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***Friday 2nd tri***

Happy Friday ladies, the weekend is nearly upon us! (apart from those lucky ladies with long weekends ;-) )

Still on cloud 9 after the scan...we're staying team yellow but having been sure it was a boy I'm now thinking girl (think I saw girl bits on scan but hard to be sure!)

Nothing much to report for weekend plans but need to pop to ikea at some point to pick up O's main birthday present - a toy kitchen!

Hope you're all well x


  • Morning :)

    Coco congratulations on the scan again! I'm so happy for you. Team yellow (ish) with an idea! Enjoy Ikea, if that's possible? I might hear there later myself to buy a poang chair for the nursery.

    AFM- I'm off today! Yay! Although I was wake loads in the night with my hips again, so hence me being awake now! I'm picking my mum up from the airport at 10 and then we're going to spend the weekend just chilling out and probably shopping. I'm looking forward to it. Plus I'll be able to show off what we've done in the nursery so far!

  • Coco congratulations on the scan! It must be lovely to know everything is ok as can be. Well done for staying team yellow!

    Imp - Very jealous of your day off. Mr Ducky is working from home today and this isn't conducive to me getting up! Enjoy a chilled weekend and showing off the nursery.

    AFM - yay for Friday! I'm off to an NCT nearly new sale tomorrow, so I might be brave and start to buy things. Or I might not!? We have the car seats but that is it. I keep putting off buying anything else. Numpty!

  • Great news about the scan coco! When is Os birthday? I had one of those a la carte kitchens when I was a child, it was fab!

    Have a lovely weekend with your mum imp. How lovely to be able to show her the nursery.

    AFM I'm a fairy today as we are celebrating world book day ( a bit late for various reasons!) my hub has gone as Peter Pan so I'm tinkerbell. Just squeezed into my black skinnies under my pink tutu, and my wings look fab! Then seeing mum this weekend for Mother's Day which will be lovely. Roll on 4.30pm.

    eta missed you ducky. Hope you find something at the sale. How do you find out where they are held? 

  • Imp - Have a lovely relaxing weekend with your Mum, and enjoy showing off the nursery...I love seeing everything coming together, makes it somehow feel much more real! Hope Ikea isn't too hellish ;-)

    Ducky - I wouldn't be able to resist if I knew the flavour! You're likely to find some real bargains at the sale so I say buy buy buy! ;-)

  • Oops cross posted RC! I'd love a to be able to dress up, love fancy dress! Hope it helps make the day go quicker! enjoy spending time with your Mum :-) O's birthday is on Thursday. i find it a tad scary how quickly he's grown up!

  • Ducky get spending! Don't miss out on the bargains, you've got two to buy for after all!

    RC well done for squeezing into your skinnies, I was long out of mine by 18 weeks!

    Coco I'm not sure ikea is ever anything but hellish, it's just how quickly I can get in and out. Via the food bit obvs!

  • Raincloud - I couldn't fit into my jeans now. Not if I wanted to move anyway! I found the NCT sale on the website. I also follow my local NCT group in FB and it was posted there. We have booked our NCT classes now, so we are members which means we get to go in half an hour before everyone else. Royalty ;) !

  • Morning all, happy Friday!!!!!

    Coco - so glad your scan went well.  Its nice being team yellow.  Have fun at IKEA and also building the kitchen!!!

    Imp - Hope you have a lovely day with your mum.  Its so lovely to be doing baby stuff all weekend.  Sorry your hips are still giving you trouble.

    Ducky - hope you had a good day.  the NCT sale sounds good.  Hopefully you'll pick up a few bits and pieces.

    RC - yay to being a fairy for the day - that sounds really cool.  Hope you have a lovely day.

    AFM - I'm off today.  I should do some more clearing out and listing stuff on gumtree/ebay but I might ask my Mum if shes free to go and do a bit of baby shopping/browsing instead.  I don't know. Having breakfast now so I'll decide in  a little while.

    I went a bit mental on Kiddiecare last night and ordered my crib amongst other bits and pieces.  I was too late to get the delivery today so I've sent it to my parents and it should be here on Monday.  Exciting times.  Less than 2 weeks until my holiday as well so its all good just now.  Makes a change for me!!!!

    Hope everyone has a lovely Friday.

  • Happy Friday.

    Coco, that's good news about the scan. We're not finding out either! Have a good Ikea trip tomorrow :-)

    Imp, your weekend sounds lovely!

    Ducky, I am the same, not bought anything since still worried it will go wrong. I do babe a breast pump that was on offer, but that's it! Must start soon.

    RC, we need to see a picture!!!

    AFM, day off and lounging. 20 week scan at 11am and a little nervous. Doppler says strong heartbeat, but slightly worried about anomalies, even though they did a lot of that at 12 weeks as well. We shall see. Weekend plans include last minute holiday shopping tomorrow, and flying on Sunday. Week of chilling out then really need to get my act together preparing for this baby. Office nearly cleared out so we can start on nursery next month but that's about it. Still at work and manager has agreed I can stay for at least another month, so that's all good. I'm quite liking being a UK first :-)

    ETA Hi CA, we cross posted. Very exciting buying your furniture. I suppose it starts to feel very real then! Where are you going on holiday?

  • Happy Friday everyone!

    Coco - great news about the scan. Its nice you have an idea but technically its a surprise! My nephew has a kitchen and he loves it. Great pressie!

    Imp - enjoy your day with your mum, sounds lovely! Haven't even thought about our nursery yet! hope she likes it :)

    Ducky - hope you get lots of bargains at the sale. I've also booked our NCT course and got the membership - haven't had any emails yet about any sales yet though!

    RC - enjoy your world book day! Hope it goes quickly. We'd love a flash of your outfit ;)

    AFM - well I was up in the night to be sick :( I must have eaten something yesterday which gave me horrible heartburn and I woke up and it was really bad then I just felt the urge to be sick. That's never happened before even in first tri! My stomach was also really sore in the night but only seemed to be if I layed on my right hand side, and was ok if I layed on my left :/

    I'm now worried I ate something bad and I've harmed baby in some way but I have felt them kick a couple of times.

    18 weeks today. Just over 2 weeks until my scan and counting down the days.  Xxx

  • Took so long with that I missed two!

    CA - great that you ordered lots! That will be a great delivery to receive! Enjoy your day off and shopping if thats what you decide to do.

    BF - good luck for your scan x

  • Good morning everyone! Great to see such a busy thread :)

    Coco - Yea to Team Yellow! I will be on that bench soon I reckon :) Enjoy a quiet wkend!

    Imp - sorry you are awake on your day off but your wkend ahead sounds lovely. Enjoy!

    Ducky - its so hard to resist the urge to spend! My OH wont even let me have ONE babygrow in the house yet! So if your OH isnt against shopping I'd be doing it! You might get some great bargains!

    RC - I think this outfit deserves a flash! Sounds fab!

    CA - Glad all is well - housework can wait, shopping is much more fun. Im very jealous that you have a holiday ahead of you, a nice break before the baby arrives.2

    BF - good luck with your scan, fx all is well

    Browny - Can you think what you ate that might not agreed with you? Im sure baby is happy & well, kicking away! How are you feeling this morning?

    AFM - reflexology was great last night but I had to fill in a medical form and explain the scar / indent on my ankle which was really upsetting - first Ive had to do it, I assume I'll get used to it in time :( . Have a busy wkend - 2 viewers in morning, bank app, airport run to do then hopefully pjs on by 5pm! Taking MIL out for lunch on sunday.

    Hi to all who follow & I hope everyone has great wkends.2

  • Hello ladies

    Long time no see - been so busy with work have struggled to get on here

    Coco - congratulations on your scan again!!!  You have so much patience being team yellow.  I don't think I could ever not know!!

    Imp - is the yoga helping with any pains.  Your weekend sounds fab.  Is your mum not local to you?

    Ducky - enjoy the NCT show! let us know anything fun you buy.

    RC- that sounds fab.  I assume you're a teacher? *tries to think of other jobs where you might dress up for world book day*

    CA - sounds like you are getting well prepared? where are you off to on holiday?

    BF - good luck on your scan.  I know it's a very nerve wracking time for you - be sure to update and I hope after scan you have a lovely chilled weekend

    Browny - that sucks about feelng sick.  Hope it passes soon.  Not long now until scan!

    Sasasi - hope you are ok - sounds like a very busy and productive weekend

    AFM - finished work yesterday!  So so happy after weeks of being so busy I feel I couldn't think straight!  Off to Gran Canaria for week on Monday and hope it's ok (heard not great things about it generally).  I can feel what feels like a muscle twitch sometimes, but don't think it's the baby, as, like I said, feels more like a muscle twitch. Can't wait to feel something!  

  • Hi Browny, hope your tummy's feeling better.

    SaSaSi, good luck with the house viewing and have a lovely lunch.

    CeeJay, I'm also not feeling movements yet, don't orgy. Enjoy your holiday as well xx

    I'm back from my scan and all is looking good. All measurements in normal range, although head circumference and femur are below 50th centiles. Adds to my feeling we're having a girl, but still not finding out. They also did a cervical scan to check length and check I'm not at risk of preterm labour, and all that's good too. I need another scan at 34 weeks to see if fibroids will interfere with delivery or not (they aren't affecting baby too much) but in general things are good. Only slight disappointment is that I wanted to know how big baby is now, and they said they don't measure crown to heel anymore, and won't estimate weight until 21 weeks plus. Never mind! May update tomorrow with a pic but hubby will be using the office all day working, so can't post today. Most proper pics of all of baby are 4d though.

  • Hi all... attempting to write with a small monkeyboy crawling all over me and chattering away!

    Coco - so pleased your scan went well. I think girl! I love the Ikea toy kitchens, they are quite compact too which is good. A kind local mum gave us a free kitchen (not Ikea) and A loves it! Stands at it and opens it all out and plays with the toy pans. I'm sure it'll be a hit with O.

    Imp - ahhh have a lovely time with your mum. Does she live abroad?

    Ducky - don't you have poddlepods and Morrcks too? I say get buying! Haha!

    Raincloud  - your outfit sounds fab!! Can we see a photo?!

    CA - ahhh how exciting re:the crib. Hope you have a lovely day, whatever you decide to do. Glad things are looking up :)

    Barefoot - hope the scan goes well. Glad work is doing what you want!

    Browny - I'm sorry to hear you're not well :( I'm sure baby's fine if you've felt movement.

    SaSaSi - wow does sound like a busy weekend! Sorry you were upset by the reflexology questions :(

    CeeJay - that may well be baby! I didn't feel anything for ages with A and I remember really wanting to. Hope you get a definite kick soon - I've usually felt something while lying down so maybe while you're relaxing on holiday it'll happen!

    AFM - had such a crap day yesterday, A was sick at midnight so spent the night starfishing in our bed, then nursery called in the morning as he wasn't well. H couldn't leave as he was the only one in the office and I had meetings all morning plus I'm putting in for a promotion, so my star of a mum took A instead - she did have to work but was more flexible as she had an admin day. Don't know what I'd do without her. Got put on a really annoying messy horrid project and I just wanted to be at home with my baby! When I did get home (after a MW appt, all seemed well with baby girl so that was good) A was in such a bad mood and refused to even be in the same room as me :( Mum had to put him to bed. At least he seemed to forgive me during the night so we had some cuddles. I have a day of annual leave today but have kept A off nursery so it's a bit of a busman's holiday ha! Need to work on my application for the promotion, not liking my chances as obviously I'm pregnant(!) but worth a try. In the time it's taken me to write this A has fallen asleep so I'll go and get on with it now!

  • SaSaSi - glad reflexology was good - sorry you got upset :( hope the viewings go well.

    CJ - I've been to grand canaria twice and I enjoyed it! Hope you have a lovely time and the weather is hot for you!

    BF - glad the scan went well

    Saisi - sorry A is ill, hope he's feeling better soon

    AFM - i was sick again this morning and have felt shocking most of the morning. I now just mainly feel exhausted. Its like first tri is back again! Might have an afternoon nap. Both my mum and sister are fine and they ate the same as me yesterday so I have no idea what's caused it. I hope its just one of those things and it'll pass very soon!

  • BF - glad the scan went well! How come they are checking cervix length? Have you had any cervical procedures?

    Saisi - oh yes I forgot about those! They are at my mums - clearly out of sight out of mind!

    Browny - sorry you're feeling sick. Hope the nap does you good. I could nap right now...

    Friday afternoon. I love this part of the week - when you can smell the weekend!

  • CA - woo for going mental on Kiddicare!

    SaSaSi - two more viewings!? Can't believe how popular your house is!

    Ceejay - have a bloody marvellous holiday!

  • Hi Ducky, no no problems as such, just that at 9 weeks there were concerns about fibroids and risks of preterm labour, so they checked me then, and apparently it was on their list to recheck today if I wanted them to. I thought they might as well and it was no extra cost. I was fairly premature as well, so it's just extra reassurance :-)

  • BF - great news on the scan

    Saisi - sorry to hear about your crap day yesterday - glad A feeling a bit better.  Go for the promotion, you have nothing to lose

    Browny - good to hear about Grand Canaria!  Hope your sickness passes

    Ducky  - have a great weekend - ha I love the Friday feeling!

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