****Weekend 2nd Tri****

Morning! Happy Weekend :)

Hope you're all doing okay today.

Baby was kicking and nudging and wriggling around all day yesterday, it was lovely to feel her so much :) Today we're going to go for a wander around a local market and out for food and then just back home to chill. I'm really looking forward to it.

iI'll pop back later for personals and to catch up with everyone, hope you all have a lovely day xx


  • Hi figaro, sounds like you have a lovely weekend planned.

    I'm got to do some housework, as both sets if parents are visiting Tuesday. Then I plan to relax, do a few bits for work and maybe plant a few pots up to brighten the garden.

  • Morning!

    That sounds like a lovely day Fig, perfect in fact.

    I'm in the IOM, it's mums birthday today so tonight we're going out for dinner. Today will be spent doing a bit of baby shopping! Only for pretty things.

  • Missed you RC!

    Don't do too much cleaning! It's the time of year for planting, our daffs are just coming out in flower now.

  • Morning all

    Figaeo - sounds like a perfect Saturday - enjoy!

    RC - it's getting to that time of year again to tidy up the garden isn't if? Enjoy !

    Imp - enjoy dinner & shopping !

    Afm - well after thinking sickness was easing I spent last night in bed vomiting with ice pack on my head for headaches. Totally scunnered :( this is minging but I am still in bed wearing work clothes from yesterday - I was just too sick & tired to change Last night. I'm supposed to at a church event tonight & lunch tomorrow. Gonna attempt walking the dog in an hr or so & take it from there. Time to start behaving baby!!! :(

  • hi all - sooooooooooo glad its the weekend!!!!!!!

    Fig - so lovely that the baby was on the go so much yesterday.  Your day sounds so nice.  Hope you have a nice time and the weather is ok for you.

    Raincloud - hope you get all the housework done.  It always feels good when its finished!!!

    Imp - enjoy your trip.  Hope your mum has a nice birthday and enjoy that baby shopping!!!!!

    SaSaSi - sorry you're struggling so much with the sickness.  Do you have to go to the church even tonight?  Really hope you start to feel better soon.  Take it easy lovely x

    AFM - went out for dinner after work last night.  Was really nice but a later night than I'd planned so I'm shattered today.  Been for my run already and now I'm gearing up for another shift on Operation Clearout.  Its exhausting but I'm feeling that I'm actually making some progress now which is nice and by that I mean I can see the carpet in the spare room now!!!!!

    Ordered my pram yesterday!!!!!  I really liked the Baby Jogger City Versa and kept getting drawn back to it but I felt I'd not spent enough time looking at all the options so I nipped out to a large pram shop yesterday at lunchtime and confirmed my choice was right.  Its not the nicest looking but I just keep coming back to that one because I feel its really practical for me.  I managed to get the GT version and a red carrycot on Amazon much cheaper than in the pram shops so I've ordered it and figured if I change my mind I can always sell it.  Should get delivered this week but I've sent it to my parents and they said they'd keep it for me.  Exciting times!!!!

    Baby is kicking away good style while I'm typing this.  Makes me happy.

    Happy Saturday everyone xx

  • Hi Ladies!

    Long time no 'see'! Been AWOL, we've had connectivity problems and its just s0ds law that the 3G dongle went walk abouts at the same time! Hope you are all well. Had intended to nip on when I could (i.e. somewhere else with wifi) but just haven't had the chance.

    Figaro - Day sounds lovely, enjoy! My days consisted of a trip to Aldi.... rock & roll!

    Hi Raincloud, welcome! :)

    Imp - By pretty things do you mean clothes? :-D

    Sas - Gosh that sounds awful. Hope you start feeling better soon. Its hard to see the light (in terms of feeling better) I know, but it is there!

    CA - Oooh - operation clearout.... thats just gave me a nudge to continue with ours! Progress is good! Exciting about the pram. We are ordering ours soon too :)

    AFM - Had our 20 week scan at the beginning of week. All fine (phew!). It was a bit bizarre, the sonographer was moving around quickly and obviously zooming in on what they needed to see etc so don't really feel like I seen much of the baby in general. Feel like I need to have a scan to get my baby fix! Our 'nursery' is filling up now - mostly junk that still needs to be removed, ha, but we've also taken delivery of quite a few bits now! Got some white baby-grows the other day, got 7.5lb ones and 10lb ones just incase. The 7.5lb ones are soooo small! Oooh and I can now feel baby! Yay! Its lovely :) Although its never constant, it happens quick and then I start concentrating to see if I can feel it again but never do until its once again unexpected.

    And a non-baby update.... I'm *really* back to normal now. I cannot even tell you how much better I feel in myself, I look back and don't even recognise that person and how low I felt, or understand how I let myself get there. A definite learning curve - I will never let myself go there ever again (well, thats obviously out of my control but what I mean is I'm taking a much more 'I don't care' attitude about everything that got me into that bad place in the first place). Back at work now, its been fine, put my dates in for maternity so just counting down for that really! And I 100% was ready to go back, I had fully intended and thought I'd need to extend my leave but magically just started feeling so much better.

  • I have to apologise, I'm not doing proper personals as my phone is refusing to tether Internet to the ipad anymore!

    Lovely to see you back, though, pep!

    I'm having a productive weekend so far. We bought chalkboard paint and looked at TVs this morning, did a quick clean around the house, picked up last essentials from tesco (toilet brush, shower caddy type things), and we also got the nursery rug from M&P. The in laws are coming over tonight for dinner and to see the house, and. ..
  • Tomorrow my SIL and nieces are coming over, so I've just baked a big batch of chocolate chip cookies!

    Baby has been behaving, only giving me heartburn after 4pm (I.e. right now), and maybe it's of the amount of physical stuff I've done this week, but I've been in bed by 9:30 every night!!

    I might try to pop out to Costa tomorrow afternoon to use their Internet and properly catch up with you lot. Still no Internet until Tuesday evening Crying
  • Late to this but hope everyone is having lovely weekends so far!

    Figaro - sounds like you must have had a lovely day.

    RC - oh dear housework on a Saturday!

    Imp - hope you have a lovely evening and fun shopping!

    SaSaSi - sorry to hear you were so ill, how did you get on today?

    CA - congrats on ordering your pram! Exciting times :)

    Pep - so glad you are feeling more yourself. Its hard to pull yourself out of it and so glad you did it and so quickly. So happy your scan went well :)

    Wispa - enjoy all the visitors!

    AFM: I have had a productive weekend so far! Yesterday we put our notice in on our house so we have 2 months to find a house up north and move! H's work have okayed him to work from home a few days a week which means we can now move. Want to do it sooner rather than later for obvious reasons! Picked up my new (used) car today and I love it! then we went to look at prams so we could at least narrow it down and its between 2, we just need to decide how much we'll need a pram suitable to go off road or if a sling will do so we can go with the other lighter, slimmer one we've seen. Not going to order it yet but at least the decision has almost been made!

  • Evening!

    Sas I really hope you start to feel better soon, it sounds awful :( how was today?

    CA yay for the pram, I'm so glad you ordered it. Will you go and have a play whilst it's at your m&d's?

    Pep I'm so glad to see you back and to hear you so upbeat. I'm also glad your attitude to work has softened and hopefully now that the end is in sight it all seems less daunting. Yay for baby stuff starting to come together too.

    Wispa- glad your house is coming together. Enjoy it.

    Browny- how do you feel now you're free to move? Excited? It's lovely that you can do it now whilst still pregnant and get time to settle before the baby arrives.

    Well I've had a lovely day. We bought some cute baby clothes, been for a nice walk on the promenade and even had a nice cream. We're going out for tapas tonight ehich is happy feets favourite food- they have excellent taste! ;)

  • Morning ladies!

    Fig - Sounds like a lovely day yesterday, did you buy anything at the market?

    RC -been meaning to plant some pots myself but the move has distracted me! Hope you had a nice relax too :-)

    Imp - Glad you're having a lovely weekend in the IOM, hope your Mum had a lovely birthday. V v jealous of your tapas...yummy!

    SaSaSi - Hope,you felt better after your walk with your dog....sorry you're still suffering.

    CA - yay to wheels :-) glad you found something that suits your needs and at a bargain price too compared to  shops. Hope operation clearout is going well.

    Pep - Fab to see you and to hear you're feeling so much better. Great news that all went well with your scan too. Team yellow aren't you?

    Wispa - I'm impressed with your productivity this week lovely. Enjoy catching up with the ILs, and of course enjoy those cookies...yum!

    Browny - Great news on  moving front, and definitely agree with the wanting sooner rather than later...we're moving in April and it can't come soon enough! Hope you find something nice soon. Which prams have you narrowed it down to?

    AFM - H has done his back in, so we've had a pretty chilled weekend so far...just a quick trip to collect O's new bedding and birthday present (a balance bike so far, more to be added!), then I took O for a walk to the lake to feed the ducks...he loves it and was chatting away to them ;-)   Baby is also getting more wriggling the day, feels different this time so hoping I've escaped the anterior placenta this time round, I'd love to feel more this time :-) Need to get out of the house properly today else I'll go nuts, so hoping this weather stays nice so I can take O to the country park!

    Happy Sunday all x

  • Morning!

    RC, boo to tidying! Hope you managed to get finished fairly quickly. I love gardening  - what have you planted?

    Imp, glad you're having such a lovely weekend. Hurrah for cute baby shopping :) Tapas sounds perfect! Wishing you a safe journey home today lovely.

    SaSaSi, oh no, poor you! Hope you're feeling much better today x

    CA, you already know how excited I am that you've bought your pram! It's such a big deal! Hope operation clearout was a success :)

    Pep! We've missed you. So glad to hear that you're feeling much better and fab news about your scan too! We need to see the scan pic Mrs!

    Wispa, lovely to hear how much your new home is coming together. Hope the heartburn eases off soon.

    Browny, ooo exciting changes ahead for you! I hope you find the perfect home very soon. Great news about your car! Which prams have you narrowed it down to?

    Coco, wishing your H a speedy recovery. Bad backs are no fun. Love that O was chatting to the ducks :) Hope you manage to get to the country park today.

    We had a lovely day yesterday, we bought cakes from the market (be rude not to really!) and then walked along the coast to our favourite chippy. We walked miles, it was lovely. Then we came back to town and looked at cots and prams again. I think we're getting closer to making a decision. And then last night H felt the baby kick for the first time!! It was just the nicest day :)

    Today I'm working. Boo!!

    Hope everyone is having a lovely and chilled Sunday xx

  • Wispa - Have you moved now then?! Wow! Sorry - I need to go back and read the past threads to catch up clearly!

    Browny - Thankyou :) Another house mover! Is there something drive the move, or is it just a long awaited choice that never surfaced? What are the two prams you are debating between?

    Imp - Thanks Imp! Hope you enjoyed the tapas!

    Coco - Thank you :) Yes, team yellow! H said to me after that he would of liked to of found out.... Oops! I think everyone thought I'd crack but I didn't, and I'm glad! How old is O Coco? You've probably said before but my memory is like a sieve sometimes.

    Fig - Thanks :) Our scan photos are so rubbish :( They are so blurry and baby just looks like a big ant or something. Will take a photo to show you what I mean! I think thats why I want another scan, the photos don't do justice of my 21 week baby so I want photos to admire that do (i.e. ones that look like baby rather than a blur!). Your day sounds lovely yesterday - where do you live? I'd love to go walking around the coast!

    AFM - Nothing new to report since yesterday! Chill out day today :) I've got a bad back, its been that way for over a week now, not sure if its a trapped nerve. I thought it was pregnancy related but now think it is just a temporary glitch!

  • Oh actually, I do have something to report. I weighed myself this morning. I've put on 14lb exactly. :-| Oops.

  • Imp - hope you enjoyed the tapas!

    Coco - sorry your H has hurt his back. Hope he's on the men's very soon.

    Figaro - sounds like you had a lovely day yesterday! Hope today isn't too bad :(

    Pep - sorry to hear about your back. Mines been quite bad and is getting worse. I get a trapped nerve sometimes more so when I put on weight. My mw told me to contact her when it starts playing up and she'll refer me for physio but not sure how helpful that will be :/ I've always said I wanted to move back up north when we started a family. It'll be nice being near my mum and sister, nephews etc when the baby comes. I've put on quite a bit of weight too but I've been eating crap so it's my own fault!

    As for prams, I really like the oyster as it's so lightweight and easy to use/collapse etc. I'm 5ft 2 and a weakling so perfect for me, however we do go on walks sometimes, hoping to do more when baby comes so the other one we have seen is the britax affinity which is only slightly heavier than the oyster, bit bulkier but not much however it can go off road. It's also so easy to use as no adaptors and one button release car seat. 

    The extending handle is not as good on it as the oyster as it's one that doesn't slide up it twists up and down iykwim? Think I'm more swayed to the britax but think I need to go back for one more look to check how easy it is to push around for when I'm in town etc. I want both lol.

    The britax car seat fits in both so could get a second hand oyster aswell lol but that's a bit excessive having 2 prams! X

  • Also the britax has inflatable back wheels (better for absobing shock when off road) but I'm worried about punctures. H says he doubts it'll get many punctures if any as there won't be as much weight as say when on a bike, and the ladies in the shops have said they hardly sell the replacement inner tubes :/

  • Alright then, sat in Costa, I've got about half an hour on the internet before I need to do my shopping in tesco, and I'm going to spend it on here (and maybe a bit of online shop browsing!)

    Fig, your Saturday sounds like it was amazing!!  And narrowing down the decisions on cots and prams can be so tough, good for you!

    RC, did you get your pots planted for the garden?  I can't believe the spring bulbs have already been out for a couple weeks!  So unlike last winter!! (This is Kent, though, so might be different up North...)

    Imp sounds like you had an awesome foodie Saturday, too.

    Sas, I really hope you're feeling better.  Did you make it to the event and lunch?

    CA, yay pram! Yay baby kicks! Yay operation clear out!  All very exciting :)

    Pep, you have no idea how happy I was to read your update yesterday!  Just the tone of it was so different to your last posts.  I hope you'll be able to recognise any signs of going back down that road so you can head it off before it gets bad.  But then, baby isn't too far away now, right?  And yay also to baby purchases; we've done the same thing in that we have a couple plain onesies in the newborn sizes and 0-3 so we will have our bases covered whether baby is tiny or massive!  And yes, we moved on Monday, and I've gone all out all week to put together ikea furniture  and do up the nursery!  It has been EXHAUSTING.

    Browny, sounds great re moving!  I know you've got a post on the second page, so maybe the already answered the question about which prams you've narrowed to, but I'm stuck on the first page still, so ignore this if you've answered.

    Coco, the cookies were delicious!  I had to send my SIL and nieces home with a takeaway Baggie of them or I'd eat the lot!  Ouch for your H, but sounds like you've had a lovely weekend despite it.

    Phew.  Nothing new today, really just wanted to properly have a chance to read and respond.  Now to make a thread about the nursery because apart from no curtains, ITS DONE!

  • Fig - that really does sound a perfect day! Bet H was on cloud nine after feeling the kick :-)

    Pep -it really is lovely having that surprise, when O was born it was fab finding out we had a little boy...an extra incentive to push ;-) (but I know its 's a fab surprise regardless!) O is 23 months tomorrow, can't believe I nearly have a 2 year old! :O

    Browny - we have the oyster this time round, really wish I'd had it first time too! I like the affinity too, just felt oyster suited our needs better this time :)

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