***Monday 1st Tri***

Morning ladies 

Everyone ok? Did you all have a good weekend?

I'm exhausted this morning! Leaving shortly to take F to his swimming class. We've not been since before Xmas as we took a break so I'm hoping it goes well this morning. Was up early to get our stew in the slow cooker and want to look at booking a holiday for the summer later on. 

Bunny, how is your grandad? 


  • Morning WG. Hope the swimming goes well...hope you get a bit of a rest later. any idea where you want to go on hols?

    My last week here in first tri, eeeek. Went to pregnancy yoga yesterday which was really good, definitely keeping that up. Picked up our car seat yesterday and my poddle pod was waiting for me at work when I got in this morning. H and I have agreed that we will try and buy one thing a month to spread the cost.

    Hope everyone is well x

  • Morning WG!

    It sounds like you've had a productive morning already!  Enjoy swimming! Where are looking to go on holiday to?

    AFM - I'm also exhausted. Full weekend at work, rushing around like mad. Not being allowed up ladders etc is making my job awkward  My team don't know I'm pregnant, only my manager, so we keep having to come up with excuses as why I can't get stuck in like I usually would. It will become apparent soon enough, the bloat is becoming harder to hide! Although H turned round to me yesterday "is that squidge or pie?" referring to my tummy!! The cheek!! lol

    A late start for me at work today,  which is welcome relief! I get to enjoy the sunshine for a few hours.

    Hi to all that follow, I will be back to see how you all are throughout the day :)

  • Sorry gavi - missed you there!!

    Can't believe you'll be in 2nd tri soon! where has the time gone? Which car seat did you go for? I've been looking but haven't made a decision yet. It must feel "real" now that you have items for baby. I think you're right about spreading the cost, it will become so expensive of it's done in one go.

  • We went with the Maxi Cosi Cabriofix. It was between that and the Pebble and the Cabriofix was on offer on Boots online for £66, so that made the decision for us.

    Had a little look at buggies in John Lewis yesterday, so know we're just confused!!

  • Gavi - last week in 1st tri? Wow that's gone quick! It's good to hear you enjoyed pregnancy yoga - I'm hoping to do it too after 12 weeks. I did aquanatal yoga when pregnant before and loved it so I'd like to do both this time!

    Boo - I bet it is tricky having to come up with excuses at work, what is it you do? Not long to go now before the big reveal!

    Going back to the holiday thing, we're looking at going to Cornwall. We 've been every year for the last 5 years and have always gone back to the same place but now F is older, we need somewhere that's a bit more child orientated. We usually go in September/October but as I'm due in October we're looking to go in July instead. Prices are silly though.

    Swimming went well, it was good to be back. I think my busy day has caught up with me now though but at least I can chill out with F for the rest of the afternoon. Well, other than peeling some spuds for tea that is!

    Hope you're all having a good day.

  • Afternoon everyone.

    Weather girl glad swimming went well. I know about holiday prices being a teacher! It is ridiculous. I've just noticed that you must be due the Same date as me as I'm 9 weeks and 3 days too!

    Gavi - glad you enjoyed the yoga I'm another one that will be looking into it later. I think you have to be 14 weeks at our local one. 2nd tri how exciting!

    Boo hope your colleagues don't mind you not getting involved. I understand about the tummy I'm pretty sure its obvious, but I think people at work are too polite to say anything!

    Just waiting for a call from the genetic midwife with an appointment for the CVS. I got a voicemail earlier saying that she was confused by my text so I've left a voicemail hopefully explaining things. My grandad is not good so we told him about the baby and he was really pleased. It also meant we had to tell my sister and her boyfriend and my aunt and uncle as they were all there too and we couldn't get him to ourselves, but everyone was happy although surprised! My uncle even cried. My h then told his brother and wife as we thought if my family know they should too. We knew that they were trying as well and in fact they had found out yesterday morning that they were pregnant too.

  • Sounds like we might be due date twinnies then Bunny! I'm due 17th Oct.

    Sorry that things aren't looking good with your grandad. I should imagine it was a bittersweet moment telling him and the family about baby. Lovely news about your H's brother and wife.

  • Evening all

    Hope you've all had a good day.

    Sorry I'm on my phone so no personals from me today.

    I told my boss today after a  very sleepless night. I was so scared as there has been lots of stress on both of us recently at work and we've become close. She was chuffed for me and I cried haha. Such an emotional wreck! Hopefully will be easier to get time off work for appointments now and it's all in the open. I'm knackered now though so a very early night for me.


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