****Weekend 3rd tri****

Morning all

a weekend of decorating ahead of us, hopefully get to the paint on the walls by Sunday and go and pick a carpet too! 

night 1 without the dummy for I last night, went better than I thought, no turning back now!

baby is very active, struggling to get comfy day and night now.

hope you all have good weekends x



  • Morning Banzy, good work on getting rid of the dummy. Although in my experience the next few nights will be harder when they realise its gone for good!  We have zero plans this weekend and we are all still in our pyjamas. If the rain holds off as promised we will probably go to the park later or maybe swimming.

    Enjoy the weekend everyone



  • Morning noggin, quiet on here today. Yes I'm prepared for tears again tonight, she looked so sad last night when she realised she wasn't getting her dummy!

    Sounds like a lovely relaxing weekend, not long till it gets extra busy for you!

  • Morning ladies! This is a quiet thread this weekend, Hopefully everyone is off having lots of fun this weekend!

    Banzy- hope you are managing to get lots of rests in your busy DIY weekend! How did night 2 with no dummy go?

    Noggin- hope the weather stayed nice for you!

    I had a nice trip to the hairdressers y.day, could have easily fallen asleep while my head was in the basin being massaged! I agreed to meet my friend in Ikea after to help her get some supplies for her party. (that was a mistake, was far too hungry and tired) To kill time i popped into mothercare and ended up spending £60!

    My friend told me off for buying stuff as "people will get you so much stuff" but i dont think people are going to get us sheets for the crib....are they?

    I also spotted the changing bag I've had my eye on with 20% off in mamas & papas. Trying to decide if i should get it! I have the free one from Boots but not sure if it will be sturdy & big enough! Anyone used it before?

  • Morning mrs bass - I used the boots one last time for a bit when my other one broke. It was ok but wouldn't have been big enough for the newborn days I don't think. It's also nice to buy yourself a new pretty one, I say go for it!!

    We've been to pick our new carpet for our bedroom this morning and H and my dad are getting the colour on the walls today. I'm not feeling great today, a bit sick. Baby has been kicking in really painful places. Seeing the midwife on Tuesday so will find out what position baby's in and why it's hurting so much.

    Night 2 without the dummy went brilliantly, no mention of it and she slept right through!

  • Thanks Banzy! The M&Ps one ive seen isnt exactly pretty mind!

    I had a wave of sickey feeling earlier too, luckily it didnt last too long!

    Ive been playing the perfect wife today. Its the first sunday H hasnt been gigging on on his way back from a gig/festival in ages and he wanted to got to our favorite pub in town for a roast. Then to a couple of new pubs that he hasnt been able to check out yet. I patiently sipped on my OJ and lemonade while he slowly got tipsy then drove us home! Now im looking forward to apple crumble & custard & brand spanking new Downton! yay!

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