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Another night of no sleep! This has to be the worst night ever. Think I have slept 1 hour in total. Have given up and gone to the PC in the office! I bet I will drift off just as the alarm for getting up for the day goes off! Had my first set of steroids yesterday. I have my second lot today (need to be at hospital around 10). It really did hurt yesterday! I don't remember it being that sore before. I'll be standing most of the day I reckon as I will now have had an injection in both bum cheeks! Other observations were good yesterday so all ok there. Went to see a friend and her 3 week old newborn. She seemed tiny. Was sick on me several times......something to get used to again! 


  • Morning s4. Sorry you're having such a bad night, lack of sleep is soooooooo frustrating. Hope today's steroids aren't as sore for you. Ahhhhhh baby sick, can't wait for that again!!!

    AFM have mw this morning, lots to ask her about re early sweeps/hospital plan/birth questions etc. still have a dodgy tummy too which is nice plus lost more plug and so many bh's which are mostly very uncomfy!!! After mw p and I have a toddler group then seeing a friend and 2boys later so will keep us busy
  • Congrats again to abc, I knew she'd be a queue jumper!!! We need to check the list again now we've a few babies to add. I've a feeling we might be creeping towards the April due dates!!!
  • S4 - not good, total lack of sleep. Does bad things to a person! I hope you manage to catch up soon. How long until your BA? Are you. The last March date?

    AR - sounds like a decent day for you, hope pain is minimal.

    AFM - I'm still winning prizes for whining. Had to cross the car park and back yesterday for a meeting at the hotel and I was nearly in tears. It's less than a 2 minute walk! Oh well. Yesterday is the first day I felt like the house might actually be tidy and finished (as finished as we plan for it to be for 18 months or so) ready for next week. Got shifting and sorting and fixing and throwing and a bench seat cover to make, but if we keep at it like we have been come Tuesday that will be it. And then maybe I'll start work on that baby quilt that was to be my January project ha ha!!!

    Really struggling to see how I can go for up to 5.5 more weeks if I went max over. I am never comfortable, never feel well and can't walk around. Hhmmm. All sounds perfectly normal for heavily pregnant! I'm not the first, won't be the last :)

  • Morning everyone. Sorry I've been a bit MIA this week, work has been manic, and I've been out a fair few evenings too, so not had much chance to get on.

    S4, sorry your injection was so sore, I hope today's are less so. Aww to the newborn, they're so little and cute, even when being sicky!

    AR, things really do sound a bit imminent at the moment! Hope you hold on till term, but not much longer! Sounds like you have a nice day planned with P.

    Counter, lots of hugs lovely, you sound fed up.

    Afm, earlyish start today (J's fault) plus multiple ups in the night (also J) but slept well between so not feeling too bad this morning. I had a really busy day at work yesterday but when I came home found that H hadn't been able to connect remotely to his office so had to take a day off (the office was without water all day due so nobody could go in), and instead spent the day cleaning, shopping & doing laundry, so I came back to a shiny house with all the jobs I intended to sort out this morning already done. He has major brownie points now! We're going away to centre parcs today for a week with some friends who are also having a baby - she's due a week before me - and their toddler who's a few months older than J. Should be really nice, we can waddle around together and the H's can keep the littlies entertained to give us a rest, some of the time anyway. It's still hurting to walk, but I'll just take everything very slowly. I don't think there's much phone/internet reception there so I'll likely not be posting much over the next week, hope everyone has a good week and good luck to anyone with imminent baby arrivals!

  • Happy Friday!

    S4 - hope you managed to get back to sleep! The steroid injections sound painful, I'm a wimp when it comes to injections so I'd be rubbish!

    AR - hope the midwife goes well. I'm a bit scared to see the list, I'm scared about being near the top although I'm very sure some of you will be queue jumping me!

    Counter - yay for the finished house...I'm not at all jealous...honest! Hope today goes quickly and you have a quiet weekend planned.

    SG - enjoy center Parcs! Will be lovely for you and your friend to let the H's take charge so you can relax!

    AFM...last day!! Had another 9ish finish last night but knowing that was it made it easier. Going for lunch today with my team so need to try and finish everything off this morning and then I'm done. I really can't get my head round the fact that work is done and I'll be having a baby, it's still not quite sunk in.

    Baby wise the aches and pains are definitely starting to kick in. Think I've finally been getting Braxton hicks (probably because I've overdone it so much this week), and when I got home last night I was double over at one point as I was getting really bad shooting pains in my lady bits! Again, probably not doing myself any favours by overdoing it.

    Suppose I better get ready to start maternity leave...!

  • As predicted I was in a lovely deep sleep when the alarm went off!

    AR- hope you have a productive appointment with the MW and get lots of questions answered

    Counter- sorry you were in pain yesterday. Hopefully it will be a lot shorter than 5.5 weeks for you . My official due date is 3rd April

    SG- how lovely to come home to a house like that. Enjoy Centre Parcs

    Flossy- enjoy your last day

  • Counter so glad your house is nearly there. Must feel very satisfying. You're allowed to moan, we understand how you feel!

    Sg enjoy cp. we went before Christmas and it was so fab. Highly recommend the pregnancy massage in the spa.

    Flossy I hate to say it but you're the next regular on the list!!! Although s4 will be on there too :-)

    Just back from mw and my sweep is booked for 38weeks in 2 weeks time. She confirmed they'd be referring me back to the hospital before 40 weeks...
  • ...although followed that up by saying she doesn't think that'll be an issue anyway by the sounds of things. All feeling a bit real and scary.
  • S4, I hope today's injection doesn't hurt as much as yesterday's.  Might I ask why you're having them?  

    AR, has the MW answered all your questions?

    Counter, exciting that your house is put together.  And don't worry about the quilt, surely that's a grandparents job?  I bought knitting needles and wool thinking I could learn to knit a hat or something but no dice, still not even looked into it!

    SG, have an amazing time at centre parcs!

    Flossy, enjoy your last day, I hope they get you cake!

    AFM, not much.  Story of my life at the minute.  The whole lady of leisure thing gets boring after a while, and while I know I'm lucky to have this time off from working and if I was still working full time I would be exhausted and probably in pain and suffering a lot more, but I'm still bored.  So I'm going to bake a banana cake today, because that will make everything all better.  In baby news I'm wondering how baby is lying, because I have started to get an uncomfortable lump pushing up into my rib cage the last couple days, making me think she's currently breech.  I know they turn all the time, but it's not the most comfortable thing.  Oh, and my impulse amazon purchases are arriving today!!  I'm really excited to set up the mamaroo and see Wispa's reaction to it.  

  • SG - that sounds like a LOVELY break away, really great. Wow. And loving the accidental day off for hubby, perfect timing!

    Flossy - I hate those stabby lady part pains. it really makes me gasp and stop what I'm doing, and then everyone nearby panics a little bit ha ha. Can I have some jealousy back? Yay to you starting mat leave!!!

    S4 - so we're officially done with March babies then, and you're going to kick off the run of April EDD's. Fab, that means I can start to think my labour isn't years away ha ha. Hope the shot isn't as painful today - wishful thinking though I imagine.

    AR - thanks for permission to groan, lol. I'm pleased for you that you will have some action a bit earlier. Jealous, but pleased :D

    Wispa - no chance of my mum making anything at all for baby! I *really* want to make it. I bought a sewing machine at new year and haven't had time to unpack it, and have no clue how to use it ha ha. Could be fun. You can moan about being bored, I'm jealous but I'd feel exactly the same as you! As for breech, my baby is head down and back to back with limbs shoving up under rib cage, and for a while was crossways and shoving ribs, so it may not be breech, fingers crossed.

    I had a meltdown on the way to work today! A song came on the radio that my mum used to LOVE and used to play when I was 3/4/5 years old. I miss my mum. She hasn't passed, but she's cold and has issues and very rarely acts like a mum, and I wish she would, so I just pulled over to stop crying at 8.30am and instead i couldn't blooming STOP!!!! Hilarious. Ruddy hormones. BUT - it means that when I needed to have words with a colleague who is a nasty idiot I had no rage or emotion to call on and I happily explained to him how the numbers he was producing was wrong, and I smiled as I said I could only work with what he gave me and our boss would probably go nuclear when I sent them out. I normally get frustrated and his ar$e-covering tactics get to me, but it all just washed right over me. Silly little man! :)

  • Hi girls! Sorry I haven't been back on to say hello - newborns are crazy but crazy amazing! I will do my BS in the next couple of days. Finlay is the most wonderful smooshy scruminess imagineable. He's breast feeding and sleeping pretty well at the moment and me and H are just loving every single nano second with him. He's a proper Scottish ginger snap and has a head of soft velvet. I could have my face in it all day.

    Congrats to BLL and ABC - hope you are recovering well and enjoying snuggles.

  • I love him!!! And great hair colour, lol. So pleased things are fab! xx

  • SP - gorgeous.

    Counter. May have an April due date but this one will be arriving before the end of the month ;-)

  • Oh SP! He's adorable! Well done you! Xx

    S4 - glad you're really the next one, I was getting scared to be top of the list of regulars!

    Work is finished and I'm on my way home...yay!

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