***Birth Announcement - *Sweetpea* *** - update with name and picture

Love I'm so honoured and utterly delighted to announce the safe arrival of a baby boy Baby boy for Sweetpea and Mr Sweetpea. Love

Baby boy born Sat 8th march at 9:16pm weighing 7lb 9oz. I've seen a first pic of the new parents and baby SP and he looks gorgeous, they look so proud and SP looks amazing!!

SP said everything went very fast so she had no pain relief, not even g&a so way to go!!

Will update with the name and a picture when I have them. 

I can hardly put in to words how happy I feel to be able to write this. SP you'll be an amazing mummy to your gorgeous little boy and I'm so so glad I was lucky enough to go through my pregnancy at the sametime as you. Endless congratulations to you and B from me, M and O. 

I can't wait to meet your little man!xx

Introducing Finlay James!! He's just so gorgeous!



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