***Friday 3rd tri ***

Good morning all!i am wide awake so thought if start us off!

today I have my first active birthing ante natal class and I'm a little

bit scared haha, it's becoming real!

hubby finished some DIY yesterday and for a laugh put the crib next to our bed, I think it freaked me out abit so it's back in the nursery lol!

hope everyone is well sending lots of baby out vibes to those who need them!



  • Morning/middle of the night!! Enjoy the birthing class monnie. Don't blame you for putting the crib back, baby stuff freaks me out too and I'm on #2!! AFM same old moany self!!! I feel bad I'm either snapping or crying at H at the moment even though he's bring a star. Nothing new to report, 35 weeks today so creeping along! P and I might try out a new messy play toddler class this morning and will probably just bumble about the house the rest of the time. Baby out to sp, hope things have sta
  • rted post sweep. So excited for you!! X
  • Hey

    Monnie everyone seems to be getting bits done round their houses we must all drive our hubbies nuts lol x

    Autumnrose your not moaning your sore...im with you on this one. X enjoy the class with px

    afm took your advice as i could hardly move yesterday and even staff were noticing. I going to midwifes later in day dont think she will do much but she at least can check babies position. Lost a pile of clear mucus again yesterday and at one point had black floaty bits in front of eyes. I feel daft going
  • To midwife but i keep telling myself its for baby x x

    Sweetpea hope your ok and something happening x x
  • Morning ladies

    Hope you are all well :) baby out vibes for SP, I've been lurking and yesterdays update sounded positive!

    We are doing ok, first day was tough, recovering from the GA and was given morphine so was pretty much just out of it. We are having a few problems with bad latch and not a lotof opooing going on (C not me!) but concentrating on sorting that today and hopefully get out tomorrow :)

  • Morning! Still very much here!

    Monnie that sounds like an interesting class! I've been reading lots about active birthing skills. You'll need to report back! We put the the bedside crib up in our room last weekend and its v strange!!

    AR - your H will be totally understanding...your body is under so much stress. Messy play sounds like fun!

    ABC I don't think you are going to make your due date either! You must be finishing work today?! So sorry you are hurting so much. Hope the midwife is helpful.

    For those that didn't see my update the sweep was done yesterday. I have a bishops score of 6 which is favourable so I'm hopeful!! She said if it's going to work it'll be within 48 hours but Isis' experience has ruined my perception and I think it should have worked already! Lol! Been crampy but that might just be the sweep itself causing that. Weather is atrocious here so it'll be ball bouncing for me today!

  • Hello WE!!! So good to see you! Many congrats again! Any chance of a wee photo?! Love your boy's name! Hope things start to work themselves out and I hope you are getting lots of support. Xxx

  • Morning lovely ladies.

    Monnie, 4.03? Ouch! Hope your birth class goes well  I don't mean to scare you, but it is real, you're having a baby!!

    AR, moan away lovely, soreness sucks big time so I don't blame you at all. The messy play toddler group sounds fun, hope P enjoys!

    ABC, sorry you're so sore too. Lots of hugs, hopefully the midwife will have something productive to say/do.

    Afm, I'm in the moans camp too. The front of my pubic bone/groin area is really sore, it hurts to lift up my legs, walk, and turn over in bed etc, spoke to the midwife yesterday and she thinks start of spd. I'd been doing really well this pregnancy compared to last - last time I had huge back issues that meant I couldn't really stand up or walk from about 16 - and this time I'd been so mobile in comparison which was so much better as Icant sit around with J. And now walking hurts, grump grump grump. I was shooting for rating fine until after our holiday at centre parcs next week as we'll have loads of walking to do, but that's looking like it'll be painful now. Boo. Oh well, toddler group this morning and swimming with j this afternoon, so a busy day planned.

    Baby out vibes for those who need them, SP, hope things are happening for you.

  • Missed you weekender & sp, sorry!

    We- lovely to "see" you, hope things start to slot into place a bit today. Take any bf help you can.

    Sp, enjoy a day of bouncing, and I hope things do kick off for you soon.

  • Here you go SP, sorry I think it's massive!

  • Oops and posted twice!

  • Morning ladies!

    Oh WE what a cutie!! I love his wee outfit, he just looks like he's chilling out there!x

  • Thanks ladies :) had stripped him to his vest in an attempt to keep him awake for feeding, cruel mummy Laugh

  • Oh weekender he's so scrummy!!!!!!! Well done you! He's so perfect!

    SG that sounds horrible :( will your holiday be affected much? I really hope you are still able to enjoy it. Hope you have a good day.

  • Abc I'm glad you're seeing the mw. Always best to get checked. Sp get bouncing, hope your evening went to plan last night ;-) sg boo to the spd starting, you have my total sympathy as it is really awful. I hope it doesn't get bad too quickly. Wk he is soooooooo scrummy!!! I managed a couple more hours broken sleep so feeling a bit better but defo not chirpy!!
  • Also, how much pressure is everyone getting down below? I feel like I have a bowling ball between my legs and *tmi* if I put my hand down there such as wiping after the loo. It's really hard, like baby is literally right behind. Bit disconcerting!
  • Monnie- we had that class last night, you will be fine :) ha all this baby stuff is scary isn't it!

    AR- messy play sounds fun. Don't feel bad, hubby will understand. Are you feeling better now you have finished work?

    ABC- definitely good idea to go midwife. Hope your feeling more comfy soon.

    Weekender- I haven't been on so missed your BA but huge congratulations! He is gorgeous :) hope you're getting on ok.

    sweet pea- enjoy your ball bouncing! Fingers crossed the sweep works for you, sounds positive.

    SG- sorry you are feeling sore. Hopefully it will calm down before centre parts for you. If not it's a good excuse to book some pampering.

    AFM I haven't been on these past two days, you'd think being a lady of leisure would give me more time! Went on a road trip with H yesterday for his work to keep him company, off for lunch with a friend today. Had midwife Wednesday and my platelets are dropping further so I now can't deliver at the new birth centre :( I'm hoping I can still have a water birth but will find out more Monday when I meet the anethesist. Apart from that all good a baby is at the brim of my pelvis so midwife reckons she will be down by next appointment.  

  • Morning ladies .... Just on here having a lurk whilst I'm expressing (glamourous I know)

    Nice to see all of your updates, WE baby is gorgeous

    Maggie is suffering from colic quite bad at min so were not getting much sleep, hubby is back to work on Monday really going to miss him he's been amazing, other then that not Much to report, I'm loving being a mummy, she really is amazing, its hard but wouldnt change it for the world xx


  • Sweetpea I wouldn't wish that speed on anyone, it was a bit too fast lol I hope things start happening. I really don't understand it all, she didn't give me a bishops score but she fully expected me to still be pregnant this week so god knows what the sweep actually did!

    I'm lurking whilst having brekkie :) not a great night as Zara seems to like cluster feeding which is fine but she doesn't stop til nearly 12 and I'm knackered by then! Hearing test and registering her today.
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