***Happy new year 2nd tri!***

Hi everyone, I've been lurking recently because I'm constantly logged out (still) on the iPad and it's super annoying to log in, but I swear I've been around.  

I'm 18 weeks today, and I had thought I might be feeling those 'flutters' by now, but nothing.  I know it's nothing to worry about, but still been thinking about it a bit too much.  Scan in just under 2 weeks and seems an age away still.  I did a silly thing and bought a few super cute things from polarn o pyret in the sale, but half of it would have to go back once we have the scan.  I'm not so sure an adorable white broderie summer dress would suit a boy, haha.

hope everyone's New Year's Eve was fun!



  • Hey Wispa - happy new year lovely.  Thats exciting you've bought some stuff in the sales.  Fingers crossed for the girl so that you can use the summer dress!!!  Can't believe you're at 18 weeks already.  Seems like just yesterday you were leaving 1st Tri!!!!  

    AFM - had a quiet night last night.  Brought in the bells in front on the tv with OH and went to bed just before 1am.  Up for the toilet 5 times during the night - thats a new record!!!!  I only had 1 Diet Coke lol.  We plan to go visiting OH's family today and tell them our news.  Apart from that I'm still feeling great (and trying not to worry about that too much).  I've been brave though, and got myself a ticker!!!!

    Hope everyone had a great night xxx

  • Sorry - hijack alert - Love your ticker CA :) Enjoy telling peeps today xxx

  • Hello all

    Tried to get on for ages this mirning but apparently md nhad a hangover!!

    Wispa try not to worry about movement just yet.  Lots of ladies dontnfeel anything until 23/24weeks with #1.

    Ca emjoy telling everyone,  what a fab new years surprise for them.

    We had a quiet night last night,  haf a nap about 11 then woke up to see the fireworks on tv! Today we've done the horse in the rsin, been to see sister in law before she goes bavk to Australia tomorrow and been to see friends new baby. Baby was nesrl 3lb bigger than p at birth abut she still seemed so tiny! Bit of a reality check!! Feel fine pregnancy wise except almost constant heartburn and indigestion.  Going to have to get some gaviscon on prescription I think as im going through so much.

    Hapoy new year everyone!!

  • CA, 5 times?? Wow.  I tend to get up once, but just when I'm first drifting off.  I can't believe I'm 18 wks, either.  What's scarier is that my sister is already 33 and 1/2 weeks!

  • Happy New Year ladies! Isn't it lovely to be in 'this year' now? I don't wish 2013 away, not at all, best year of my whole life, but it's lovely to know 'Baxter' is coming this year.

    Wispa, that's funny, buying girly stuff! And please don't worry about movements. You've plenty of time, promise.

    CA, today is going to be fantastic! Very exciting and maybe a bit tear-filled?'

    I had a wonderful yet quiet NYE. Then slept badly thanks to a roving teen who didn't come home until 11am. Just shipped him off to work and been shopping. Hubby is at work 5-5. Now for sofa, dog, laptop and croissants and get a stack of work done before the year starts proper tomorrow :)

  • Counter I feel the same about the new year. Ive a feeling time is going to speed up now!!

  • Wispa - I'd never heard of that shop but we bought a couple of bits in the sale from there the other day. Very cute!

    CA - up 5 times?! Wow! I (touchwood) sleep right through. I need the loo lots in the evening and it's the first thing I do when I wake up but it doesn't interrupt my sleep. I think I'm really unusual though. Enjoy telling people!

    AR - I'm starting to get heartburn too now, and it's not even after eating anything particularly rich/heavy /tasty!

    We just made a trip to bluewater with the intention of deciding and ordering our pram only to get there and find our John Lewis doesn't open on New Years Day! So after grabbing lunch we're on the way back to lakeside and will hopefully have more luck with the furniture and car seat shopping there.

    Baby wise, she was tap dancing on my bladder earlier but seems to have quietened a bit now. I bought H a baby book for Christmas (we only opened our presents last night) and he was engrossed in it which I find really cute!

    Counter - I feel the same. 2013 was amazing for us but I did end up wishing away the last couple of months. I think Jan & Feb will fly past - we got married in March 2013 and the time between christmas and the wedding flew past. Our baby is due the week of our first wedding anniversary :)

  • AR, somehow I missed you! Sorry pet :) MD was definitely poorly early today. My thing at the mo is heartburn too. Sleeping sitting up is just a nuisance. When I met hubby he suffered terribly with heartburn and indigestion, but I mostly ate slimming world recipes or that type of thing and (miraculously!) his symptoms almost entirely subsided. Right now he's eating masses of bread, cake and cheese and is suffering alongside me. Christmas night he was pacing the floor at 3am with it. So I have a heartburn buddy! Sadly his will soon stop and mine will just get worse ha ha!

  • Counter, I'm loving your plan for the day, minus the stack of work.

    Flossy, I considered heading to bluewater today, too, but H assured me shops wouldn't all be open.  Not sure why I didn't think that would be the case when the only reason I'm not working is that the British museum is shut today, too, and it basically never shuts.  Hopefully you have better luck at lakeside.  

  • Everywhere but John Lewis and M&S was open as usual. Just irritating as we probably want an icandy and it's one of the only placed to get it from!

    And kiddicare at lakeside is shut too so we're giving up and buying things for the house instead!

  • Flossy, sounds like you just have another shopping trip to come! Hope you get some nice house stuff!

    Our baby is due 2 years to the day of our first date. I'm so desperate for that to happen, but I know there's only a 5% chance. I can keep hoping though :) And I think you're right about Jan and Feb going quickly. Well it will here. We've 2 rooms to decorate and some remedial work to do in kitchen. I've got one month flat out preparing for year end audit (earliest my company has ever attempted to do it and it was *my* stupid idea!), audit starts Feb 3rd so we'll be overrun with bods and queries until end Feb. Really hoping for March to be a 'rest month' of doing short days and easy work before it all kicks off in April!

  • Very similar to us! We're planning on trying to get a new kitchen and conservatory sorted before the baby arrives! Plus decorate our room...slightly challenging with H starting a new job on Monday but we'll give it a good shot!

    For some reason today I decided 4th April will be a nice day for her to arrive. Just hoping she's not an April Fools day baby!

  • Ha ha! We had a little bet last night, the 3 of us. I've written down the dates we each picked and I said what you just said, hope it's not a April Fool!

  • And we're under 100 days to go which is lovely, and scary.

  • We've said the same about April fools! We have lots of family birthdays early April too, including H's on 13th and baby due on 11th so I'm hoping it doesn't clash but if I'm honest I wouldn't mind a couple of weeks early like P was!!
  • Happy new year everyone just a quick check in..dog seems a bit better today. I am currently making steak pie. So better run x x
  • I'm secretly hoping for 2 weeks early too, AR!

    Hubby's sister (who he is not, not, not close with) is the 9th, desperately don't want it then, lol. My sister's is the 10th, that'd be fine. My grandad (now passed, miss him greatly) is the 13th and our best man's is that day too. So if we went over I'd be happy with the 13th ha ha.

    I have read vague claims that the larger the gap between pregnancies the less efficient the placenta to maintain to full-term. I have not been able to find more on this, but I have secret worries of being too early. Have to wait and see (something I'm terrible at)!

  • You can have the 13th then counter! If I could pick id choose 2nd April but who knows. I'm not sure how much evidence there is for why/when babies are late but quite interesting to look into I guess. P was a completely natural labour so I'd live it if my body could do the same again at same point!
  • 2nd April is my due date AR, you can share if you'd like ;) With this being my first everyone keeps telling me she'll be really late (purely based on their own pregnancies...everyone has a story!), but I hope she doesn't come too early as I wouldn't mind at least a few days to relax after finishing work at 38 weeks! We don't have any birthdays in April, so if she could just avoid our wedding anniversary that'd be great so in future we can (selfishly!) have a trip away for our anniversary and be back for her birthday.

    Shopping was successful in the end - nursery furniture ordered for the baby, and wardrobes and a cabinet ordered for us. I feel like we've made a bit of progress now!

  • Everyone told me that too flossy but p had other ideas!! Glad you feel like you're getting sorted. I've been through all p's baby clothes this evening and separated all the unisex bits to wash. We've got more than I thought although I'll definitely want brighter colours for him.
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