***friday 3rd tri***

Morning ladies, hope you all slept well.

I had a busy day meeting family for lunch and shopping yesterday. Managed to walk loads, eat curry and pineapple.
It took me ages to get to sleep as I was having strong movements from about 8pm until 2am when I fell asleep. At one point i thought it may be something but clearly not! Damn!
I've got a quiet day, going to do housework! Panto tomorrow! :)


  • Morning custard!

    Sorry to hear that your movements didn't turn into the start of labour. Fingers crossed it won't be long.  Enjoy the pantomime - which one are you seeing?

    I've been wiiiide awake since 5. The joys of pregnancy insomnia. At least bubs was awake and kept me company for a while. It's not often I get a lazy morning before getting ready for work so enjoying that! Had the whooping cough jag yesterday - anyone else have an agony arm afterwards? So blinking happy it's Friday! Work chrimbo night out which I'm looking forward to!

  • Morning!

    Custard, they'll come when ready ;-) think you need to eat about 10 pineapples! Try lumges if you can manage x

    sweetpea - i had flu & wooping cough on wed no idea which went in which arm but one is sore still. Also hurt my wrist so my right arm is a bit pathetic atm.

    Afm - All well here, 34 weeks today so i suppose i better start making some sort of plan to get organised! Nursery nativity play today then babysitting a md's little boy cant wait. V. Busy weekend coming up too. Ballet & swimming classes 2mo then panto. Sunday ballet party then off for late lunch & boyzone. Yippee :-D

    Ck 34+0

  • Sweatpea- I was fine after my injection, I guess some people react different to it. This year the panto is Robin Hood :) it's got great reviews.

    CK - the 10 pineapple thing is madness... I love pineapple but that's nuts! I'll stick to eating a bit... It can't prevent labour! What panto are you seeing?
  • Aladdin this week, last week was jack and the beanstalk. The panto dame was they guy from BGT who sang nursery rhymes, quite good :-)

  • Morning ladies,

    Custard - that's a shame it didn't turn into anything. At least you get to go to the panto now :)

    Sweetpea - rubbish about your insomnia. I couldn't sleep on my wc jab arm for 3 days it was agony. Much worse than the flu jab and anti d which was a massive needle.

    Ck - enjoy your day. Where are you seeing boyzone?

    Afm - another day at work today but glad its the weekend. Me and hubs are having dinner out tomorrow night but generally a quiet weekend planned. Baby definitely feels upside down now as I am constantly being booted in the ribs.

  • Morning LD,  the feet in ribs is painful isn't is! I'm sure baby sticks her feet in my ribs and wiggles her toes!

  • Morning ladies, sorry for crashing in, just wanted to say hi to everyone, miss you ladies :(

    Custard hopefully that's the start of things now, panto sounds good!

    SP I had whooping cough and flu jags on the same day, like CK no idea what one was what but one arm was really sore for a few days after. Have fun tonight, hope your not too tired tonight.

    CK I have no idea how you squeeze everything in to your day!

    LD sounds like a nice weekend and the foot in the ribs is very sore!

    Hope all the other ladies are well, I still come on to read every day to see how your all getting on, I know there's going to be a run of BAs soon!

    AFM well baby Owen is a week old today! I can hardly believe it. He was weighed yesterday and is still at his discharge weight from the hospital (5lb 6.5oz) so they're happy he's not lost any weight and hopefully he will have gained some by his day 10 check on Monday. My scar is healing well and I'm getting about a bit easier and for the first time all week am nipping out to the shops today to pick up a couple of things. I know it sounds pathetic but I've not been anywhere but the hospital and home for a whole week so it feels like a big thing going out!

    I've really struggled with the hormones all week but I'm starting to feel better now and getting my head round everything!

  • Morning

    Bit of nesting Custard ..... or does the housework just really need doing? LOL

    SP - Yes arm was agony after whooping cough - i had flu at same time in same arm, so double trauma!

    CK - enjoy the nativity!

    LD - enjoy meal out

    Well i got woken by LO and a nappy full of diarrhea - ended up stripping her off in the bath and hosing her down with shower, it was that bad. WHY AM I DOING THIS A 2ND TIME?

    She did seem a bit under the weather yesterday! She is now parked in front of ceebies whilst i contemplate giving her breakfast ... or not!

    All okay baby-wise. Still a wriggly one, defo feels like he has dropped a bit and havent had any heartburn for several days, hurrah!

  • Hi MDD - blimey i recall getting dressed by lunchtime was an achievement with a newborn, so you're doing fine, dont push yourself, just enjoy Owen!

  • Hello Missdeedee- how are you finding being a mummy?

    HF- it can't be that bad or you wouldn't do it again! I'd give breakfast as it came out that end... If it was the other end I wouldn't!
  • HF that's not a good start to your day!!

    TBH I think it's more of a thing that I can't get anywhere (obviously I can't drive from the section and my H can't drive at the moment with the accident with his eye) so were stuck in the house so my mum is running me to the shop. It's been frustrating that neither of us can just nip to boots or whatever if we need something!

    hi Custard! I was thinking of you the day before y'day about the date thing, was coming on to day that 13/12/13 is also a great date so FX for today!! O is such a good baby and I can't even describe how over the moon I am to have my baby boy. I will say i really wasn't prepared for the hormones, it really does turn you upside down and I have cried every single day since he was born, not because things aren't going well, I just get surges of emotions and have been in tears over tv adverts or anything!x

  • Morning, happy Friday!

    Custard- i gave curry a go last night too, nothing! Apparently its the core of a pineapple u are supposed to eat and lots of them!

    sweetpea- my arm ached for a couple of days, especially. When i rolled onto it in the night. Enjoy ur do!

    ck- enjoy the nativity,, sounds like a bust w.end ahead!

    Little Dude- sounds weird but yay to the rib booting, its good they are the right way round!

    AFM- mum is coming this morning to babysit me for the weekend 'just in case'! We are going to
  • ...bath Xmas market today. We do it every year so wanted to try and squeeze it in!

    missdeedee- hello, im not surprised its taking a while to get ur head round things, bet it was a shock. From what ive heard, getting out the house after a week is pretty impressive!
  • HF- i hope ur LO is feeling better today!
  • Morning Lovlies!

    Custard - ooh i hope thigs start moving for you soon!

    SP - yep the pregnancy insomnia seems to like me too at the moment, I had the whooping cough jab on tuesday and my arm is still really achey!

    CK - have you got a lot to do for the arrival of the LO?

    LD - Hope you have a nice time out witht he hubby tomorrow!

    MDD - its lovely to hear your updates,

    HF - your post made me chuckle, hope the LO feels better soon

    MrsB- lots of baby out vibes for you, hopefuly things start moving soon!

    AFM - very tired today, had the works xmas doo last night so had to waddle up to london and didnt get home until late so i am suffering a bit today! overall everything is ok apart from the SPD, got another busy weekend ahead (all i want to do is rest) :(


  • NLH- thanks, can't believe in getting baby out vibes, eeks. Just heard a family friend who was due Xmas day is in hospital as her waters have broken. Im a little jealous!

    I forgot to say, i took my rings off last night and hand was fine! Thanks ladies!
  • Hello lovelies! Just crashing to deliver some baby out vibes to Custard, Mrs Bass and anyone else in need! Xxx

  • Over due bench- baby out vibes!!!


    29th - weeme


    10th - Gemini

    Happy due date -

    The list!!!

    14th - Mrs Bass

    16th - Kelskii

    16th - Sange!

    17th- Custard

    18th - Jennilola

    23rd - Dizzyduck

    25th - HorseFan

    26th - Penny


    1st - jen

    2nd - MrsPenguin

    24th - CK


    8th - Rose

    8th - Little Dude

    19th - OB

    19th - Purple Pixie

    20th - fig leaves

    21st - neverlosehope

    25th - Isis

    27th - Mrs V


    4th - *sweetpea*

    We're due a lot of babies this week!
  • Hi all! Just a quick one for me. Will be back later for personals!

    Feeling very positive today. Yesterday I was on a downer but I've managed to snap out of it. No matter how or when baby comes and how much pain I have to endure, he's going to be here in 11 days or less! :-)

    I hope Weemee is having baby cuddles!

  • Oh this is getting scary!

    Gemini- that is the best way to think about it!

    well mum and i bailed on the Xmas market. We are going to go first thing in the morning to avoid crowds. Instead we went for lunch and are about to sit down with mince pies and Xmas movies!

    my moby arrived so going to have a play with that too!
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