***Monday - 1st Tri***

Morning all, how're you all? Sorry I didn't come on over the weekend, I had a migraine type headache that was making me feel very sick and I couldn't do much at all. I have read the weekend thread :)

SG & VT - scan day woohoo, thinking of you both and hope everything is good, hope you can post piccies :)

I also made homemade crinkle chips on Saturday and smothered them in salt and vinegar.

Helloooo to everyone and hopefully I'll be back at some point today, take care all xx


  • Morning leelee. Migraine sounds bad, I suffer from them but I don't seem to when pregnant. I do normally get lots of bad headaches though, I have lots of headache strips trays for them. I hope you're feeling better today?

    Good luck to SG and VT!

    AFM- tired tired tired. H woke me up when he came to bed last night and I couldn't get back to sleep. Then he woke me up this morning at 6.30, he's not my favourite person today.

    My boobs are a bit sore today which is the first time they've hurt, they'd changed shape and we're veiny bit for some reason the pain had kicked in. Also feeling a bit nauseous, just had a banana and going to tackle a digestive biscuit next.

  • Haha Imp your brekkie sounds like a banoffee with the digestive and banana. I hope the sickness eases it's horrible, since I hit 10wks last week the sickness and awful taste in my mouth has come back with a vengeance. My boobs haven't eased up since I got the BFP, bloomin sore :)

    My migraines get ready bad that I can't stand movement and light and have been physically sick with them, luckily I wasn't sick yesterday but kept as still as I could :)

    Have a good day xx
  • Leelee- you can have 2 paracetamol, I find the best thing is a cold damp flannel on my forehead and some sleep! It's common in pregnancy as your hormones are changing!

    Imp- hot him really hard lol yay for sore boobs!

    SG & VT good lucky today!

    Afm- got awful period pains and I'm shattered after some foxes had a gangbang outside my house at  3.20 this morning!!!

  • Morning!  

    Hope the migraines have eased today LeeLee.

    Imp I know how you feel with the tiredness and nausea. I got woken up by H when he came to bed last night and the cat wanted feeding at 6am. Luckily I managed to sleep for another hour. I'm going to get some dry crackers and water; it's all I can face at the moment.

    I have 2 days off. Spending today with my family and tomorrow with SIL and her children.

  • Sorry, I missed you Monnie. Hope the pains subside soon.

  • Mon I hope the pain goes soon. Lol at fixes having a gangbang!

    Ixia- enjoy your days off, I'm jealous!

  • Morning everyone.

    LeeLee - Hope you are feeling better now, I used to suffer a lot with migraines until I was put on a different pill. Sleep and a cold flannel are your friend! Luckily since I have come off the pill they don't seem to have come back yet!

    Imp - I am still super tired too, found myself napping yesterday afternoon which I never do! Yay for sore boobs :)

    Monnie - Hope the foxes keep themselves to themselves tonight for you!

    Ixia - Hope the sickness subsides soon!

    Good luck to those with scans today!

    AFM, the sickness seems to be lessening (touch wood) and I am actually eating more at mealtimes and less snacking in between. My boobs have also stopped hurting quite as much. Still very tired all the time though. 2nd half of my booking appointment tomorrow, hope the midwife doesn't mind that my house currently resembles a building site!


  • Morning all. I think I'm brave enough to start posting here now...!

    LeeLee sorry about the migraine, I get them and they're horrible. Worse when all you can take is paracetomol. Hope you are feeling better now.

    Imp - yay for sore boobs! I know you are like me and rejoice with every symptom!

    Monnie - your uterus must be on the move again to have pains.

    Ixia - hope you have a nice few days off - jealous!

    Vix - glad the sickness is easing off for you now.

    AFM - well, I got 2-3 on the CBD yday so thought I may as well join the party! I'm 4+4 today, so still wayyy early but I am starting to allow myself to believe it now. I'm REALLY tired this morning and feeling sicky like I have done the past few days. I havent been sick, I just feel a bit like I do before I am. Bit like being hungover. Boobs are really sore today too, I'm very aware of them!

    Good luck to those with scans today! Cannot wail i get my letter about mine!

  • Morning all. I'll do proper personals when I'm not on my phone, just sat in the hospital waiting for bloods at the moment. Everything looked good on the scan, new due date 31st may. Md doesn't seem to want me to upload a pic so I'll try to do that tonight too. I'm a very happy though. :-)

  • Hurrah! Glad all went well x

  • Morning ladies,

    Fab news about your scan SG, can't wait to see the pic :)

    Woohoo for 2-3 Rod!

    Vix, glad your sickness is starting to ease.

    Enjoy your time off Ixia, jealous!

    Hope he pains pass soon Monnie.

    Good news for sore boobs Imp!

    LeeLee, hope your headache has eased now.

    AFM, starving! I can't eat enough. Only problem is that I feel a bit sick after everything I eat! One week today until my booking appointment!


  • Yay SG- that is great news!  I can't wait to see the picture later.

    Rod yay for 2-3.  And yay for symptoms.

    Fig I am the same today, I am starving but nauseous at the same time.  

  • Ive just eaten weetabix and dont feel any better. In fact, now there's food in my belly I'm worried I will be sick!

  • Morning all! Gosh we are busy!

    Leelee - Hope you are feeling better now :(

    Imp - Even though symptoms can make you feel groggy, I'm sure you're glad to still have them, I know I am, so yay for the symptoms!

    Monnie - 13 weeks!! WOW!!

    Ixia - Enjoy your 2 days off :)

    Vix - Glad sickness is easing up for you.

    Rod - Hope you getter your letter soon.

    Spikey - Glad the scans gone well! Looking forward to seeing pics.

    Figaro - Oh gosh! Are any foods better than others?

    AFM - Busy 36 hours ahead at work :( Hope it goes very very very fast. I've realised that I'm not actually suffering with any sickness yet. I think when I had it, it was because of my Pregnacare Vitamins? It was as its worst the day after I started taking them, and has gradually eased (and now I'm thinking thats because my body has got use to them). I've read online its done the same for other people. Trying to not think anything of it, as lots of people don't get sickness until 6 weeks? And thats not till the weekend for me.

  • Yeah sickess is normally at it's strongest between about 6-9 weeks I think Pep, but mot everyone gets it.

    The pregnacare must be taken on a full stomach or they cause nausea. I tend to take mine in the evening after my tea.

  • Imp - Thats when I've been taking it too. None of my other symptoms have lessened - my bbs are even more sore, and I'm just as tired as I was, the only thing thats 'eased' massively is sickness and when I thought about when it was at its worse the only thing I could tie it to was those tablets!

  • Pep only a third of people get sickness at all - I wouldnt worry! x

  • Afternoooooon :)

    Thanks for your kind words about my migraine :) Headache has eased today, still a niggling one but hopefully more manageable, totally whacked me out today though, wish I could go home and sleep/rest. I'm still very nauseaus and trying not to be sick.

    Mon - yep I took paracetamol but with this type of headache they weren't gonna shift it :( Boo to the period type pains, hope they have eased up now? I tend to get cramps now and again.

    Ixia - lucky thing you have a couple of days off, sounds like you have a lot planned, enjoy :)

    Vix - hope all goes well at your 2nd appt tomorrow :)

    Rod - brill about the CBD, so happy for you :) Hope you managed to keep your brekkie down!

    SG - great news about your scan, I hope you manage to upload a pic later.

    Fig - the sickness isn't nice, but a good sign things are progressing, that's what I cling on to :)

    Pep - the sickness for me didn't start until 6wks :) good about your other symptoms :)


  • I think you've give me your headache LeeLee!! Dammit!

  • Gah, I'm having the busiest day at work in the world, I'll be on later!

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