***Christmas Eve 1st tri***

Hola peeps.

Sorry for my abscence these last few days, I'm away in Dublin so can only get on via rubbish wifi. I have been keeping up with you all though. 

Massive congrats to CA, you must be on cloud 9 to have seen your baby. What a lovely early Christmas present for you. 

Cj congrats on your scan from the weekend.

Bf congrats on your early scan.

*** Good luck to both Fig and Pep today. *** I'm sure you'll both be fine but I'm sending all my vibes anyway.

Afm I am 12 weeks today. Eeeeee! I'm still waiting to hear from the hospital about my risk, kind if expecting the phone to ring today. In some ways I hope it doesn't and that they wait until friday now. I'd rather forget it all for Xmas. 

My tummy feels bigger today, although I'm in bed still so I'm not actually up abe about so I can't see it. I brought my mat jeans though just in case and I think it was probably a good job. 

The boat over was horrific, people being sick everywhere. I just about managed to hold it together as it was a fast sailing of 2 hours. They've already cancelled our boat back so we're on the slow boat so hubs has suggested I fly alone and he gets the boat. i luffs him! 



  • Hello All,

    Please may I join?

    My Husband and I got our BFP last night - 1-2 on clearblue digi so very early days.

    Recently moved house so need to change doctors and let them know once the festivities are out the way.

    How have people managed to keep their pregnancy a secret, or haven't you? We're entertaining family next few days and I'm so excited I don't know how I can contain it!!

    Alipops xx

  • Morning!

    Imp, that boat journey sounds awful! Glad you made it, and hope you can fly next time. Congrats on reaching 12 weeks xx

    Alipops, that's great news. Had you been trying long? Wishing you a safe and smooth 8 months ahead.

    AFM, up early with this stupid cough and cold. It's decided, after a month, to turn into a proper cold. Great! Pregnancy wise, I think I'm realising yesterday's scan was a bit of a double edged sword. Yes, I'm thrilled there is something there, that there's a heartbeat, that it's not ectopic and hasn't implanted on my fibroid, but also I realise it's still very early days and anything could happen, and if the worst does happen, I think I'll be even more attached and upset having seen the scan. Aaargh WHY can't I just relax and be happy??

    This may be my last post here for a few days. Going to my parents today for Christmas, since I'm working tomorrow and Boxing Day, so in our family today has to be Christmas Day! I'll save presents for when I get in from work tomorrow, but dinner and Church will be today.

    To all who follow, have a very happy Christmas, good luck to those with scans today (I may pop back for a cheeky look!) and I'll see you soon xx

  • Morning girls!

    Imp - Bless your H, what a star! Hope the hospital ring Friday for you so you can relax over Christmas :-)

    Ali - Huge congratulations! 1st time round we told our immediate family as soon as docs had confirmed the pregnancy. I'm 6 weeks today and going to tell immediate family at Christmas as both our families have had a tough year so we want to round it off on a positive for them.

    BF - Aww lovely, I think it's understandable to worry after all you went through last time. Enjoy your Christmas today and hope work isn't too crazy over Christmas.

    AFM - Best sleep in about a week now I'm over my flare up. Telling my parents today assuming they're able to get here after yesterday's horrendous storm! Otherwise just a relaxing day...before bringing down O's presents tonight and attempting to construct his toy garage! Haha!

    Good luck Fig and Pep! Be thinking of you xxx

  • Thanks All,

    We've only been trying 3 months - but this month we really hoped we'd be in for a Xmas Gift and we have been so lucky!!

    We said we'd wait until 12 weeks, only 4 weeks at the moment so perhaps a bit early to tell family? Although I'm now nervous about trying to avoid alcohol and not being spotted, hence I'm tempted to tell my parents but OH's parents would tell all his siblings so probably best not to!

    I have been up ages thinking about things - I'm about 100 degrees, so hot, and a bit icky feeling.

    Must change doctors after xmas is done as we've moved house recently and I've never got round to it!

    Alipops x

  • Have you got anything in that looks like alcohol iyswim? Some fizzy schloer etc? Or pretend you have spirits/mixers? That's what I did last time to keep people off the scent! X

  • Imp - hope you get the phone call today and you have a smoother journey back.

    Alipops - Congratulations! Wishing you a smooth and uneventful 8 months.

    BF - Enjoy your Christmas day today!

    Coco - hope you have a lovely relaxing day.

    AFM - 12 weeks today! I'm going straight to work after my scan but I will try and sneakily post a picture whilst I'm there. H & I are both working today, tomorrow and Boxing Day so we're doing Christmas presents after work tonight then I'll see my parents Boxing Day morning.

  • Hey ladies on mobile so difficult for personals but wanted to say huge woohooos to BF and CA on their scans. How lovely just before Christmas.   Good luck today Ixia for your scan. Happy Christmas everyone!


  • Sorry ixia, I'd not realise it was yours too. Good luck lovely lady.x

  • Hi all. Just a flying visit - about to go shopping so no time to catch up on everyone's posts! Had scan, all fine :) Measuring 10+5 (backdated by 2 days) so couldn't do NT test. Now booked in for 9th January for them to do it (I'll be 13 weeks). Sulked a little as thought I'd get booked back in much sooner so we could start telling people, but have talked myself out of it and focusing on the fact it means another scan in 2 weeks when baby has grown even more :) We are going to tell our parents and possibly siblings today regardless. H parent's go away after New Years day and aren't back till end of Jan so would have to tell them before NT scan / results anyway. Quite strange, feel excited but also a bit 'oh god' about starting to tell people!

    Best of luck to Fig and Ixia for their scans xxx

  • Morning ladies,

    Imp, hurrah on being 12 weeks! Get those maternity jeans on Mrs :) Your boat journey sounds awful. Bless your H for suggesting that you fly back - I love him for that too! x

    Alipops, congratulations and welcome!

    BF, congrats for your scan yesterday.

    Coco, yey for a good sleep! Enjoy telling your parents, I hope they have a smooth journey.

    Ixia, good luck for our scan! Look forward to seeing a pic :)

    Ceejay, Happy Christmas!

    Pep, so pleased your scan went well, and glad you already have a date to do the NT - just means you get to see your baby again really soon :) Congratulations. We need a photo!

    AFM, we have a wriggler :) Little baby was doing full on acrobatic somersaults! No wonder I felt so queasy this morning lol. Measuring 12+5, so 3 days ahead of what I thought. It means I have less than a week left of 1st tri...eeeek!!! NT was 1.7, so just waiting for the bloods to come back now.

    Thanks for the good luck vibes, I'm so very relieved and absolutely over the moon xx

  • Oh, and she gave us a sneak peek of baby in 3D! It was amazing, and very alien-like! Lol

  • Will post a pic later when I'm back with the photos! Fig so pleased for you - what a fab photo too!

  • Congratulations Fig - lovely picture!

  • On phone so quick. Omg what a clear scan!!! Never seen such a clear one at 12 weeks. Wow!

  • Just popping on quick...

    Good luck Ixia, didn't realise today was the day :-)

    Pep - Glad all went well...enjoy telling your families, and getting an extra scan into the bargain! :-)

    Fig - What an amazing scan pic! You must be on cloud nine now.

    Ceejay & Saisi - hi ladies! X

  • Just a quickie to say how wonderful that we've had such fab scan updates recently, congrats to u all :) - and fig how amazing is that pic?!

    Merry Christmas everyone, I hope to be on in the near year with a positive update from my nuchal scan, much love xxx

  • Alipops- welcome and congrats!

    Bf enjoy your Xmas

    Coco I'm glad you managed a good sleep, enjoy Xmas Eve.

    Ixia I hope it's gone well.

    Cj hi!

    Pep I'm glad all was ok and you'll get to see your baby again.

    Fig I'm so bloody happy for you, lovely lady! Enjoy your Christmas Eve party tonight and enjoy telling your friend your lovely news.

    Saisi hi!

    Well I've got good news myself!!  We're low bloody risk! I just can't believe it and I'm in total shock. 1 in 6400.

  • Co- sorry I missed you there. Happy Christmas and "see" you in the new year.

  • Just nipping back to say great new scan pics, and great news Imp that you're low risk :-)

    So nice to see good news all round at the moment xx

  • Hi all sorry just a flying visit from me. It's been a busy day and I need to get ready to go out for dinner.

    I just want to say congratulations to a Fig and Pep in their scans. Awesome picture Fig.

    Ixia - how did your scan go??

    I also want to say thank you to everyone that sent me congratulations on my scan yesterday. I'm still over the moon.

    Happy Xmas everyone. Hope you have a fabulous day tomorrow xxxx

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