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Morning girls

Much better nights sleep last night. Plan for today - start packing hospital bag & an overnight bag for I to stay at grandparents, more washing and then maybe meet a friend this afternoon. Got my dad coming over this morning to help strip wallpaper in the bathroom. 

Hope you all have food Fridays x



  • Morning,

    Banzy- sounds like you have a busy day planned. Hope you get it all done.

    AFM off to bounce and rhyme at the library then meeting a friend and her lo for coffee.

    Woke up last night to find I had somehow managed to sleep more on my stomach than my side. So spent the rest of the night paranoid I had squashed the baby! She doesn't normally do much moving in the mornings but I'm hoping to feel some kicks soon to know she's ok!

    Baby out vibes to mrs50's if she wants them (she may not have a choice anyway!)

    JT 39+1

  • Morning ladies,

    Banzy- glad you had a better nights sleep. Good luck with starting the bag packing, im still only half way through mine! Think I am still in denial that I'm actually having a baby soon..

    JT- enjoy bounce and rhyme and the coffee. Im sure baby is fine and you haven't squished her! Hope she gives you some reassurance kicks soon.

    Afm- having a lazy morning. H is finishing half day and then we are off to get babies new wardrobe. This means we will actually have somewhere to put all of her stuff rather thanin a million bags and boxes! I think im a bit more ezxcited than I should be about getting a wardrobe...

    Just had a call off H. He has just spoken to SDs mum and she told him she took SD to have her ears pierced yesterday. H is fuming as he was really against it when she said last year that she was getting it done. She is 4 and H still thinks she is too young. She has obviously just avoided asking H's opinion as she knew that he would still be against it.

    Hope everyone has a lovely day!

  • Banzy - fab you slept better and I am defo planning on a food Friday :o)

    JT - I'm sure baby would have let you know if they were feeling squished, good excuse for some chocolate and a cold drink to make them wriggle for ya though :o)

    Sam - glad its not just me - I appear to be doing all the right things (I think) but deep down - I'm not convinced that a baby will actually arrive! I'm not surprised he is fuming - I would be too, grr to not even asking.

    AFM - WFH this morning then 1 meeting this pm, then getting my nails done for my mates wedding tommo - v. excited!!!

  • Morning all, Happy Friday!

    Banzy- sounds like quite a chilled out day, enjoy!

    jellytot- Im sure she is fine, there is plenty of fluid  etc protecting her!

    Sam-it is exciting getting organised! yikes- did your SD want them don? can they decide at 4?!

    AFM- Woke up this morning with cramp in the middle of my foot! luckily it didnt last as I have no idea how to get rid of it from my foot! Meeting a friend later for lunch then im going to the venue for my birthday party to sort out the final details, exciting! The band that played at our wedding have a local gig tonight so thinking about going with a couple of fiends but the venue always gets so packed, there is no seating and there will be some crazy drunken dancing, its not really all that appealing now! H is going to be away all weekend gigging so need to decide how to keep myself occupied!

  • Morning!

    Banzy - eek scary packing!

    JT - I'm sure baby is fine but maybe a bit cross ;) Hope you get lots of wriggles soon.

    Sam - enjoy the new wardrobe. It's lovely being able to tidy things away and make the baby stuff feel more permanent rather than just being piled up everywhere.

    AFM - feeling better today, which is good as I have a busy day ahead. I need to go and collect the Tesco shop and being it home, then am meeting some old uni friends for lunch. We haven't seen each other in 10 years! One of the girls is on holiday here from Canada at the moment. Then home to make cupcakes for my baby shower tomorrow, and finally H and I are going to Malmaison for dinner as a final posh date before baby is here - very excited about this!

  • weeme- enjoy getting pampered!!

  • Weeme - hope the day goes fast so you can get to the pampering but. Enjoy the wedding tomorrow!

    Mrs Bass - could you go tonight but stand at the back out of the way? Maybe if you look a bit pregnant and sad somebody will magically find a seat for you from somewhere if needed ;)

  • Mrs Bass I like Tina's idea re the magic seat - I'd give that a whirl :o)

    Tina - enjoy date night - very exciting!!! We planned to go out last night but were both so tired - we ended up having oven chips instead! Rock and very much roll!!

  • Tina- sounds like you have a very exciting day and evening planned!!! Lucky you!

    Not sure about the magic seat, they do have some sofas up to the side of the stage, this is where i sat when H had a gig there a few weeks ago but u have to get there early to get them and  u still have to fight ur way through the crowd to get to the bar and loos! I sound like i right grump but im really going off the idea! They are such a popular band i know the place will be chocker!

  • JT- enjoy bounce and rhyme and hopefully you've now had some good kicks from baby.

    Sam - enjoy your relaxing morning, I know what you mean about being excited about wardrobe shopping, I felt the same when we got ours last week.

    Weeme - hadn't even noticed it said food, stupid predictive text!! Although a food Friday does sound good :-) Enjoy your pamper, I love a wedding!!

    Mrs Bass - sounds like a nice day, very exciting party planning!!

    TT - sounds like a busy day, but with lots of fun things planned!!

  • Hi all, just a quick one from me as on my phone. Been super tired past couple of days and slept in until 8am this morning. (LO did too - thank you god of sleep!!). Been to Playstop gym this morning, off to see my nag shortly and then might wander into town for a browse round the French market that is apparently on

  • Sam I don't blame your H for being mad. I know its personal choice but I hate seeing little ones with their ears pierced

    Weeme enjoy the wedding, hope the weather is dry for you

    MrsBass I would be the same and wouldn't fancy it if it was going to be packed. Maybe you could just go for a little while and leave early if it gets too much

    TT the posh date sounds lovely

    HF the French market sounds nice- lots of yummy food I'm assuming

    Not really felt much movement today so once W goes for a nap I'm planning on having some chocolate orange cheesecake to get her wriggling ( the things you have to do when pregnant ;)

  • Afternoon all, a quite one from me as I seem to have a virus on my computer so I'm being driven mad by pop-ups! Hopefully will get back on later for personals once it's sorted.

    I've done a bit too much this morning - went out in the cold and wind to give some one a showjumping lesson. Doh! I've been vegging out on the sofa catching up with Hollyoaks Later ever since, but getting a bit peckish now - oh for a lottery win and a chef on standby! I think it'll be a nice easy lunch, eggy bread and tinned spaghetti. Nom!

  • My friends have decided that a night in with DVDs sound more apealling so we are doing that! Yay! I know I should be making the most of my social life while I still have one, but im too lazy!

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