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***Friday 3rd tri***

Morning ladies

I'm up havinf a cuppa befor getting my stuff together and et going. Didn't sleep too well but guess thats to be expected. 

Hope you are all ok and lots of babies come along soon




  • Good luck Twink! Hope everything goes smoothly for you xx

    I've been a rubbish MDer lately! Will be better when I'm on maternity leave I'm sure. All fine here, had my Anti-D injection on Wednesday which was fine. The tiredness seems to be increasing again at the moment though, literally have no energy when I get home from work!

    Hope everyone is well xx

  • Best of luck today Twink, hope you're not left waiting around for too long. Will be looking out for your BA!

    BE - good to see you, hope you get plenty of chance to rest over the weekend

    AFM- last day at work for a year! Have pretty much nothing to do, other than my team meeting where they better present me with a card and gift then a team lunch at Bodeans where I will eat my (or baby's) body weight in meat, say there till about 3.30 watching everyone else drink beer then tootle off home.

    Didn't sleep great last night, spent a lot of the night on the spinning babies website and am now paranoid that this baby has been ROP or ROT for a number of weeks now. At one point I was on all 4's on the bed doing pelvic tilts, until H rightly asked WTVF I'm doing at 4am.

    I'll do all I can to spin her but I'm feeling the most doubtful I've ever been about my vbac now Sad

    Popcorn - hope you have an easy last day!

    BG 38+0

  • Morning ladies,

    Twink- good luck for today. Looking forward to seeing your BA.

    BE I have good days and bad days with tiredness. It's a killer though when you want to get stuff done

    AFM not much planned today. Got told I had thrush after my MW appointment was given a pessary and cream ( I've never used a pessary before!). Put it in last night before bed as advised but feel quite nervous about something being "up there" near baby, bit worried it will affect her. I know it must be fine though or they wouldn't advise to use it but still makes me a bit worried.

    Good luck to BG on your last day ( some ones else's too- popcorn? I can't remember, I'm far too tired!)

    JT 33+1

  • Missed you there BG. Sounds like a nice last day. At least once you're off work you can do lots of exercises to try to get her to turn.

  • Morning all

    twink- good luck today lots of vibes heading your way, cant wait to read your BA

    BE- nice to see you, hope your ok. I hated my antid really big needle used!

    BG- have a fab last day at work, keep going with the all fours baby still has plenty of time to turn for your VBAC

    JT-im sure its all safe or they wouldnt give it you but its always hard not to worry

    AFM 40+2 and my anniversary today hopin to go for dinner tonight if nothing starts which I doubt is going too today!

  • JT - as Noodle says, they wouldn't give it to you if not safe, and better than having thrush!

    Noodle - baby out vibes for you. A nice dinner being booked is just the kind of thing you need for the law of Sod to be invoked and you go into labour!

  • Twink best of luck for today, not long now till you meet twinklet, can't wait to see your BA!

    BE think the tiredness increasing is normal now, try a post work nap :)

    BG your last day sounds awesome, no bacon pancakes though?! Hope they give you a good send off.

    JT oh sorry you have thrush, sounds horrible. Hopefully it will clear up soon. It is indeed my last day today!

    AFM last day today so going in a bit later. Going out for lunch with my favourite work colleagues and then work are hosting a big bbq later. Its not in my honour or anything but I'm planning to hijack the occasion! The rest of the day will be spent shredding!

  • Noodle happy anniversary, have some baby out vibes - my gift to you ;)

  • Twink - Good luck! It must be exciting to know that your baby will soon be in your arms, even if the rest of it is really worrying.

    BE - Whats an Anti-D injection? Hope the tiredness subsides soon.

    BG - Enjoy your last day at work, i can completely understand why you want to turn baby. Dont give up on the vbac just yet though!

    JT - Sorry to hear about the thrush, it can be really nasty cant it. Don't worry about the pessary, they wouldn't have given you one if it wasn't safe.

    Noodle - Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your dinner and baby out vibes!

    Popcorn - Enjoy your last day!

    AFM - I think my friend is coming round today, i'm going to show off the nursery to her. Lol. Then H will be at basketball tonight. Debating wether or not to go and give my support, or if i might be too tired/uncomfortable. It normally starts around 6/6.30 and finishes around 9.30/10. So we will see.

  • Just sneaking in to say good luck to Twink for today, hope everything goes smoothly, and BG and Popcorn, enjoy your last day!

  • Pc - I have a massive dilemma re the pancakes and bacon, I want to finish my run of Fridays with it, but have just put £40 of cakes in the kitchen for all my colleagues, and they are calling my name!

  • Twink- Good luck today! I will be thinking of you and looking out for your BA.

    BE- My energy has definitely started taking a slow decline too. Try and rest when you can.

    BG- Try not to worry yourself too much about baby's position, there is time for her to move around yet! I did have a little giggle at the thought of your H waking at 4am to finding you on all 4's on the bed! Enjoy your last day at work for a WHOLE YEAR! whoohoo.

    JT- Have a lovely day. I'm sure everything is all fine 'up there' and hope it takes effect soon.

    Noodle- Happy anniversary! Have a lovely day today, whatever happens :)

    Popcorn- Definitely hijack the special occasion. I would even try to roll out a red carpet for yourself to make a grand enterance! Hope you have a lovely day, enjoy it!

    MS- Have fun showing your nursery off. I would see how you feel later about the basketball. Some nights I'm ready to roll into bed at 8pm and some night I'm lasting until midnight! (I am SO wild! haha)

    AFM- Got a MW appointment at 10.15 today so that will break the morning up nicely and then I finish at 2pm so today should go quick! Figures are looking really good at work so providing we hit target next month it will mean a night quarterly bonus at the end of October, right before baby's due date!

  • Noodle - happy anniversary. Hope you manage to enjoy your nice meal before anything happens.

    PC - enjoy your last day. Sounds like it involves lots of food which is always good!

    MS- I don't actually have any symptoms. The MW just said it looked like I had from my urine sample so did a swap which confirmed it. Enjoy showing off your nursery

    Margot- nice to see you, hope you are settling in to life with three children

    BG- cakes sounds like a good option, very jealous I don't have any

    Sam- hope the MW goes well. A bonus just before baby arrives sounds ideal!

    Is twink having a CS or being induced? I thought she was having a CS for some reason but she said she was having a cup of tea this morning, and I thought you had to be nil by mouth from the night before or is that wrong?

  • JT- Twink is having a CS, she hasn't eaten anything, assuming that drinking something must be fine.

  • I think she's having a section as baby is breech. Not sure about the rules re drinks.

  • Ahh I thought it was no eating or drinking. Good to know you can have a drink then. Although my main concern is having to wait for hours without eating! I'm planning to stop off at subway on the way to the hospital so I have a nice big sandwich to scoff as soon as I'm back on the ward!!

  • BG- I hope it does invoke law of sod. Have both pancakes and cakes it is your last day after all

    popcorn-thanks for the vibes. Of course the BBQ is in your honour why else woukd it be on your last day, thats what I would be telling everyone

    mummyS- have a lovely day with your friend

    samjh87-hope the MW went well

    JT- I think twink is having a csection, maybe she is on the afternoon list so can have early drinks

    hope everyone has a lovely day

  • MW was fine. Measured baby and she is growing nicely. Listened to her heartbeat and she is a happy little camper in there. Nice and straight forward! Back at work now with only 2 and a half hours to go. Looking forward to the weekend!

  • Another one sneaking in, I like to keep an eye on my tri girls! X

  • MS - enjoy showing off your nursery, I don't think we've seen it? Fancy a cheeky picture share?

    Hi Margot!! Lovely to see you x

    BG - my lovely work friends treated me to a massive bacon sandwich and we are also going out for lunch, so I'd've had bacon, pancakes and cake if I were you!

    Sam - glad MW went ok. Good news about the numbers at work, nice timing for a bonus :)

    Hi Pip - how are you doing?

    My work people are lovely, I'm surrounded my more cake than anyone could ever eat, I've had some lovely gifts and cards and I'm feeling suitably overwhelmed by how lovely they all are *sob*

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