***friday 1st tri***

Good morning! 

I have been awake since 4am ( damn these nighttime wee's!) feeling much better today after yesterday wanted to thank the lovely ladies! 

had some left sides pain last night (same side as baby) so think she'/he is growing! 

Have you girls got pet names for he/she yet? ATM. We call her/him out little jelly bean  because that's what it looked like on our scan at 7 weeks lol! H is called Big C at work (surname starts with C) and so once we get to 12 weeks we will prob just call it baby C! 

Hope everyone slept  better than myself 



  • I know I am not in first tri, but thought I would say hello. I have not really slept either!  I had loads of different pains and twinges in the first tri, especially if I had over done it a bit. I call her little monkey, my friends refer to her as little egg!!

  • Morning cc!

    I left a message for you on yesterdays post re bleeds and worrying and ather things. Just wanted to let you know i'm understand and here if you ever want to chat (had a huge bleed at 6 weeks this time). xx

    We call the baby Bug! We did with P and it's stuck this time too.

    AFM - yay for friday! Boo fro nausea already having hit like a tonne of bricks. But in my new positive/non-moaning outlook i'm focusing on the positives! Scan is creeping closer, i felt a very definite movement last night and it's the weekend!!

    Hope everyone is feeling well.

  • Morning ladies!! I love a thread-jumper, mixing it up a bit, lol :)

    V pleased you're feeling a bit better, but BOO to being awake at Stupid O'clock!!

    It's cute you think it looked like a jelly bean. After our 7 week scan I turned to hubby in the car and said "look, our very own little alien"!! It has a name though. Can't remember why but from the day of my BFP I told H it was a boy (WISHFUL THINKING, lol) and said I would call him Baxter, really because I thought hubby would cringe. But over the weeks the 3 of us in the house have really grown fond of the name and although we won't be talking about it to people in real life, we're all sort of voting for it as a middle name!

    My son has been looking in to names. Suggested Astor for a girl, which I hate but he tells me is Dexter's daughter's name - or something? And he threw Jean-Luc in for a boy, husband has since put a ban on all Star-Trek related names!!

    I am so tired today I feel sick. I have got in to work by 8 every day and - apart from Weds - left at 8 or after. And then it's actually quite tense at the moment so I'm feeling emotionally stretched too. To the point I put the boss's son in his place yesterday - not a good move but soddit! And hubby has been working hard decorating, painting until late, but the room we're in is noisy and uncomfortable so I wake and turn about three thousand times a night! We think he's got enough done that we can move back in to our room later (he's on a 12 hour 5 til 5 bless him!) and then there'll be some glossing to do on his next days off but it's just the picture rail and window frames. The bathroom looks awesome, from dark grey and bright turquoise to a sort of glacier blue and brushed steel, all icy and bright and cool. I've bought some wire storage to mount on the wall, sort of men's locker room style, and some other bits. I've never been excited about a bathroom before :)

    And yesterday I popped out from work and re-joined slimming world. Need to reign the weight in a bit so hopefully this is the kick to make me act :)

    Look! I've waffled on for yonks and need to leave for work in 20 minutes. Whoops.

    Hi to those who follow!!

  • AR - glad you felt movement! I've had nothing since I mentioned it to you but both times it happened I was lying perfectly still in a specific position and not really done so since.

    Hope the sicky stuff moves on soon x

  • So glad it's Friday!!

    AR - your scan must finally be close now! Is it next Tuesday? It's exciting you can feel movements, must be reassuring, I'm definitely looking forward to that!

    CC - glad you're feeling better today, just a shame that today started so early for you! I actually haven't been getting up in the night, just waking up every morning at 6.30 desperate for the loo!

    Counter - sounds like you've had a long week, hope you have a relaxing weekend planned? We've just had our bathroom completely redone, I love it!  It's great that your son is getting so involved, sounds like he's excited!

    I'm very glad to have made it to Friday. Can't wait for a lie in tomorrow, I feel really drained! Slowly getting round to telling people at work, it's been really nice but I really don't want it to become the only thing people talk to me about! Got a lovely email from my mum yesterday offering to buy me some maternity clothes when I need them which is handy because I'm already desperate for some jeans I can actually do up!

  • Flossy that's sweet of her! I know what you mean about clothes. I am pretty fat right now. I am embarrassed about it, to be honest, my bmi has gone from 27 (already needed to lose weight) to 31 since mid-June. However, today is the first day that as I walked down the stairs I could see in the mirror I was pregnant (under the fat lol), my son could see it too. So the sooner I shift a few pounds on slimming world the better lol!!

  • Morning, thank god its Friday!

    CC- Night time wees are getting me too, 3 times last night I think! We dont have a name for it yet. Mil calls it little bean as it looked like a baked bean at our early scan. i just call it the baby lol.

    AR- How lovely that you felt movement! Baby Bug is cute :)

    Hi Vivixon :)

    Counter- Busy week for you! You should flash us the new rooms ;) Well done to joining slimming world.

    Flossy- Oh thats nice of your mum bless her. I am dreading telling work, my boss is so anti children and babies! Oh well...

    AFM- Well i am glad its Friday. Although I have a lady from head office down which will be boring! but hopefully pass the time! Went to MIls last night as FIL's sister was on come dine with me so we all watched that. My belly is getting bigger and i am hoping to get some comfy trousers tomorrow. Had to cut my tights at work yesterday as they were feeling too tight! Want a lie in tomorrow but have to be in Cambridge at 10 for our meeting with the mortgage people. Hopefully nap later on in the day!

  • Bertie - good luck for appt tomorrow. I will flast the rooms, I think I have before and afters :)  I need some comfy trousers, but I'm in an 18 now, not sure where to head and want to spend as little as poss!

  • Bad news I'm afraid. They could only see 2 gestational sacs, no yolk sacs or babies. I have to go back in a week to double-check but I'm not hopeful.

    I'm utterly devastated and heartbroken. I just don't know how I'm going to get through this. I haven't gone to work I can't face it :'(

  • Oh Browny, I'm so, so sorry :(  Is there a chance your dates could be out and you're further behind than you thought? Completely understandable that you couldn't face going back to work after the news. Thinking of you xx

  • Browny. Oh sweetie. I am so so sorry. Oh no.

  • No don't see how I could be out with my dates. I don't know what will happen if there's no change next week. I think she might have been implying I might miscarry this week naturally but I just wasn't really listening to be honest.

    I don't know how I'll face work next week or my family this weekend. We were supposed to be telling them this weekend! It's also my birthday on Sunday! It's just such a mess.

  • Oh browny I am so sorry that you have to go threw this! 

    Thinking of you and please do look after yourself.. And talk to me on fb if you need too xx

  • AR will go read it now didn't get back on last one :)

  • Oh browny i am so so so sorry lovely. HOw many weeks should you be?

    Please use us and the board in general to scream and shout and cry on. There are many of us who have so sadly been in the same place. I will keep everything crossed you are just measuring behind. xxxx

  • Thanks AR! That was really lovely of you.. Totally with you on checking for blood always look when I wipe and when I first wake up! Can't wait to get to 12 weeks!

  • I should be 7+6 so definitely should have been able to see the babies and heartbeats!

    I just want to scream! And wake up when this is all over.

    I don't want to bring things down so I think I'll take a step back now. I need to do some soul

    Searching xxx

  • Browny- I am so so sorry. Take all the time you need, especially with going to work etc. Here if you need to vent or talk about things.

    Take care lovely. xxx

  • Is that going off your dates browny? Because my dates put me at 10 weeks but I am only 8 weeks ? Please don't feel you need to take a step back from here because your bring the place down you totally won't at all xxx we are all here if you need us xxx

  • cc you know that all dates are done from 1st day of last period? When you ovulate (usually about 2 weeks after) doesn't effect due date. Ie my dates put me at 12 weeks but i conceived 10 weeks ago. I'm still counted as 12 weeks pregnant though.

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