***Friday 1st Tri***

Morning all.

I noticed there wasn't a thread the last couple of days?!? I struggle to get on during the day so I thought I'd get us going before I start work.

Hope everyone is well. I'm ok. Symptoms were really strong Tuesday now they've kinda disappeared again which is always a worry for me although I should probably enjoy it.

Hi to all that follow.



  • Morning CA, nice to see a thread today.

    My symptoms feel weak today too. I don't really feel sick much, my boobs are big but I could be imagining that.

    13 days until my scan now.

    Pep- good luck for tomorrow!

  • Morning all.

    My symptoms seem to come in waves, but overall feeling less sick now.

    Scan day today! Wish I didn't have to wait until this afternoon though!

  • Morning!

    Glad everyone's symptoms seem to be easing.

    I'm seeing the midwife this afternoon to complete my booking in appointment then straight to work afterwards.

  • Morning All.

    I personally haven't started a thread as have been feeling for CC and it just didn't feel right. I'm glad to see one today though as I'm sure CC wouldn't want us to stop talking about our experiences to each other.

    Candy - Enjoy it, I think some days symptoms are just elevated compared to others. What date is your 12 week scan?

    Imp - Thank you. I hear you with the bigger bbs! I said to H yesterday how can you say they aren't bigger, whilst showing him how they were falling out one of my bras! Mega cleavage! Lol! Rarity!

    Vix - Good luck for your scan. What time is it at? (I don't do patience very well, lol).

    Ixia - What a faff having to do your appointment in two halves, what is that all about?!

    AFM - Quite a week really. My sickness was really bad on Tuesday, so much so that I didn't go into work on Wednesday. Best decision ever, a day of rest did me the absolute world of good. I think even if I had gone in, I would of had to of come home again as felt so rough. It made yesterday a little easier too. Off today on leave, so will be taking it easy again. Crackers are my new best friend, I've finally accepted that I can't eat what I want, because it won't stay down. Think that is helping too! Scan tomorrow... not sure how to feel...some days I feel like everything should be OK then others I plant doubts in my mind.... scan is at 12.10 x

  • Morning,

    CA, I've read that as the placenta starts to take over that your symptoms can start to decrease as you have a drop in hormones. This can happen anywhere between 9 and 12 weeks, apparently.

    Imp, hoping the next 13 days hurry up

    Vix, good luck for your scan! Don't forget to come back and give us a photo :) So exciting!

    Ixia, booking in appointments are exciting...it made it a lot more real for me!

    AFM, scan date has come through for Christmas Eve! I'll be 12+3. All being well we'll have some lovely Christmas news to share.

    Hi to all who follow x

  • Missed you there Pep, good luck for tomorrow! You've had really strong symptoms, I'm sure everything will be fine. Can't wait to see you photo :)

  • Fig - A xmas eve scan! Wow! Amazing! Have you told anyone yet? Sorry if you have already said.... memory like a sieve sometimes.

    I just wanted to ask everyone (whilst I'm off!) - is anyone else finding that their work is being affected by pregnancy? Some days because I'm feeling so rough I really struggle to concentrate and spend time trying to compose myself more than anything else! I also put off speaking to people to move certain pieces of work forward because I cannot muster the energy to have the conversation etc. Its mostly in the mornings - afternoons are my peak. Just wanted to check I wasn't alone on this?

  • Pep - I'm finding I have days like this.  I sometimes struggle to work at a computer so find other things to do (luckily in my job there's plenty to do that doesn't involve staring at a computer screen at the moment). I peak at around lunchtime. My hardest shift is 8.30am-6.30pm as it's long, tiring and I lose concentration after about 3pm!

  • Afternoon everyone.  MD is driving me mad today with this keeping to log me out.

    Vix- I hope your scan has gone well.

    Ixia I hope it went well with the MW.

    Pep I can' t concentrate in the afternoons, i'm generally ok in the mornings unless i feel sick.

    Fig-Xmas eve is a lovely day for the scan.

    I'm home early after a rubbish day at work.

    I've started to put up the xmas decs, I love it.  We're getting our tree in the morning and I'm very excited about it.  I might even treat myself to a few new decorations.

  • CA, try not to worry, my symptoms disappeared entirely at 9 weeks!

  • Imp - glad your symptoms are also duller today.  Not long until your scan!!!!  Oh love the Xmas decs.  I'm planning to put mine up on Monday when I'm off.

    Vix - how did your scan go????

    Ixia - hope your appointment went ok today.  Glad you are feeling a bit better now too.

    Pep - my 12 week scan is on 23rd December so only 2 and a half weeks away.  Very best of luck with your scan tomorrow.

    Fig - so glad you got your scan date now and have something to count down to xx

    Wispa - thank you for that, I really appreciate it xxx

    Well that was a looooooooooong day to finish off a loooooooooooong week.  I think this scan will never come at this rate.

  • Scan went well :)

    Baby has a brain, 2 arms and 2 legs! Was wriggling around like a trooper, made it a little difficult to get the measurements needed but got there in the end!

    CRL - 54.5mm and Nuchal Fold - 1.4mm

  • Ah that's brilliant Vix. Lovely scan picture xx

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