****weekend 2nd tri********

Morning girls 

Happy weekend hope your all ok, nothing to report much from me apart from I had my first good night sleep in months so that feels awsome

Off to our friends triplets 1st birthday party today so will be surrounded by babies, just how I like it xxx


  • Enjoy your party!  And yay for a good night sleep!

    Not much for me this weekend it's just me and the doggie hubby's working back Sunday evening and my sisters just left to spend the weekend with her bf.. Was actually looking forward to a lie in but she's like a elephant getting up in the mornings and  he insists on picking her up early! I can't wait for her to move out lol.. She's been here since July and no proper job yet so it's not likely anytime soon! But I have said she has to get her act together and move out by the time the baby arrives!

  • Sorry that turned into a bit if a ranty/moan post sorry!

  • Morning NLH

    Enjoy your party today, after your good night's sleep xx

    Not much to report here, still in bed as H got up with M so I could have a lie in. Just getting up though, got some shopping to do this morning then M wants to go to the park. We will have a quietish day I think, got some housework needing done too. Quiet night in front of x factor tonight.

    Hope everyone is well and having lovely weekends xx

  • Oh god CC I know what its like having stroppy siblings hope your day turns out well

  • CC, oh no, can you get a lie in tomorrow? Hope you enjoy your weekend anyway x

  • Morning! Just had a lovely hotel breakfast (it's always nicer when someone else cooks it!), and about to start getting ready for the wedding. Probably won't get on again until tomorrow so hope you all have lovely weekends. Hoping I look pregnant in my dress for today rather than a bit tubby!

    Weekender - glad you had a bit of a lie in! Enjoy your quiet day.

    NLH - hope you feel refreshed after a good nights sleep - sounds like you'll need the energy for the party!

    CC - must be hard having your sister living with you...I can't imagine living with my brother again! Hopefully if you have a quiet day you can sneak in a little afternoon nap!

  • NHL she's 42 though lol!!!!

    Weekender yes can get a lie in tomorrow but will be Sod's law that I will wake up early now haha!

    Sounds like you have a nice day planned enjoy it :)

  • I am sure you will look lovely  flossy!

    And yes it's a bit of a nightmare and feel a bit of a strain I get angry with hubby a bit easier not sure if that's pregnancy or just general stress  really lol! It's hard  but hoping she will move out in the new year at some point she has until the end of April haha!

  • Morning everyone!

    NLH - Awesome about the sleep, enjoy the party!

    CC- I think you're a saint! I'd be killing my brother within five minutes. Hope it's not too stressful for you.

    Weekender- Quiet day sounds lovely, especially if the weather is as  horrid near you as it is here!

    Flossy- Hotel breakfast sounds yummy! Hope you have a lovely day, I'm sure you'll look lovely in your dress - I bet you're far more 'glowing' than you realise!

    AFM, been up since daft o'clock so made some christmas cards and hubby and I mucked around a bit with some new picture frames... though nothing actually hung up yet (that would be too much like organised!) We're off to see 'Gravity' this afternoon and then a lazy evening as have the in-laws over for Sunday lunch tomorrow. Feeling super lazy and not at all like cooking but at least roasts are nice and easy.

    Not sure whether I should be off to third tri or not yet (is it 27 or 28 weeks? I forget!) so will hang round here for a bit I think!! Third tri seems a bit scary anyway.... (Yes I am a wuss and in denial!)

  • Nhl have fun at party :) triplets sound like hard work x

    Cc hope your sister gets sorted soon enjoy the peace and rest

    flossy enjoy the wedding x

    weekender enjoy your day and chill out tonight

    afm took l swimmming tyre blew on way home so H not happy :( just got two new tyres last week for front so he is off now to get new back one :( not a good day....freezing now too as did not take jacket to pool so going to have to crank heating up x x most likely doing nothing this weekend....x
  • Hi Rose thinks it sometime around 27 and 28 weeks....I always remember someone saying on 3rd tri thread last time welcome we have real babies over here eek scary x
  • Rose - I think it'a 28 weeks but I have no idea.. haha! But stay here until your ready we don't mind! final tri seems scary too me too! I am scared just being in 2nd tri board haha!

    ABC - That's poop about your car tyre :( hope it's not too expensive!

    I am looking and planning the nursery, I am mega excited now that we have nursery furniture on order! Anyone got idea's about what they are doing? We are looking at jungle theme (not finding out the flavour) so wanted some bright colours! Found some stickers on amazon of monkeys and lions etc.. so going to hopefully get them and then do some painting!

  • Ooh cc we have a jungle theme in L's nursery its lovely cant post pic just now as on phone but will later x
  • Oh thank you!

    The one's on google are amazing but so out of what we could achieve! So want what real people do lol!

  • Great news NLH!

    Oh dear CC! That would wind me up too :)

    W/E sounds like a lovely weekend day, good one!

    Flossy - have a wonderful day.

    Rose - could you give us a quick report back on Gravity please? Hubby wants to watch it, I'm resisting!

    ABC - do as little as poss and enjoy!

    We had a HUGE meal at Jimmy Spices in Solihull last night, then Billy Joel at Birmingham was absolutely blooming amazing! Currently browsing Oxford. I'm sheltering whilst hubby puts money on the car ticket. Very excited about tomorrow, Harry turns 17 and has a 2 hour driving lesson. He messed up his provisional licence so I went a bit nuts at him, we sent it off next day delivery last Sat morn and... it just arrived. Phew! Have invited mum and sis to secretly be at ours when he returns, for cake and snacks. In the evening we'll have dinner out and then drinks and I think Harry's dad is joining us (Harry, hubby, dog and I) for a pint or two so that will be really nice for Harry. :)

  • Thanks ladies, will def stick around a bit longer either way!

    Counter, I quite enjoyed Gravity, although we saw it in 3D which was very expensive so not sure I'd bother with that again. I thought some of the things that happened were a bit daft but hubs assured me that the majority of it could happen (aside from a few things but I won't spoil the plot!) It's probably worth a watch although at the risk of sounding sexist maybe more of a bloke's movie (or a space lover!)

  • I did mock the boys for wanting to see it! Maybe it's a Sunday evening and snacks kind of a movie for us then, I won't rule it out. Thanks!

  • Hello everyone

    I've been rubbish coming on here in the last couple of days! Hope everyone is ok.

    NLH - Hope you had a good time at the party.

    CC - I have a couple of ideas about the nursery but its such a small room so not sure what we will be able to fit! Can't start it until after the dining room is finished but it seems to be finally getting there! I would ideally like to have started it by christmas.

    WE - Hope you are enjoying your quiet weekend.

    Flossy - Hope you had a great wedding, any pics of you in your dress?

    Rose - I was wondering this the other day. I don't know either! My books all seem to say different things.

    Counter - Hope you are having a lovely time for Harry's birthday. Must be scary knowing he will be able to drive soon!!

    AFM - Having a hectic weekend but luckily a lot quieter today because I'm knackered! Hopefully will get the housework done this afternoon and then round my parents for tea this evening which will be nice.

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