seen in public Bawl

  • Morning everyone.

    Good luck in 2nd tri gavi.

    Rf hope your working days go quick, at least the Sun is out at the most.

    Going to my mum and dad's for the weekend. Not much to report babywise tummy is getting bigger and I'm just waiting for Wednesday. I don't want to wish away the next few days but on the other hand I do and just want it done so we can focus on the next step.

  • Morning all it's the weekend yayyyyy

    Gavi - good luck opinion 2nd tri x

    RF - hope works not too bad x

    Bunny - hope Wednesday comes quick lay for you.

    AFM - not much to repot baby wise I'm 8 weeks today, got my booking in appt on third. This weekend hubby is away and me and my mum and sister are going to the theatre and having dinner in covent garden.

  • Hi ladies,

    Feels like ages since I've been on here properly, lots to catch up on!!

    Gavi: Can't believe you're off to the 2nd tri already, good luck & see you in 5 weeks! Hope you get more of a lie in tomorrow x

    RF: Don't think I've actually said hello & welcome to the 1st tri. Did you say you're writing under a pseudonym right now? I wonder if I 'know you', never good at guessing. Apologises if I read this wrong though!! Hope your pregnancy is going well so far & I'm sure your spots aren't anywhere near as bad as you think.

    Bunny: Is it your scan on Wed? Hope it comes round quickly & goes well.

    MrsL: Enjoy the theatre, what did you watch? Glad to hear you've got your booking in soon x

    AFM: Tomorrow I'll be 9 weeks so finally feel like time is actually moving. I guess that's what happens when you find out before 4 weeks!! I've got my gp appointment on Wed & the receptionist also put my name down to see the mw just after, fingers crossed the mw will meet me as I'm desperate to get my scan booked. It should be in the week before Easter & I can't arrange going home until I've got a date booked. Have a great weekend all x

  • morning!

    gavi - Good luck in 2nd tri and I hope to see you there in a few weeks.

    TRF - I hope your weekend working hasn't been so bad. I'm up and about to head off to work myself :(

    bunny - Hope all goes well on wednesday! Enjoy your wknd with your mum and dad.

    Mrs L - Your weekend sounds great! Enjoy!

    BK  Great news about having both appts back to back. Will get the ball rolling for you.

    AFM - I took my BM dress into town yesterday and they were confident that they could add a panel in the side for me. I'm a bit apprehensive about it,  I hope it looks ok! im also relieved that i'm not going to feel so uncomfortable on the day.

    I've had a few comments now that my tummy is looking rounder, just need to keep it under wraps for a few more weeks!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekends xx

  • Morning!

    Bunny - hope next week goes by quickly and hopefully results by Friday

    Mrs L - hope u had a nice day with your mum and sister

    Bk - yes I'm an anon, you will probably know me, but keeping in disguise for now, then I might have to start believing things could happen lol

    Me - survived work without my afternoon nap which iv come to rely on over the past week. Working again today, fantastic!

    Small one gave us a lie in till 7 big one still in bed Eek, did another digi today and its gone up so I think il see gp a week tomorrow because I'm off work. Have quite a complex history so no doubt the gp/mw/consultant will be thrilled to see me back...again Weep

    Happy Sunday everyone

    Are we able to PM. On here now??

  • Morning ladies,

    I actually have a free morning (haven't had 1 of those in at least a week) so I'm actually able to post in the morning!!

    Boo: Glad to hear your BM dress can be sorted out for you. How long till the wedding? Only a few more weeks until you can tell

    RF: I'm glad I wasn't getting you confused with someone else, I have such a bad memory! Glad to hear the digi test is going up, hope your gp appointment goes well & I don't think the pm system is working but I could be wrong!

    Looking forward to a lovely quiet day today!

  • Morning all, had a fab time yesterday at the theatre seeing Matilda and a surprise when I got home too. I GOT MY SCAN DATE! So excited, it's not until 22nd April sp I'll be 12+3 weeks by then but just made it feel more real.

    Hope you all have a good Sunday xxx

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