****weekend 3rd tri ****

Well can't sleep. Had take out last night and just so thirsty. Also think state of house is playing on my mind too. Congratulations to Isis great news last night. Today L has swimming and then im supposed to be getting hair done if I can get someone to watch L. Then going out with my h and some friends tonight for dinner x Hope everyone else still sleeping x x


  • I can't sleep either! Baby and daddy are asleep but I think I have a surplus of adrenalin lol

    I hate takeaways for making you thirsty then of course you end up weeing loads.
  • Oh Isis nice to 'see you ' hope your ok x x Bet your enjoying baby cuddles glad little one sleeping most likely after shock of quick delivery x x Enjoy your first day together x x
  • Hey ABC, takeaways leave me feeling ugh. This evening sounds like it'll be lovely. I slept poorly when the house was as its worse, hopefully you'll soon be back to normal.

    Isis, the shock of it all! Not surprised you're awake. There's some processing to be done there, lol. How fab though x

    I've dozed 3-4 hours max. Had too much pain to sleep. All very similar to labour pains without ramping up. I've struggled with moving around and all the pressure low and at the front was horrible too. Might call the hospital today and chat through the symptoms, if they don't stop. If not I'll just stay in bed all day. :)

  • Hey counter

    Sounds painful...I get really sore at night but it calms down in morning so I'm lucky. If you dont feel right no harm in calling x
  • Welcome to the weekend! Wide awake this morning, no chance of going back to sleep.

    ABC  - we ate out last night and I'm so thirsty now , but don't want to leave the warm bed! I'm also stressing about the state of the house so could have written your post! You're getting a new kitchen too aren't you? How's it going?

    Counter - sounds like an uncomfortable night. Might be worth giving them a call to put your mind at rest if nothing else. Hope you're not working today!

    Isis - nice to see you here! Can't believe the day you had yesterday, must be quite surreal! Did they take you into hospital once she arrived or did you get to stay at home all the time?

    Going to brave  bluewater today I think as we seem to have accumulated lots of John Lewis vouchers! Then attempt to tidy some of the house as we need to try to get our room decorated next week so there's room for the crib. Nothing like leaving it all till the last minute! Luckily I have Monday off work but have bought some work home as there's just too much to do before I finish. Have my baby shower tomorrow...I hate being centre of attention though so although I'm kind of looking forward to it I'm also dreading it all little. Sure it'll be fun once I'm there!

  • Morning all!

    ABC that's a crappy early start! I can't settle if there's chaos in the house either though. How's the progress and do they have an end day? Hope its soon! Enjoy tonight!

    Isis hellooooo! Congrats again - can't wait to hear your full BS! Hope you are enjoying the newborn snuggles!

    Counter sound like a good plan to phone down and chat through your symptoms. Staying  in bed sounds like an excellent plan!

    I ended phoning mat assessment last night as I thought things might be starting as I was having regular tightenings and discomfort. Had a v off hand MW who dismissed me as I wasn't in enough pain which was probably the right reaction in the end as things seem to have settled overnight. Will get out for a walk today and perhaps dinner/cinema later.

  • Missed you flossy! Hope the shopping is a success and that you thoroughly enjoy the shower. I hate being the centre of attention too but you and bubs will be a spoilt rotten and I'm sure have a fabulous afternoon!

  • Flossy - how long do you have left at work now? Braving Bluewater, rather you than me! Hope you come back with some lovely stuff :) Enjoy the shower, it will be fun!

    Sweetpea - maybe you're starting off then, slowly but surely... Maybe the next day or two will see some progress. Is it Monuments Men you might see at the pictures? Let me know if it's worth the trip. I think it looks great.

  • Morning all! Abc I felt the same about the house when our decorating was at it's peak. Your kitchen is looking fab though! Isis huge congratulations again, hope you get some rest today. Counter I'm sorry you had a crappy night. Might well be worth a call to the hospital. Flossy hope blue water isn't too busy and you get some nice bits. Sp glad things settled over night, or not as I still reckon you won't be long!! Get walking!!
  • AFM no more work until December!!! Yay!! Not sunk in yet. So tired last night but up in the night with p being sick. I hope it was just too much cake! Hopefully going to a farm this morning and then pub lunch for her birthday outing. I also almost called triage last night with more weird stabbing pains but they settled once I'd lay on the sofa awhile. Mw has referred me back to hospital to review baby size in a couple if weeks. His head is very low and burrowing down (feet in ribs still!)
  • and she said there is a chance that'll set things off earlier. So I finished packing my hospital bag last night to be be sure I won't need it yet!!! Enjoy Saturday everyone!
  • Counter, just thought, did you hear about your urine sample? Could it be uti related? I'd def ring and probably asked to be checked out cos it could well be easily sorted.

    Thanks everyone, I'm still stunned tbh, must write a proper birth story! Just looking at my phone and I first called mw at 16.27, she was born at 17.14 so no wonder they didn't get here lol
  • Flossy we've not left the house, it was a planned home birth so no need to go anywhere. I had drugs (vit k etc) in my fridge already.
  • Isis what did she way and does she have a name yet?
  • Weigh not way!
  • Ah I didn't realise you'd planned a home birth Isis. Although I'm sure you weren't planning on it being quite that quick! Have you even thought about names yet?

    SP - my bet is that you won't quite make it to your due date! I quite fancied seeing Monuments Men but a few people at work put me off. They're all real film buffs though (part of the job!), so they can be really picky. Still might see it, if only for a bit of George Clooney!

    AR - hope you and P have a lovely day today.  Glad you're organised, better to be safe, sounds like the midwife seems pretty certain you'll be in another early arrival!

    Counter - I have two more weeks left at work, can't believe you have even longer! Really thought the commute would be killing me now, but actually it's not that much worse than normal, maybe because I'm taking my time rather than rushing. An 8-month bump still doesn't mean a seat on the tube though!

  • Morning everyone :)

    ABC, how's the kitchen coming along? Your day sounds good, enjoy!

    Isis, congratulations!! Were you planning a pool birth? I can't remember...does she have a name yet? So pleased for you xx

    Flossy, nice weekend planned there, what are you getting at john Lewis? I love their stuff x

    SP Hope this ia the start of things for you xx

    AR, enjoy a day out with P, hope she's ok now. These babies are proving troublesome aren't they? Hope you don't need that bag for at least three weeks x

    AFM, TERM TODAY!!!!! Usual paranoia, and getting really uncomfortable movements but can't complain, just happy to be where I am. It's my mum's birthday so my brother sister and niece abd nephew are coming round for a wee tea party. I need to make a jelly but that's it, even bought the fairy cakes from Tesco so.I didn't have to make anything...it's a surprise too though so couldn't have made stuff without her knowing anyway. Will be nice to see everyone too. So that's our plans for today. That and not having a baby obviously haha

    Hi to anyone on later....section4, how are you feeling after the iron infusion?

  • Hi everyone, just poking my head in as I'm 3rd tri today I think, eek! I'll be back to do personals later or tomorrow as we're out for the day, but wanted to say hi and happy weekend to everyone.

  • She was 7lb8 and 57cm, she gets her height from her daddy! Still can't believe I fit her inside me.

    Was meant to be in the pool but I didn't get chance. No name yet, I can't decide!
  • Wow Isis, M was 7lb 7.5 and 58cm, how close!! I did think you were planning on using the pool but suspected if wouldn't have been filled that quickly!

    Have you got a short list of names?

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