***~**Weekend 3rd Tri**~***

Morning All, hope we all have some lovely plans for the weekend and looking forward to seeing some BA's :)

A had a lovely birthday on Thursday and was thoroughly spoilt! Unfortunately she hasn't realised she is meant to be a 'Fabulous Four' now and is still very much acting like a Threenager. Three presents have been confiscated already!! That aside she was very excited to go school shoe shopping yesterday and I found it quite emotional. Goodness knows what mess I will be on her first day!!

We are spending the weekend at my IL's down in Kent, doesn't look like beach weather today so not sure what our plans are. A cuppa is calling me so howdy to all that follow and enjoy the long weekend!!



  • Morning Noggin, it's my first time posting in 3rd Tri! Enjoy these next couple of weeks before A goes off to school, bet these last 4 years have flown by? Raining here in Cornwall this morning so not sure what we'll be up to either.

    Hello to everyone else :-)

  • Morning.

    Noggin - school shoe shopping is very grown up and scary. I'm not looking forward to that in a couple of years times.

    BE - welcome to 3rd tri. Hope the weather btightens for you. Raining here too.

    Afm - I didn't go into labour watching the fireworks. much to everyone's disappointment. She is definitely too comfortable. It's chucking it down here. H is going to take D to the shops while I clean for my sister coming and hopefully have a nap. I didn't sleep well last night.

    Baby out vibes to those that need them x

  • Morning all

    Noggin glad A had a nice birthday, even if she is being a rascal now!

    BE welcome to 3rd tri!

    D shame no labour for you yet, is it tomorrow you have your sweep? Baby out vibes x

    AFM am on my phone so personals are rubbish, sorry. MW yesterday and baby is head down but she couldn't tell which way s/he was facing. NCT class from 10 - 4 today, no idea what we are covering but lots of snacks are being taken with! Baby out vibes to anyone who wants/needs them xxx

  • Morning all

    Noggin - glad she had a nice birthday, I think they go from a threenager to a fourteen year old!

    Be - welcome to the third tri- the final stretch!

    Daisy - sorry youre still waiting, lets hope a restless night is a good sign she is on her way.

    Pc - have fun at your NCT classes.

    AFM - today we are off to mothercare, asda and school shoe shopping! It's been raining all night here so it's a bit miserable today.

    Hello to all that follow

    Poppy  (36 weeks this weekend!)

  • Morning! yesterday BG mentioned a scan, Im not having one apparrantly I dont have anymore scans....Id love one though to give me a hint lol

    Noggin - enjoy your cuppa and the long weekend glad A had a nice birthday :)

    BE - welcome to third tri eep! seems to be raining everywhere it is up here in cheshire too :(

    Daisy - big hugs, baby out vibes chuck

    PC - enjoy your NCT class and your snacks hehehe

    PS - have fun at mothercare!

    AFM - well still a crappy sleep, still having awful braxtons around my back and tummy, Im so freaking tired. At least I will be prepared for insomnia due to feeds and nappy changes and general give me a cuddle cries hehehehe. Hi to all who follow xxx

  • Morning all!

    Noggin, have a nice weekend with the in laws. Hope the weather picks up - it's slightly gloomy and has been raining here but is STILL too hot!

    Welcome to 3rd tri BE, nice to see you over here!!

    Daisy - lots of baby-out vibes coming your way. xx

    Popcorn - glad baby is head down. I asked my MW the same question yesterday (although it was 31 week appointment so a bit early really) and she says baby is head down and she thinks maybe with it's back to my left side. I know they like to stay sideways for some time, I just hope it turns the right way towards the end and doesn't go back to back! Enjoy your NCT class.

    Poppy - enjoy your day of shopping - I recommend lots of stops for tea and cake Wink

    AFM - lunch out today with an ex-colleague which I'm really looking forward to. Then just enjoying a relaxing weekend (I hope!) as last week nearly killed me being back at work! Only 3 days in work next week though, then 4.5 the week after, then the final 5 days and I'm free!!

  • Sorry Luna, missed you there! I'm with you on the crappy sleep - like you, I think at least I'm well rehearsed for a newborn!

  • hehehe Mrs50's I wish we were less prepared I must look brilliant but cant face looking in the mirror hahahaha x

  • Morning gang,

    N - hope you're havig fun down in Kent. Weather is meant to be a lot brighter tomorrow if you're still there?

    BE - welcome to the big girls' club!

    D - baby out vibes (if you still need them? #hopeful)

    Pc - hope the NCT class was good and you have a good bunch of fellow parents-to-be.

    PS - hope you got all you need. I bet the shops were packed yesterday!

    Mrs50's - hope you're havig a much needed relaxing weekend, that's not many working days left!

    Luna - I suffered from pregnancy insomnia last time, and to a lesser degree this time, I didn't struggle with night feeds at all as my body was so used to it, in fact I got more sleep than I did when pregnant.

    AFM - Had a fairly quiet day yesterday, went to Ikea to get some drawers which H has now built along with the crib. He's going to take A out this morning (in the rain?!) so I can get on tidying away the huge pile of baby stuff in the spare room.

    Popping over to a friend's housewarming this afternoon, and as we're in the area hoping to have a second viewing of a house if the EA gets back to us in time. Didn't sleep much last night, too many thoughts about potential house move in my head, spent most of the night on rightmove.

    Hope you all stay dry today!

    BG 37+2 (7 days until 1st September... Baby in vibes until then!)

  • Morning.

    Still no baby. Lots of crampy pains this morning. Hoping for some good news from mw later. Had an awful night with D. she woke at 4 and would. not go back to sleep. Thankfully H got up with her. Roll on nap time.

    Sorry no personals. Its a mad house here today x

  • Morning Daisy, hope the mw has some good news for you.

    AFM hubby is in work until 2pm Im debating going for a pub lunch rather than cooking, feel like my hips have gone :( so sore and the period cramps are still there. Seeing MW on wednesday, will have to ask about size of baby then. I am soooo tired and just feeling awful BG I hope I get to sleep better when she is here lol. hi to all who follow

  • Hi all, sounds like your all having nice weekends. It was our first wedding anniversary yesterday but the weather was crap so we spent the day constructing furniture for the nursery, its pretty much all done now and looks fab. We've been out for dinner today, which was lovely. Just chilling back at home tonight before we get anymore housework done. Sorry but no personals for me, threads too busy and im on my phone. Baby out vibes for daisy! Welcome BE! Baby out vibes for anyone else that may need them. X

  • Well midwife has been and gone. Gave me another sweep but I am not favourable for a natural labour anytime soon. Gutted. I have to expect a phonecall from the hospital on Tuesday when they've discussed the plan of action. MW is going to try and make it clear that I want to be induced sooner rather than later. My spd has me pretty much housebound. She didn't seem concerned by the cramps. So I might have a baby by the weekend and I might not. Just playing the waiting game. AGAIN!!!!

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