****Weekend 3rd Tri****

Morning ladies think I'm going to have a relaxing weekend. Had a rubbish nights sleep, was woken at about 1.30am with period type pains that I had for most if the rest if the night. Started to time them at 5.30 and they were averaging every 7 minutes. But since I've been up and about they have calmed down again. will see how I go today, may spend some time on my ball. 

H is working this morning but will be home lunchtime to spend the rest of the weekend with us. 

Hope you all have lovely weekends x



  • Hi banzy, take it easy, hope you have a relaxing day and no more pain.

    Afm, lazy day too. No sign of builders again but I'll deal with it Monday. I plan to stay in bed as long as possible and only get up to move to the sofa. Got mum over tomorrow and we will head out for Sunday lunch which will be the most strenuous thing I do all weekend , bliss x

  • Morning ladies.

    Banzy I hope this is signs of something happening for you! The ball might just do the trick now!

    Mrs P lazy day sounds awesome. Were the builders supposed to be there today?

    AFM I'm really really struggling with sleep. I've tried everything, I have a body pillow, I've got extra pillows, I've slept on top of another duvet. I'm so sore when I try to sleep and just so uncomfortable. I fell asleep ok last night but woke after a couple of hours needing a wee and when I got back to bed I was aching and I had the super wriggly baby to top things off. I have to confess I had a bit of a bubble in bed last night.

    I'm off work next week to get stuff down around the house and make a start to the nursery if possible so I'll take every opportunity for sleep I can and see if I'm any better x

  • Mrs P - your lazy day sounds lovely

    Miss DD - really feel for you with the sleep. Mine has only got bad the last couple of weeks, hopefully yours will improve a little x

    Feeling really achy and heavy but pains are quite light again so think it may have just been teasing me last night, I'm already beginning to dread night times though because I get so uncomfortable!


  • It's on the move, Banzy! I'm also loving the thought of the lazy day.

    Misdede; I also cried with frustration at my inability to sleep the other night. xx

    AFM, I've got a busy making day ahead. I sell my jams/chutneys at a local market and need to make chilli jam, rosemary jelly, apple & mint jelly and port and elderberry jelly today for a craft fair I have coming up. the stock I had made in anticipation of it has sold, so I've got a panic on that I won't have enough stuff.

    Tomorrow we're sorting out the nursery as it's been making me edgy that it isn't mdone yet. I'm 31+6 and there's just a big heap of baby stuff in there. H did buy a lovely Winie the pooh wall transfer; that made me cry too. I'm a wreck!! He's not given to shows of emotion, so I was really touched.


  • Sange, that wall sticker is lovely!

    And I love the sound of Apple and mint jelly, it's so difficult to find the last time I found some I had to freeze some!

    MDD, Thursday was the 4th time they were supposed to come and finish off, we haven't paid them a penny yet so their loss!

  • Ooh Banzy, every 7 mins is definite progress! I doubt you'll make it to your due date at this rate.

    MrsP, sounds like a lovely weekend. You've made me want to go out for Sunday dinner tomorrow!

    MDD, lack of sleep is really miserable Sad Would taking a paracetamol last thing at night help ease the pains enough to get some sleep?

    Sange, your busy weekend sounds lovely and 'homey'. I am in awe of your craftiness!

    AFM, I feel rubbish today. I was meant to be meeting some MDers for lunch but I threw up this morning, feel really sick (have forced down breakfast and still feel sick), and my pelvis is incredibly painful. It's right at the front - the SPD crappy bit - which I'm trying to take as a good sign as the baby must have shifted down further and is pressing on the joint. I spent a total of about 4 hours on my ball yesterday which may have helped move baby down, but the ball has also deflated slightly so I was sat with my knees too high which has probably made my hips sore.

    I also started again with the period pains yesterday late evening (combined with rock solid bump, but no pain higher so thinking braxton hicks) and they were there on and off all night. I don't *think* they woke me up - I think I only woke up for toilet trips or clunky pelvis - but they were happening whenever I was awake. Managed to stay in bed til 10.30 and they're still going this morning. I get an odd sensation at the same time of my heart beating harder - sort of like a palpitations type feeling, but I've taken my pulse as it happens and it's not quick or irregular, just strong and lasts exactly as long as the hard bump (maybe 30 seconds?). Any ideas?!

  • Morning Ladies!

    Banzy- sound like you have  relaxing weekend planed, enjoy. Keep us update on the pains!

    MrsP- your day sounds very similar to mine. going to make myself walk to the supermarket though to try and get some fresh air! Not sure when that will be though still in pjs!

    MissDD- that sounds horrid, I hope you manage to catch up on some sleep next week!!

    Sange- i feel th same, the 'nursery' is full of bags and boxes and the clothes horse covered in laundry! H seems to think the beginning of Dec is when we need o start sorting it but im not convinced!! Id like to be  a bit more prepared than that!

    Mrs50s, im sorry you arent well today, I hope it doesnt last!

    AFM- another laszy day planned. H has just left and wont be home until about 2am! Will have a trip to the supermarket and try and sort some stuff out in the nursery! Looking forward to our NCT lunch tomorrow after our breastfeeding session!

    Had a bit of lower back ache this morning but in comparison to what some of you ladies are suffering with, i can't really complain!!

  • Hi all, I'm having a sneaky break from decorating. Its bloody knackering!

    Banzy - sounds promising!

    MrsP - I was expecting carpenter at 10am this morning. He has rang once to say he is running late but still no sign of him!

    MDD - I'm with you on the rubbish sleep. Doesn't help that I'm bed hopping (that was such a different phrase when I was at uni, LOL) in the middle of night when toddler wakes.

    Sange - not my sister are you? She makes weird chutneys, her own oatcakes and whatnot and sells them when she working at cheese fairs (she lives on a goat farm!)

    Mrs50s - boo to feeling sick, although it might be the start of something - I threw up all thru labour last time. (Sprinting back+forward to loo, wasn't quite the peaceful vision I'd had of labouring at home!). No idea of the racing/not racing heart thing - might be painless contractions affecting all your core/muscles tho?

    MrsB - lazy wkd sounds fab. I could do with one!!

    AFM - tackling the gigantic task that is the hall/stairs/landing decorating project. My parents have taken LO out. H is currently a bit "sanding happy" which an electronic sander and I was helping, but currently on sofa, cup of tea in hand!  Hoping to clean the dust storm shortly and get started painting the ceiling.

  • Enjoy your nursery sorting, Mrs Bass - and lunch tomorrow of course!

    HF - painless contractions sound good, I'm holding onto that thought Wink I hope we're going to get before and after pics of all this decorating!

  • HorseFan- make sure you have lots of those tea breaks!

    Well the heavens opened so i ended up driving to the supermarket, this meant i ended up buying much more than I would have if i had walked. This included an unnecessary large selection of sweets, a pack of donuts (already eaten 3) and ingredients to bake a lemon drizzle cake! Ooops!

  • Sange - your jams & chutneys sound lovely!!

    Mrs 50s - you pains sound similar to mine although mine kept waking me up. Hope you're feeling a bit better now.

    Mrs B - enjoy your lunch tomorrow.

    HF - hope the decorating gas gone well today and you've fitted in lots of tea breaks.

    Pains have come to nothing through the day, just jeep getting a hard stomach and a bit of pushing really low but it's not regular so guessing its BH. Planning on making Halloween eyeball cakes in the morning with ivy, didn't want to leave it until next weekend just in case. Ivy was born at 38+5 so you never know!

  • Hi everyone... I know I haven't posted for a while but thought I'd poke my head back round! So tired I'm not going to do personals today sorry.

    So jealous of all these lazy days!! I had a really busy day today after a really busy week, I've been struggling not to fall asleep at my desk this week! 14 more days at work then 2 weeks AL then ML so pleased to be finishing! I've had pains across the bottom of my bump for a few days but baby seems happily kicking away so I'm going to assume it's all normal. Got my 4d scan booked for Monday evening. They said we can stay on team yellow but does anyone know how they manage this? And hopefully going for my first foray into pram shopping either tomorrow or Monday afternoon.

  • Morning ladies, 2 rubbish nights sleep for me :-(

    Banzy - Hope that if you have anymore pains they are the real deal! Enjoy your baking.

    MrsP - Hope you have a nice Sunday lunch x

    Mdd - I feel your pain! Surrounded by so many pillows etc that getting out of bed for a wee is like an assault course!

    Sange - Enjoy the preserve making and hope you get some progress with the nursery.

    Mrs50s - Hope you're feeling better today. Not sure about the heart but maybe worth asking the midwife when you see her?

    Mrs Bass - Hope your back feels better soon. I like your sweet tooth, sounds like me!

    HF - Good luck with the decorating!

    Jem - Really hope the next couple of weeks go quickly for you so you can enjoy not working. Not sure on the scan, presumably they will just try their best to not let you see the baby's nether-region!

    AFM - It's our 1st wedding anniversary today so we're off for a massage and day out then having dinner and staying the night at our wedding venue. Although I'm a few weeks away from EDD yet, I've been worrying all week that baby will decide to put in an appearance and spoil our plans, fingers crossed that he/she stays put. I've also got a bump photoshoot booked for tomorrow afternoon so want to have the bump in place!

  • Morning everyone

    Jem - 14 days will fly by, make sure you flash a pic of your scan

    BE - happy anniversary!! Sounds like a lovely few days you have planned.

    The weather is again rubbish here! I has given us a bit of a lay in and we went to bed earlyish so I feel like I've gad a really good night. No more pains, my mum and dad have now gone on holiday so ideally baby can wait for another week now.

  • Hi Jem, enjoy your scan tomorrow!

    BE, happy anniversary! Sounds like you have a lovely couple of days planned, I hope we get bump shoot photos too!

    Banzy, I'm glad it's not just my parents who disappear when their daughter is heavily pregnant Wink Mine had booked an Italian holiday before they knew we were pregnant (think it was before we knew in fact) and they left on Weds - they're due back in the early hours of this Weds, so day after I'm due! They did vaguely offer not to go but they already missed a holiday to Italy earlier in the year as Dad was poorly so it seemed silly, and it's not like mum's my birth partner or anything.

    I had *hoped* I'd have some exciting news for you but it appears not! All yesterday I was getting the intermittent tightenings - painless, but accompanied by the stronger heart beat and a rock solid bump. By late evening they were close enough together and lasting long enough that I downloaded a contraction timer, and they moved from 20 mins apart to about 10 mins apart, and were lasting about 55 seconds.

    I went to bed thinking I'd be able to sleep anyway and did get to sleep fairly easily (thanks to hypno CD I think!) and then woke up at 2am with the same 'contractions' but accompanied by strong period-type pain. I think I had about 4, then heartburn got really bad so I had to sit up - it was 2.25am so looked like they were quite close together. I felt really cold (despite the fact it was milder here last night than in has been for ages AND we'd shut our windows - I've been so hot for months that I've been sleeping starkers with the windows open!) so I got a dressing gown on and went to the toilet, and - apologies for TMI - had a big clearout which never happens to me in the night. Back to bed and still having 'contractions', couldn't sleep for literally hours so ended up killing time playing solitaire on my phone!) Finally got back to sleep sometime after 5am.

    Woke up at 8.30am and nothing since - so frustrating! Yesterday evening / middle of the night I'd have quite confidently said I thought it would happen overnight tonight, but now it feels miles away again. I came downstairs for breakfast and haven't moved from my birthing ball yet! In a while I'll get showered and dressed and head out for a walk, then do some stable chores as that seemed to get things going yesterday. I was lying in bed thinking of all the millions of little jobs we needed to do, so poor H woke up to a list this morning!

  • Hi Jem- you will get to put your feet up soon!! ow exciting about the scan, not sure how they will hide that from view!!

    Banzy- I definatly have a sweet tooth, currently eating toast with way too much chocolate spread on!Happy Anniversary!

    Who else had a bump shoot recently, did we ever get a flash?!

    Banzy- fingers crossed baby stays put for a while!

    Mrs50s- it sounds as though things are starting to happen!!! fingers crossed for you!

    My mum was due to visit my brother and his family in Switzerland for xmas this year along withe my other brother and his family. She canceled when she founfd out my due date but then she has been on about 4 holidays this year already!

    Im feeling tired and grumpy this morning, H got in about 3am which woke me up and I was wide awake! couldn't get to sleep or get comfy and trying to avid his cider breathe from across the bed! when I finally did get to sleep I have a really vivid dream. Seem to be having really vivid dreams most nights now, anyone else?

    Anyway, we are up and ready (although Im sure h is still half asleep!) and ready to go and learn all about breast feeding!

    Enjoy your sundays!

  • BE, happy anniversary xxx

    Jem, yeay for 15 days, enjoy the countdown.

    At my 4d scan they started on the 2d scan to select the part to focus on, so on mine it was all head, there was no way we would have seen by accident unless the 2d revealed, but again they had to go for weird 2d angles for us to find the sex , a real money shot if you like. Enjoy it, can't wait to see a pic!

    Afm, our lazy day yesterday was rudely interrupted by the builders coming to finish the drive! Looks ace and I now don't have to worry I'll go into labour driving over the potholes. Now we just need the joiner to come back and finish the cupboards!

  • Mrs P- Glad they finally turned up to finish the drive!

    Breastfeeding class was good, was a little random when she had a Fraggle rock style hand puppet suckling on knitted boob but the rest wa interesting!

    Had a lovely lunch with the NCT gang after too!

    Butt is firmly placed on the sofa now and will remain there for the afternoon!!

  • Well I'm disappointed the full moon didn't bring on babies!

    I am shattered - another full day decorating. Its looks good (and yes, I'll flash pics when done) but its not finished yet!!

  • Evening all

    Had a nice day at home with the family. sorting the house out and making sure all baby stuff is ready. Feeling happy and organised. No more pains today but lots of movement from baby so seems like they are happy to stay in there. Made our Peanut butter eyeball cookies so thought I would flash them.

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