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***Monday 1st Tri**



  • I've admitted defeat and come home... so much for my first tri record Laugh I'm glad though, sat here with a forehead strip on and it's doing naff all so best not to be in work. Does anyone know if there's a limit to how much paracetamol you can take? I have only had 3 tablets (well, 6, as two per time) in the last few months but had one lot week before last and one last week... don't want to be taking it every week if it's not advised?!

  • I believe paracetemol is fine, I think the maximum dose is 8 in 24h.  Don't take ibuprofen though.

  • Oh okay, so even if I took a couple today it wouldn't matter that I had some last week? I know that probably sounds daft, just worried about taking it too often, as am unclear if it's something you can take whenever you need it, or whether it's advised as a last resort?

  • The NHS just says take the minimum to relieve symptoms, I'm sure it's fine that you had some last week, they'll be people taking it every day.  If you're ill you need to get better x

  • Reckon I will, thanks lovely!

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